Shows Like ‘Moving’ (K-Drama) That You Must Watch After Series Finale


Moving season 1 has ended, and we don’t know what to do with ourselves now since this was the first show in a long time that we watched as if our lives depended on it. Just the simple joy of watching a show that was so carefully written, with the heart and soul of the writers poured in, and which also included the audience in the story as much as it challenged them to think, is something we haven’t seen or felt in a long time. Moving Season 2 has not been announced yet, but it has to be on the cards, even though it is not going to happen anytime soon. How do we calm our restlessness until then? By watching the shows and movies on this list, which may serve to reasonably divert your thoughts until you get what you want.

1. Arthdal Chronicles

This one will keep you busy for a while. There is a lot of world-building and mountainous egos, along with elaborate strategies, in this one. Moving had the same things, but on a more subtle note, except that Arthdal Chronicles goes all out with it. Despite the lags at certain points, it is a series worth sitting through for the absolutely stunning visuals and its exploration of the politics of power, which just go to show that human nature is rather unchanging, no matter the technological or supposed psychological advancements. Since Season 2 of the show has different actors playing the protagonists, it may take a second to adjust and like the show, but it all comes together because, despite the changes, the cast remains spectacular. Another commonality between Moving and Arthdal Chronicles is their massive budget and the tag of being one of a kind. Whatever you may think of the shows, they are important landmarks in the Korean drama world.

2. Pandora 

Continuing with the world-building and the giant egos, Pandora is another show that has made a lot of people talk in recent times. It gets haphazard at times, but it is a novel attempt at doing something different, and frankly, we have a thing for stories where the world is not already established but is being built in front of us through the narrative. Pandora presents some interesting relationships between the characters, and at all times, the way they are presented and unraveled is a high-stakes treat. This is certainly an interesting watch.

3. Big Mouth 

If you are done with the first two on the list, Big Mouth is a natural successor. You need to watch it to understand why we said that. However, one thing we can assure you of is the absolutely beautiful relationship between Park Chan Ho and Ko Mi Ho, played respectively by Lee Jong Suk and Im Yoona, whose chemistry was impeccable. This is a good serve for the ones missing Bongseok and Huisoo, or even Mihyun and Doosik. They were the talking points of the whole show, and there is no one better than the leads of Big Mouth to distract you from them.

4. Rick and Morty

We are talking about complex world-building that pushes the limits of everything we know. Under the garb of profanity and madness, we find wisdom and possibilities for introspection, in addition to a lot of guilty laughs. Rick and Morty was a rage when it was released but has now become a niche interest. Either way, once you watch Rick and Morty, which also deals with elements of sci-fi, you will find something new to balance or perhaps add to your obsession with Moving. Going on a different tangent, has anyone wondered what a crossover between the worlds of Moving and Rick and Morty would look like? The crossover itself could be explored in multiple seasons and has the ability to change television forever. We don’t see this dream becoming reality, but we reserve the right to hope.

5.  Extraordinary

Talking about powers, we cannot ignore Extraordinary, and we suppose it could have been higher on the list. While talking about Moving, we mentioned how it was the story of the love between parents and children. Our intention was to say how unchanging relationships can be, even with extraordinary individuals. Extraordinary says the same thing, and it even goes on to show all the madness that muggles will entirely relate to. We are surprised that Extraordinary slipped under the radar the way it did, but then, most good shows are not really spoken about, and the average fare rules the roost.

6.  Vincenzo

Vincenzo does not have superpowers, but he might as well. That is how his character is shown, as a superhuman for whom no obstacle is too big or tough that he cannot cross it. Also, after the subtlety of Moving, the glorification of Vincenzo can be a nice change. It is all quite macho and superlative, but loads of fun and an absolute treat for Song Joong Ki fans. The actor has been making too many safe bets, and though we miss his more experimental roles, we don’t hold his choices against him and would watch everything because if nothing else, they guarantee a good time.

7. The Walking Dead

It’s another show on this list that will take a lot of your time but will be totally worth it. A personal tip from us would be to just watch the first four or five seasons. The rest depends on your level of interest. Zombies, heroes, villains, organizations with questionable morals, and villains who don’t stop wanting to watch the world burn even though it has gone to hell—this series has it all. This show was such a huge part of pop culture at one time, and if seen from the right perspective, you would realize that it still has a lot of that appeal. Therefore, we recommend that you give this a chance if you haven’t already.

8. Hellbound

Once again, the idea is to present you with shows that make you think and pull you into themselves. Just like Moving left you questioning whether the real threats were the people with powers or those using them, Hellbound will make you wonder whether the evil resides in the beasts from another world out to kill us or our fellow humans who don’t stop pushing their own agendas no matter the situation. It is a short and riveting series, and since another season is on the cards, this should be caught up with.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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