‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: What’s Happening With Kangoh?


Something about The Impossible Heir simply doesn’t make sense. I mean, it’s a show that’s meant to be about a lowlife, illegitimate son who makes his way up the ranks with the help of his friend, who has only known darkness and wants power. It’s simple enough; that much makes sense. However, the show does a strange 180 and messes up its decent story with terrible storytelling, trying to add twist after twist to keep the audience guessing, except it leaves us bored and uninterested. No, the number of times I’ve been distracted away from this show is abnormal, especially not for K-dramas. The episodes aren’t even as long as they can be (Queen of Tears is doing a minimum of 85 minutes per episode, what?!), and still, I’m falling asleep within about 5 minutes of an episode starting, scrolling through Instagram, or trying to look for excuses to get away from my screen. Is this entertainment or a school project? Anyway, I’m glad my rants will stop next week, so until then, let’s just quickly recap the 10th episode of The Impossible Heir.

Spoiler Alert

Does Tae-Oh find the evidence he’s looking for? 

The Impossible Heir episode 10 takes off a little before the cliffhanger of episode 9. As we suspected, In-Ha finds his father in his secret room at the office on the 150th floor (yeah, don’t even get me started). Joong-Mo is at his wits’ end at this point, so he simply tells In-Ha to leave the company and go back to what he used to be if he wants his father to leave him scott-free for the death of his “real” son (you know, since he isn’t illegitimate and all). Unfortunately, in the middle of the conversation, I suppose from the stress of it all, Joong-Mo has another one of his strokes (for real this time) and drops his tablets. Instead of giving them to him, In-Ha, who watches his father fall into the bathtub, gets closer to give a villainous speech to his dying father. Joong-Mo tries to grab In-Ha’s hand, but In-Ha tells him it’s too late now and pushes him back into the water. This is how Hui-Ju finds him later. 

At the hospital, everyone arrives except for In-Ha, and he’s shocked to hear that his father was discovered alive, though he’s currently in a critical condition. In-Ha still wonders where Joong-Mo would’ve hidden In-Ha and discovers the secret room in his father’s office. Now, things are looking very difficult for Tae-Oh, so he decides to turn himself in to the prosecutor he messed with earlier in order to redeem him. Tae-Oh gives Myeong-Jin information about the night of the murder, specifically about the phone, which would’ve recorded everything that happened that night. Myeong-Jin brings him the phone, and they find the evidence they need to get Gi-Jun; however, they see In-Ha in the video, but Tae-Oh is not willing to give him up just yet. Of course, he wants to know why his friend betrayed him, I suppose, but he promises to give Myeong-Jin the answers when the time is right, and Tae-Oh never breaks promises. 

Tae-Oh returns to the police station to turn himself in. He then gets a lawyer, Chu Hyeok-Jin (one of Joong-Mo’s guys), to represent me. Apparently, he wants to show his loyalty to the chairman now that he’s dying. I’m not sure. In the meantime, Myeong-Jin arrests Gi-Jun for the murders. 

Does In-Ha have the upper hand? 

Now that his father is on his deathbed, In-Ha thinks he’s got everything under control. This is while his other half-brother is planning on taking over the company and getting all the board members to side with him. In-Ha also visits Sajin and wonders if he’s still got him on his side, but Sajin clearly states that as long as Joong-Mo is still breathing, he will not side with In-Ha. Back home, In-Ha’s hit with another shocking curveball, and Hye-Won’s left him. At the same time, Tae-Oh has orchestrated a full plan to take over the company himself (or so it seems). On the other hand, Seong-Ju’s mother knows that Tae-Oh is the man behind the Royal Road project. He’s the guy who made it all happen, not her husband, so she tells her son to make sure Tae-Oh is on his side in order to become CEO of Kangoh (sigh).

In prison, Tae-Oh makes a plan with his cell mate, Tak. Tae-Oh has invested in Kangoh through a secret company called Gold H Investment. This was a paper company created for In-Ha, but In-Ha himself had never heard about it. Conveniently, it’s time for Tak to leave prison, and while he prepares to cosplay as an American who owns Gold H Investment with the help of Hye-Won and Wan, Tae-Oh gets a re-trial and is proven innocent. Wan apparently never changed sides (this is truly annoying). Now, Seong-Ju and In-Ha are both in a soup because Gold H Investments has the major stake in the company, which means they’ll have to beg the owner to side with them. 

At the end of The Impossible Heir episode 10, In-Ha sees that Tae-Oh has been released and Gi-Jun’s left rotting in prison. In-Ha gets someone to keep a lookout on Tae-Oh and then visits Joong-Mo. In-Ha plans on killing his father, this time himself, but just as he’s about to take off the oxygen mask from Joong-Mo’s face, Tae-Oh grabs his hand. The episode ends with a showdown between them through their eyes. Anyway, I really can’t tell if this whole thing is simply a drama or if In-Ha and Tae-Oh actually hate each other. I suppose at the end of the day, Kangoh will go to Tae-Oh, and so he’ll truly be an “impossible” heir. We’ll find out in the finale of The Impossible Heir next week on Disney+. 

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