‘The Claus Family 3’ Ending Explained & Film Spoilers: What Happened To The Snow Globe?


The Claus family returns once again with another Christmas adventure story. Descendants of Santa Claus, Noel, and his grandson, Jules, are the present-day Santas, and they deliver presents all around the world. But the life of Santa is not an easy one, and in The Claus Family 3, Jules faces one challenge after another as he tries his best to make his grandfather proud. His ten-year-old sister, Noor, plays a decisive role as she discovers the secrets Jules and Noel had been hiding from her. She, too, wanted to become a part of their secret, but Jules refused to get his sister involved. Noor tries her best to prove that she is old enough to keep a secret and become a part of their journey.

Spoiler Alert

How did Noor find out Noel and Jules’ secret?

As a little girl, Noor was extremely curious, and she did not like to be treated differently. On their skiing trip to Austria, when Noor had settled in her seat, she overheard her grandfather, Noel, asking Jules to meet him in his cabin later. Jules agreed to do so once Noor was asleep, and Noor sneakily waited for Jules to leave. She pretended to be asleep, and as soon as Jules left the cabin, she followed him. Jules had the magical snow globe in hand, and he was ready to travel to the North Pole to collect the presents for all the children, but Noel stopped him. He believed that if they used the snow globe on the train, they might face problems on their way back, and they would end up at his shop in Belgium. The only option they had was to wait until they got to the hotel and reset the home button on the snow globe. Noel wanted to brainstorm ideas that could help them not seem suspicious, but just then, they heard a noise outside their door. Noor had been listening to them all along, and she managed to find a hiding spot when Noel and Jules stepped outside.

After arriving at the hotel, Noel discovered that his elves Gunna and Holger had come along with him, and they informed him that the hall of presents was being looked after by Ikka and Joel. Noor had been keeping an eye on her brother and grandfather, and when they left the key to their room at the reception, Noor tried to come up with an excuse to get hold of it. She managed to convince the receptionist, and she entered Noel’s room. Gunna and Holger watched Noor enter the room and pull out the magical snow globe. She pressed the home button and was transported to the present room at the North Pole. She met Ikka and Joel there, and they confirmed that her grandfather was indeed Santa Claus. While Noor took the elevator to the present room, Ikka and Joel used the snow globe to travel to the hotel where Noel and Jules were staying. Jules traveled to the present room and brought Noor back to the hotel. He expressed his disappointment in her for stealing the globe. When Noor found out that Jules was also Santa Claus, she demanded to join the group as well. But Jules was not ready to introduce his sister to his secret life, and he teased her for being too young to understand the responsibilities of Santa Claus.

Why was Noel arrested?

Once Noel realized that Noor, too, wanted to join the Christmas adventure, he decided to include her. Since she had already figured out the truth and was interested in becoming Santa Claus, Noel believed it was time they shared their secret with her. Since becoming a Santa Claus made Jules feel closer to his father, he was apprehensive about including Noor. But Noel helped him realize that his father would have been the happiest to see both his son and daughter do the work that he once proudly did.

That night, Noel took along Jules and Noor to distribute the Christmas presents. They traveled to the North Pole to collect the presents and then headed to Mexico to distribute them. The only rule Noor had to remember was to never share the secret with anyone and to not touch anything during the house visits. But Noor was too young to care about the rules, and upon reaching a household in Mexico, she made her first mistake. In an attempt to take a cookie left out for Santa Claus, Noor ended up ringing a bell, and the couple staying at the house woke up. They were convinced that they had a thief in the house, and they reported it to the police. Using the snow globe, Jules and Noor returned to the hotel while their grandfather was taken to a Mexican prison. Upon speaking to his grandfather later on the phone, Jules figured out that he was locked up in a prison next to the sea and close to a lighthouse. He found out the exact location of the prison, but to his disappointment, he realized that Noor had stolen the snow globe.

How did Noor get the snow globe back from Felix?

Noor met a boy her age who bullied her for her inability to ski. Felix was a trained skier, and he was traveling with his trainer to participate in a skiing competition. While he seemed to be a mean little boy, deep down, he craved the love and affection of his family. It was important for Felix to qualify, but he was extremely distracted and longed to see his parents and brother. But Noor was unaware of what Felix was going through, and when he challenged her to take the ski lift, she wanted to make sure to prove him wrong. Noor stole the snow globe from Noel’s room to use it to travel to the mountaintop without taking the lift. She reached before Felix did, and she overheard his conversation with his trainer.

Even though Felix had been rude to her all along, Noor wanted to help Felix meet his family. Using the snow globe and the coordinates of his house, Noor helped Felix reach home. But soon after arriving home, Felix realized that it was not the warm, cozy space he remembered. He overheard his parents argue about him. His father was also a skier, and he wanted Felix to push himself to qualify for the race and train till he was completely worn out, but his mother was more sympathetic towards him and tried to reason with his father. Felix’s father made it clear that if Felix failed to qualify for the race, he would disown him. Felix decided to head back to the mountaintop, and when they returned, he took along the snow globe with him. Noor tried to get it back from him, but Felix was hellbent on using the magic to win the race. When Jules found out that Noor had shared the family secret with a stranger, he was enraged. Noor blamed herself for the trouble her grandfather was in and decided to solve the problem on her own. She had the coordinates for Noel’s prison, and she headed to Felix’s home to steal the globe. Gunna helped Noor by entering Felix’s room and scaring him. As he locked himself in the closet, Noor entered and grabbed hold of the globe, and she locked the door on her way out.

How did Noor and Jules help Noel?

After getting back the snow globe, Noor decided to travel to the prison all alone, but thankfully, Gunna accompanied her. Noor landed on a rooftop, and the globe slipped off her hands. She tried her best to get it back, but it was out of her reach. In the end, Gunna manages to get close to the globe, and using its magical power, she travels back to the hotel and informs Jules that his sister needs his help. Jules was transported to the location Noor was at, and he helped her get back on her feet. Using the globe, they entered the prison and searched for their grandfather. They managed to distract the prison guards and headed to the prison cell where Noel was locked up. They found the keys to the lock and entered the cell, and to the surprise of the prison guards, the three disappeared with the snow globe in hand. At the end of The Claus Family 3, Noor and Jules had successfully managed to help their grandfather, and peace was finally restored, or so it seemed.

What happened to the snow globe?

Soon after returning to the hotel, Noor remembered that she had kept Felix locked in his room. Jules and Noel accompanied her, and as soon as they entered, Felix ran out of the house with the snow globe in hand. His anger towards Noor, as well as his maddening determination to win the race, were the reasons why he acted the way he did. But unfortunately, it was snowing outside, and Felix did not watch his step. He ended up falling over a cliff, and he managed to hold on to a rock. The snow globe had slipped out of his hands, and he could not reach it. Noor risked her life to save him, and Jules joined in to help his sister. They pulled Felix out of danger, and even though the snow globe was lost, at least they were all alive and well.

Without the snow globe, it was impossible to deliver Christmas presents, and Noor blamed herself for it. At the end of the film, Noel helped Noor overcome her guilt; after all, she proved to be the best Santa Claus in the family by helping someone who had been rude to her in the first place. Her selflessness showed that she was perfect for becoming Santa Claus. Things ended on a happy note for Jeff and Suzanne after Jules helped his mother propose to the man she loved. And as it turned out, Jeff too intended to ask Suzanne’s hand for marriage. Felix learned that everything was not about winning, and sometimes it was all about working together and simply helping a friend. He helped Noor overcome her fear of skiing by being by her side. He realized how important it was to have a friend who cared and that races could be won another day.

During The Claus Family 3‘s ending, we find Jules and Noel at a cafe, and Jules apologizes to Noel for messing up Christmas. Noel was surprised that Jules took all the blame on himself, which goes on to show that no matter how much the siblings fought, they were both ready to take the blame to protect each other. Jules believed that it was his desire to be the only Santa that got everyone in trouble, but Noel proved that Christmas was not lost. To Jules’ surprise, he pulled out the snow globe from his pocket. As it turned out, Ikka and Joel managed to pull the globe out of the tricky position it was stuck in. Jules accepted Noor as the new Santa Claus, and the three were now ready to deliver the Christmas presents on time. Noel was happy to share his secret with both his grandchildren; it was reassuring for him to know that the age-old tradition would never die.

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