‘See You In My 19th Life’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Tried To Kill Ju Won And Seo Ha?


We are a little sad that the mush has gone down in episode 6 of See You In My 19th Life. But considering the number of secrets that were just waiting to be revealed, we suppose this had to happen. On that note, we are happy that our prediction about the mix-up between Ju Won and Seo Ha in that accident, turned out to be true, from when Ji Eum had speculated that she might have been murdered in her previous life. We also got a hint of what Do Yun’s problem is, though there are definitely more layers to it that must be revealed. Until then, let’s look at the recap of the episode.

Spoilers Alert

Does Cho Won Accept Ji Eum As Ju Won?

As expected, when Ji Eum tells Cho Won that she was her older sister in her previous life, she doesn’t believe her. Ju Won tells her about the mole on her neck and the scar on her waist, along with the story of how she lost her first tooth. Cho Won simply cannot believe the things Ji Eum knows, and she goes to meet her mother in a daze, who ends up confirming all these stories. Cho Won realizes that Ji Eum is no ordinary person, and she might be telling the truth. The next day, when she asks Seo Ha whether he believes in past lives, he tells her that Ju Won used to talk a lot about the same thing. Even Cho Won’s mother says that Ju Won told her that she was her best mother and that if she died, she would come back to see her. Ji Eum had told Cho Won that she had visited their parents’ house over the years, though she had never made herself known. Cho Won’s mother sort of confirms this when she says that she had felt Ju Won’s presence a few times but could never be sure of it.

After hearing all this, Cho Won decides to take the leap of faith, and she told Ji Eum that she believed that she was her sister. As happy as this mini-family reunion is, Ji Eum doesn’t want to reveal the truth to their mother since that might cause a lot of difficulties. What Ji Eum doesn’t know is that Min Gi is keeping an eye on her, and he is not operating independently but for someone. He informs them that Ji Eum has revealed her past lives’ secrets to Ae Gyeong and Cho Won, and there will be consequences for it, though Ji Eum is not aware of them. The person he talks to might have been Hanna, though we are not sure of that. However, Hanna tells him that she saw Seo Ha at the hotel. Seeing how she specifically mentioned him, our suspicion is getting stronger that she is his mother, especially since she says that she was under the illusion that ex-family members were not supposed to meet each other. If Hanna is not Seo Ha’s reincarnated mother, then they may have had a relationship in one of his previous lives, considering how Ji Eum said that everyone follows the cycle of reincarnation except that she is the only one who remembers it.

When Cho Won excitedly refers to Ji Eum as “unni,” meaning older sister, Ji Eum tells her to act more formally in the office. Unfortunately for them, Do Yun hears this conversation, though he believes that Ji Eum is conning a naive Cho Won. However, he keeps his opinion to himself. But for Ji Eum and Seo Ha, there are more secrets in store.

The previous day, Ji Eum had taken an off to take care of the loan shark matter on her brother’s end. She probably did not want to put Seo Ha in any more danger, considering that his identity had been revealed to them, and they may try to hurt him again in some way. She goes to meet Bang Ho Sik, the owner of Wonjo Capital and gives him an old vase that is worth millions. In return, she gets it signed by him that the loan has been repaid. Though Ji Eum leaves, her brother, Dong Woo, follows her, and he overhears Bang Ho Sik talking to his associate, where he tells him that he was responsible for the accident in Seo Ha’s childhood and that the wrong child had died. This means that the original target was Seo Ha, but Ju Won ended up dying in the accident. Dong Woo wastes no time and immediately tells this to Seo Ha, who goes to confront the loan shark himself. When Ju Won sees him leaving in a taxi, she follows him since her 19th-life senses are tickled. She reaches the loan shark company and overhears Bang Ho Sik saying that Seo Ha had asked about the accident, but he still didn’t know the details. Ju Won throws in a few punches of her own, but Ho Sik reveals nothing.

Who Tried To Kill Ju Won And Seo Ha?

We may have thought that it was Ms. Jang who tried to have Seo Ha killed for obvious reasons. But the matter may be far more complicated. She asks the Chairman to get her son to work at the headquarters, but he refuses. However, when he hears that someone is coming to meet him, he agrees to think over the matter. No doubt, it was a ruse to get Ms. Jang to go so that he could have the meeting in private. But Ms. Jang gets a glimpse of the man, and she recognizes him. Ms. Jang doesn’t know his name but remembers that he comes from a security background, and Lee Sang Hyeok tells her that he is currently the CEO of his own security company. It is entirely possible that Chairman Mun was behind the accident, maybe to get some property from his wife. But when that plan failed, he couldn’t risk another attack, and that is why Seo Ha is still alive. This would explain why he is so uninterested in him taking over the company because the Chairman is not looking for an heir at all. This might mean another hidden secret, but only time will tell.

As for Seo Ha, while he has still not dealt with the guilt that Ju Won was the casualty in his murder scheme, he comes to know from a nosy Ji Seok that the driver who passed away that day was Do Yun’s father. The two friends get into a fight over this: Seo Ha because he did not know, and Do Yun because he did not know how to ever say this. But they apologize to each other after exchanging blows. At the end of episode 6 of See You In My 19th Life, Ji Eum is waiting for Seo Ha outside his house, and she hugs him immediately because he asked her. She reassures him that they won’t have a terrible ending, which is his concern when she confesses to him for the first time. Seo Ha seems tempted to believe her, and he certainly needs her support right now. Maybe a second confession is coming soon.

Final Thoughts

Our main concern is with Min Gi. He is certainly a messenger for the supernatural, and he definitely doesn’t bear any ill will toward Ji Eum. When he sees her going about her affairs, there is nothing but a critical assessment on his face and maybe a little sadness for her and the consequences of her actions. It is at times like this that we regret not having read the webtoon because now we have to wait a long time to get answers again.

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