‘The Idol’ Ending Explained: Did Jocelyn Lie About Her Mother To Tedros?


One of the most controversial series of this year, The Idol, has finally come to an end, and it has given us a lot to ponder about what kind of behavior and society we are vouching for. Since the very first episode of The Idol, Jocelyn has been shown as an emotionally vulnerable girl who lost control of things after the death of her mother. Things didn’t go her way professionally either, and she had completely lost the trust of the music label she worked for. Chaim and Destiny had been on her side, but even they were finding it hard to deal with her, especially after Tedros came into the picture. They knew that Jocelyn had to snap out of her fantasy and deliver some real songs to give the music label some reason to not cancel her tour.

Leia, who was probably the only person in the house who saw through Tedros’ intentions, tried to warn Jocelyn multiple times, but it seemed like she had lost her importance after Tedros had taken charge of things. It was really frustrating for her to let her best friend walk towards her own doom, though after seeing the last episode, we believe that she, too, was totally unaware of what was going on inside Jocelyn’s mind. After Rob came in the previous episode, Tedros became really unstable, and he didn’t know what he could do to bring Jocelyn back. It seemed like she didn’t want him in his life, and it was making him really restless and paranoid. So, let’s find out what happened in the season finale of The Idol and whether Jocelyn is finally able to revive her career.

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How Did Jocelyn Convince Andrew Not To Cancel The Tour?

As we had expected, Andrew Finkelstein called Jocelyn early in the morning and told her that he would have to cancel the tour as, firstly, the tickets were not available and, secondly, he didn’t think Jocelyn had any new songs to perform there. Destiny and Chaim had tried to buy some more time, but Andrew had just lost his patience by then. Jocelyn didn’t lose her calm after she had a conversation with him; instead, she asked him to come down to her house one last time before reaching any sort of conclusion. Andrew agreed to it, and Jocelyn knew that this was her last shot to save her career. She went down and told Tedros’ singers, i.e., Izaak, Chloe, and others, that her entire team was going to arrive at her house, and they needed to be prepared to blow them away with their performance.

Nikki, Andrew, Chaim, and Destiny arrived at Jocelyn’s house, and one by one, all the singers started giving their performances. Andrew was hesitant at first, as he had already made up his mind that Jocelyn wouldn’t be able to pull off the tour, but slowly, his perception started to change. He was surprised by the kind of talent these singers had, and no matter how much he hated Tedros, he agreed that the man had an eye for talent. Andrew finally gave the green light to the tour, and Jocelyn was elated because her efforts had paid off. She was happy that she was able to help her own cause and also give a platform to these raw talents who deserved to be on that pedestal and get all the applause that was waiting for them.

What Made Jocelyn Tell Tedros To Leave The House?

The Dyanne incident had really triggered Jocelyn. Firstly, Dyanne was going to make her debut with Jocelyn’s song, World Class Sinner, and secondly, Jocelyn felt betrayed after knowing that Tedros had an affair with her in the past. Moreover, she had gotten to know that Tedros had explicitly asked Dyanne to bring Jocelyn to his place, and once she reached there, he pretended like it was a lucky coincidence and was surprised to see such a big star at his place. To make matters worse, another incident happened recently that made Jocelyn regret her choice to trust Tedros. Tedros was an extremely jealous and insecure man, and when he saw Rob and Jocelyn mingling together, he just couldn’t bear it. He knew that Rob was a big star and that all he needed to do was spread a baseless rumor, and the media would do the rest. He asked Xander to click a picture of him with one of his girls and he circulated that image, saying that Rob had sexually abused that girl.

The production houses with whom Rob was working gave a statement that they were going to take strict action against the actor, and others in the industry started boycotting him. Jocelyn was in the dark for the longest time, and when she came to know, she was really angry at Tedros. She was sitting with Andrew, Chaim, and others when someone read out the news to her, and she instantly knew that it was Tedros’ doing. This incident probably acted as the final nail in the coffin, and she asked Chaim to deal with Tedros as she didn’t want to see his face ever again. Chaim had been waiting for this moment since he had learned about Tedros in The Idol, and he immediately went and told the rat-tailed club owner to leave if he didn’t want to bear the consequences. Chaim also offered him money, but Tedros refused to take it, saying that it was too small an amount to leave Jocelyn. Up until this moment, we thought that we pretty much knew what the characters were feeling or what thoughts were going through their minds. But we were wrong. Because not only Andrew, Chaim, and Destiny but even Tedros was completely oblivious to what was going to happen next. 

‘The Idol’ Ending Explained: Why Had Jocelyn Lied About Her Mother To Tedros?

Tedros had started believing that he was the motivation because of whom Jocelyn was able to produce all the songs, and now that she wanted to cut him out of his life, he was not happy. Tedros was in a miserable state of mind, and he didn’t know what he could do to make Jocelyn realize that she shouldn’t throw him out of her life. Jocelyn, on the other hand, told him to his face that he was a con man who set her up because he wanted to launch his singers and take advantage of her popularity. She told him that she liked his singers, and she would take all of them under her wing, but Tedros would still have to leave because she didn’t want any sort of relationship with him. Tedros’ insecurities increased even more when Nikki told him that Jocelyn would take all the credit for finding these exceptional artists when it was Tedros who had found and collected them in the first palace. Chaim told Tedros upfront that he would ruin his life now that he had gotten the green signal from Jocelyn.

Chaim also went to Talia and asked to write a defamatory piece about Tedros to completely ruin his life. Chaim offered him money, which Tedros didn’t take, and that probably would have made Jocelyn realize that Tedros’s affection for her was real. The stage was set, and Jocelyn and her singers were ready to take the world by storm. But something really shocking happened at the end of the story. Just before the concert, Jocelyn met Tedros in the green room, and he noticed that the hairbrush, with which he had been told that Jocelyn’s mother used to hit her, was rather new. For a moment, he didn’t understand what was happening, but it struck him that it was all a lie. Jocelyn’s mother never used that hairbrush to hit her, and she probably never abused her, as she had told Tedros. Maybe it was all done by Jocelyn so that she could gain some sympathy from her fans and, secondly, to derive inspiration, which was clearly lacking in her life. We had an idea that Jocelyn liked being mistreated by Tedros, but we had no clue that she was the one who was running the entire show all this while. We thought that she didn’t see anything and that she was being manipulated by Tedros, but it was the other way around. Tedros was dumbfounded, much like Andrew, Nikki, and Chaim, who did not understand what was happening when Jocelyn called Tedros on stage and told the audience that he was the love of her life who had helped her in her dark times. 

During The Idol‘s ending, Leia leaves Jocelyn for good because she not only felt disrespected, but she had started to feel that Jocelyn is not the same person she used to be. Jocelyn made a very smart move by taking Xander on board as a singer, as she knew that if she didn’t do that, Tedros would probably make him his ally and try to threaten her. Dyanne’s career had been stalled by the music label, and she was informed by Nikki that though they had gotten her back, they could not release her album for the time being. Dyanne knew that it was Jocelyn’s doing, but she couldn’t do anything about it at that moment. Tedros came back into Jocelyn’s life, and we believe even he would take a couple of days to digest what had happened to him.

The kind of ending Sam Levinson has given to The Idol validates the fact that Jocelyn wanted to be abused so that she could feel inspired. As if this were not bizarre in itself, she even faked the entire story about her mother being abusive, probably to gain sympathy, and she had no qualms about it. We agree that she couldn’t have known that Tedros had set her up and hadn’t met her by coincidence, but with time she would have realized the kind of man he was, and from thereon, she encouraged that behavior because apparently, it was helping her create new songs and revive her career. We agreed with Andrew when he said that they all looked like a bunch of lunatics, and the kinds of things they did in that house were beyond the comprehension of any reasonably sound man.

As we said in our previous article, we agree that Sam Levinson might have been able to create intriguing characters and captivating conflicts, and we give him full marks for that, but there should be some social responsibility when you know that your work would be seen by audiences all over the world. We know that filmmakers are not bound to give a social message, but they should not glorify abuse either. We know the kind of potential the director has, and that is why we hope that we get to see better character arcs in his works in the future and in the name of creative liberty he doesn’t promote or glorify violence against women. 

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