‘The Essex Serpent’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Why Does Cora Leave For London?


The first two episodes of “The Essex Serpent” largely revolved around the myth of the titular creature, how it’s probably terrorizing the village, and that there’s a rumor going around that Cora (Claire Danes) and Naomi (Lily-Rose Aslandogdu) are the ones attracting this serpent. “The Essex Serpent” Episode 3 started to incline towards the romantic side of things as it showed Cora and Will (Tom Hiddleston) developing feelings for each other. Things took a bitter turn when Will mistook Luke’s (Frank Dillane) hypnosis on Jo (Dixie Egerickx) to resume her speaking abilities as some kind of witchcraft and shoved him into a wall. But that somehow ended up being the catalyst for increasing Cora and Will’s proximity.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Stella Knows About Cora And Will’s Affair

The Essex Serpent’s Episode 4, titled “Everything Is Blue,” opens on a foreboding note as it shows Naomi putting up the cross with skinned rabbits (or rats, it’s never very clear) to ward off the serpent while the townsfolk set up large pyres of fire to do the same. In the Seaborne household, we see Cora mentally preparing herself for her own birthday party, which is being arranged by Luke. Something about it reminds Cora of her abusive relationship with Michael (Cal MacAninch). Martha assures her that he’s gone and he can’t hurt her anymore. In the Ransome household, Stella (Clémence Poésy) comes to get Will for Cora’s party, and he initially refuses to attend it. Stella insists because she thinks Cora will be disappointed if he doesn’t go. So, reluctantly, Will gets ready for the party, and so does Cora.

Before the guests arrive, Luke gives Cora a necklace, which she can’t wear because it’ll expose the scar left on her neck by Michael. Martha makes an excuse for her by saying that the necklace won’t go with the cut of the dress Cora is wearing and reserves it for later usage. The guests start pouring in, which includes Will, Stella, Charles (Nitin Ganatra), and many of Luke’s friends. Will and Cora have a very awkward exchange. Will apologizes to Luke for his misdemeanor. But it eventually turns into a fiery conversation about science and faith. Thankfully, that doesn’t last very long as the party gets louder and busier. George Spencer (Jamael Westman) and Martha don’t let this opportunity go to waste and ask Charles, once again, to look into the decaying condition of his constituency.

We briefly see Naomi looking for Will in the church, only to find Matthew (Michael Jibson) loitering in there. Back at the Seaborne household, the party has become louder and merrier. Everyone, especially Cora and Luke, seems to be enjoying themselves. Everyone except Will. Stella notices that. The narrative momentarily shifts to Naomi looking for Will before returning to Luke, who finds out that Stella is suffering from a deadly respiratory disease. Will advises her to come to London and get herself checked. Stella silently agrees. Something prompts Stella to urge Will and Cora to dance together. Both of them refuse, initially. But Stella insists, and they get to dancing very awkwardly. Naomi notices all that. The party ends. Everyone starts going home.

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Martha And Luke Are In Love With Cora?

Naomi returns home. She tries to wake her father up and tell him something. But upon noticing that he’s fast asleep, she leaves. Permanently, by the looks of it. Will and his family, with Charles by their side, notice that the night sky has become totally blue with wisps of black clouds in it. Charles says that it is called the night shining, and he says that it can be due to moisture or the ash from Krakatoa. Stella, who earlier said she was feeling blue (because of her deteriorating health), says that the whole world is blue. Cora leaves to return Jo’s coat and is spotted by Will. Martha and Luke start drinking and gossiping about the tension between Stella, Will, and Cora.

When Luke wonders what Cora sees in Will, Martha reveals the philosophy behind Cora’s dating patterns. She says that she essentially “collects men,” and that’s what she’s doing with Will. Luke laments about Cora not accepting his necklace. Martha puts it on to see how it looks on her. And she pretends to be Cora, while Luke pretends to be Will. They start joking about Cora and Will’s awkward dance routine, but they end up getting intimate with each other. Before going all the way, Martha asks Luke if he is thinking about Cora. Luke says that he isn’t, but Cora says that he doesn’t have to lie because she’s thinking about her too (thereby revealing that Martha is bisexual and in love with Cora).

After returning Jo’s coat, Cora stands by the beach. Frankie (Caspar Griffiths) goes for a stroll and finds Cracknell (Christopher Fairbank), who has fallen down. Frankie lies beside Cracknell as he starts talking about death. Frankie turns Cracknell towards the blue sky, and he sadly breathes his last with Frankie by his side. Naomi ventures into the ocean. Martha and Luke wake up and chat about their hangovers and how to get rid of them. Luke says that he has to leave promptly or else he’ll miss the train. They agree on the fact that, weirdly enough, they understand each other very well. Martha reminds Luke that whatever she said about Cora should be taken lightly because Cora is her friend. Luke acknowledges that, kisses Martha, and leaves.

‘The Essex Serpent’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – How Much Danger Is Cora In?

Cora returns to see Luke leaving for London. He meets up with Martha and helps her with her hangover. While talking about her birthday night, Cora states that she has made a huge mess of things. Martha doesn’t say that she hasn’t, which means that Cora’s assumption is correct and she has made a mess. Cora then gives Martha a letter that has arrived for her. It’s from Sali (Deepica Stephen). After reading it, Martha says that she has to get back to nagging Charles about his constituency, i.e., the place where Sali lives. Cora realizes that that means Martha will be going back to London too.

Henry (Gerard Kearns) wakes up and notices that Naomi is gone. He panics and starts desperately searching for her. Cora goes to wake Frankie up and is startled by how nonchalant he’s about watching Cracknell die before his eyes. Henry’s search leads him to Cracknell’s lot, where he finds his dead body (but not exactly where Frankie left him). Stella wakes Will up to talk about the party last night. Henry barges in to report Cracknell’s death, insinuating that the serpent has struck again. Matthew and some other village folk gather around Cracknell’s body to talk about the serpent and about Naomi’s disappearance. Will tries to calm them down (again), but it doesn’t work. Especially when Cora appears and says that Frankie was there when Cracknell died.

As the general sentiment starts to go against Cora, Will advises her to go away from the spot. Will accidentally exposes Cora’s scar, and that makes things all the more troublesome. As Cora leaves, Will goes after her, and they get intimate, right there in the marshes. Matthew guts Cracknell’s goat and starts smearing houses with its blood to protect the people from the serpent. Will vents his anger for cheating on Stella by punching the pew with the serpent on it. Cora returns home and tells Frankie to start packing because they are going back to London. Frankie asks if it is because of Cracknell’s death. Cora, obviously, doesn’t give a definitive answer and tells Frankie to hurry up with the packing. Because she isn’t going to tell her son that she has got intimate with the vicar. As the village gets more hostile, Cora, Martha, and Frankie leave the place once and for all.

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