‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Protects Kang Ho From The Assailants?


The fifth episode was all about fun. But our suspicion that “The Good Bad Mother” is a tragedy in the making is just getting stronger. Fun moments in this series are just foreboding of all the tears that are to follow, and we can tell that is exactly what is going to happen with Episode 6. However, concerning Episode 5, it was a breeze, and we are glad that Young Soon has some entertainment in her life to look forward to. Here is a detailed recap of “The Good Bad Mother” Episode 5.

Spoilers Alert

What Happens With Mi Joo And Kang Ho?

Picking up from Episode 4, when Mi Joo sees Kang Ho, she is shocked and immediately shuts the door. As for Kang Ho, he claims there has been an ache in his chest since he saw her. Maybe it is the pain of the heartbreak of the past that his body seems to remember. Currently, Kang Ho has an immediate crush on Mi Joo and can’t wait to be around her. However, Mi Joo warns the twins not to interact with Kang Ho at any cost. In Mi Joo and Kang Ho’s past, we saw how happy the couple had been, being adorable and lovey-dovey all-around town. But on Kang Ho’s appointment day, he had broken up with her. He did not give her a reason other than that there was a mission that he needed to fulfill alone. He also leaves her with a bankbook, though Mi Joo heartbreakingly jokes that it doesn’t cover all the efforts she put into him until that time.

The next day, as Kang Ho watches Mi Joo from a distance, he sees her adoring a dog named Tiger. Seeing that she liked that, he asks his mother for a pet dog of his own, but Young Soon refuses, saying that there isn’t anyone to take care of him. But Kang Ho is completely fixated on the dog, and he butters up his mother for it and even asks his physiotherapist if he can get his dog. Of course, none of these tricks work, but it is so cute watching Kang Ho go through the familiar motions of childhood that he had not done when he was an actual child. It also gives us a different feeling, watching Young Soon be the indulgent mother to Kang Ho. Back in their village, a dejected Kang Ho is handed a piglet to hold while Andrea chases after the guard dog, Yellow. Kang Ho decides to make do with the piglet until he can convince his mother to get him a dog. He takes him out when he meets the twins, who have been missing Kang Ho. The three of them try to play with the piglet, but he slips out of their hands and runs away, forcing them to give chase to him.

What Is The Conflict Between Trot Baek And Young Soon?

Trot Baek has sworn to not get along with Young Soon. He complains to her that the smell from her pigsty is ruining his clothes. He goes so far as to file a complaint with the livestock division to take action against Young Soon. Although nothing really comes of it, the person in charge is forced to follow up with Young Soon. As a peace offering from her side, she leaves some food at his door. But this gesture goes unappreciated. When Baek is driving his car, he has to swerve at the last minute to avoid hitting the piglet, and Kang Ho and the twins run after it. Additionally, his car suffers some more when he goes to meet Young Soon and is sprayed with disinfectant. Angry at his plight, he tries to roughhouse Young Soon, prompting Kang Ho to come to her defense. This lands all of them in jail, but when Kang Ho narrates the events right from the accident, it becomes clear that Baek was driving while speaking on the phone. This situation also brings some of Kang Ho’s legal knowledge to the surface, though he forgets it soon after.

Who Protects Kang Ho From The Assailants?

Back in Seoul, we realize why Ha Young betrayed Kang Ho, to begin with. When Kang Ho was taking care of Oh Tae Soo’s illegitimate affair, some pictures and videos of him were taken. Tae Soo shows them to Ha Young and tells her that the woman and the child are Oh Tae Soo’s illegitimate family and that he was deceiving Ha Young. She refuses to accept it and asks her father why he did not take this to the police. That is when Tae Soo reveals to her that he had harmed Kang Ho’s family 30 years ago and couldn’t risk that investigation today. This betrayal, that Kang Ho had probably never loved her was what prompted Ha Young to take this step.

At this time, we want to know Kang Ho’s real age. In “The Good Bad Mother” Episode 4, Young Soon said that he was 35 years old. Right now, Oh Tae Soo says that he harmed Kang Ho’s father 30 years ago, which was around the time Young Soon was pregnant with Kang Ho. The subtitles really need to clear themselves up. Either way, ever since Ha Young helped her father in his nefarious plan, her panic attacks have worsened, and she is literally on edge. She tells her father that she will listen to him and stay in the house, but what is he going to do when Kang Ho’s memories come back? That is when Oh Tae Soo decides to have Kang Ho killed. However, at the end of “The Good Bad Mother” Episode 5, we saw that when the assailant came to attack Kang Ho, there were people waiting there to protect him. We suspect they were planted by Song Woo Byeok. He wants the upper hand on Oh Tae Soo but doesn’t have the means for that right now. However, he may have guessed that Oh Tae Soo would try to harm Kang Ho. If Kang Ho’s memories come back, it would help Woo Byeok, and that could be the ace up his sleeve. Therefore, the two people trying to protect Kang Ho must have been sent by him.

Final Thoughts

We are so sure right now that Kang Ho is the twins’ father. Mi Joo saw it as a moment when the children were rushing towards her with Kang Ho carrying them on his lap while in the wheelchair, the way a father would play with his children. On another note, there is the matter of Sam Sik. He has finally found the people who betrayed him and landed him in jail, but that won’t do him any good now. However, we suspect that in the future, he might be Kang Ho’s friend. We don’t think Kang Ho had any friends in his previous life. Sam Sik could be that person for him now that Kang Ho is becoming a different person. There is a lot to expect from the coming episodes, and we can only hope that we don’t cry too much.

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