‘The Chair’ Season 1: Ending & Season 2 Expectations, Explained


Before delving into what happened in the last episode of The Chair and what the second season might hold for all the viewers, here’s a small warning –


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One of the most critical discussions in the Netflix mini-series, starring Sandra Oh as the protagonist, was the “No Nazis at Pembrooke” incident. This gesture was entirely taken out of context when Bill Dobson throws a Nazi salute while teaching a class in a hung-over state. The salute was recorded on camera and circulated all over social media. Needless to say, things went downhill after that. He handled the situation as if he was wet behind the ears, which spiraled even more, eventually leading to a dismissal hearing.

The last episode takes us through the hearing, where, after listening to Bill’s heartfelt speech about his love for literature and his relationship with the language, Ji-Yoon changes her decision at the eleventh hour. This move towards a different opinion could be for multiple reasons. One, she always knew that whatever had happened was an innocent misunderstanding that Bill was unable to clear. Two, she understood that the speech that Bill delivered was a metaphor for his love and feelings for her and a way to confess the same in front of her. Three, the honest question that her daughter asked her the previous night about how she could call herself a doctor when she hasn’t really helped anyone ever might have stirred some emotions that finally gave her the strength to stand up for what she thought was right.

This move also helped Bill realize how unaware and selfish he has been the entire time and how much burden he has added to an already tired Ji-Yoon. The entire hearing comes as a blessing in disguise as it acts as an eye-opener for both Bill and Ji-Yoon. Bill is reminded of his love for teaching, and he decides to refuse the settlement money and fight for his job instead.

In the last episode, we see a new chair taking up the responsibilities of the department. The longtime professor Joan Hambling (Holland Taylor) steps in as the new chair when the staff members decide that Ji-Yoon was not dealing with the responsibilities well. Joan, who was absolutely frustrated at the way she has been treated throughout her career compared to her male colleagues, takes up the opportunity like a dog with two tails.

The Chair Season 1 ends with Ji-Yoon and Bill enjoying their coffee on the college campus, leaving the audience with a smile and hope for an even more refreshing season 2.

‘The Chair’ Season 2 Expectations

The first season has left us with enough set up to make a second season. The creators have kept a lot of topics and storylines untouched and unexplored. The most preferred one is the relationship between Ji-Yoon and Bill. The second season could take their bond to the next level. With that, there is also a possibility of looking at what is in store for Bill and Ju-Ju’s (Ji-Yoon’s daughter) relationship.

The mini-series also has a lot to offer on the professional front. The struggles that a senior faculty might be facing while heading the department would be an exciting plot. Professor Yasmin’s (Nana Mensah) character was one of the most up-and-coming characters. The second season might deal with her career prospects of whether she would be able to attain her tenure or if she would take up the job at Yale and her journey where she breaks one stereotype a day. What happens to Bill and his decision to fight the system could be another plot that the next season would touch.

Many promising storylines can be explored over the next season of The Chair. And once you binge-watch the current one, I am sure you’ll find yourself as excited for the next one.

The Chair is a 2021 Comedy Drama Television Series starring Sandra Oh in the lead role. All 6 Episodes of Season 1 are streaming on Netflix.

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