‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2: What Can We Expect Next From Mickey Haller?


Mickey Haller, aka the Lincoln lawyer, had a reputation for finding details and looking into blind spots like no one else could. Well, that is what being a lawyer or an attorney is all about. It is said that evidence is always in front of you, and you just need to have an eye to see it. There can be a near-perfect crime, but it is still a fact that no matter how efficient the perpetrator is, they leave some sort of trail behind. With the trailer for the second season out, there is a lot of anticipation among the fans, and we, too, are eager to know what kind of case our Lincoln Lawyer gets entangled in this time around.

We believe that Haller got an edge above the rest because, apart from looking into documented evidence, he also made sure that he studied the mannerisms, behaviors, and entire physical demeanor of both the opponent and his client. This knack for spotting what looks like seemingly inconsequential details at first is what made him crack the case of Trevor Elliot in the last season. Also, one more thing that makes Mickey Haller different is that he is not afraid to scrutinize his own actions, and in court, being pompous about one’s opinions and deductions can often mislead you and prevent you from seeing the truth. It is probably the most difficult task to base one’s perception on solid evidence and then try to rebut it and find contradictory evidence that supports the other narrative.

Something similar happened in the first season when Mickey found out that his entire 7-minute theory about Trevor Elliot was probably not right. Mickey, for the longest time, had thought that it was not possible that someone could dispose of the murder weapon, hide the evidence, and clear the place in just 7 minutes, but he was wrong as he got to know that Trevor used a drone to dispose of the incriminating items. Had Mickey not been open to scrutinizing his own theory, it wouldn’t have been possible to find out what had actually happened in Trevor’s case, in addition to finding out the truth about Judge Holder and how she was running a scam by rigging the jury. Also, Trevor’s story about the Russian investor was very convincing, and Mickey had to actually go into every bit of detail to find out that it was a sham. Mickey trusted his instincts, and he would be seen doing the same in the second season too.

At the beginning of the trailer for The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, we see that Mickey is attacked by two men, once again, in the parking garage. Even the narrator recognizes this fact: Mickey had some deep connection with the parking lot, as back in the day, even Jerry Vincent had been shot there. Jerry had handed over his entire practice to Mickey, and that had changed his life, to say the least. It was one of those events that Mickey could probably not forget for an entire lifetime. After solving the case of Trevor Elliot and getting Judge Holder convicted for her crimes, Mickey got a lot of media attention. We saw him in the trailer for season 2, finding time to give interviews to media houses, though he was very cautious not to let all the attention and fame get to his head. He still had to focus on his cases and make sure that justice was served.

In the trailer, we witnessed that Haller met a woman named Lisa Trammell, and it did seem like our Lincoln lawyer got infatuated with her. Not a lot of things are disclosed about Lisa, apart from the fact that she was very evidently flirting with Mickey, and it did seem like it was not pure attraction, but she had some ulterior motives that were driving her actions. Mickey seemed to like the attention that he was getting from Lisa, but it was very evident that she is not the person she is pretending to be. Maybe Lisa knew that she would be convicted of the crime in the future, and that is why she came so close to Mickey on purpose. At the end of the trailer, we saw Lorna saying that Mickey was once again fighting Lisa’s case pro bono, i.e., he was not taking any money for his services. This could have been one of the biggest reasons why Lisa tried to woo him because, though she didn’t have any money, she must have known that she would need the best in the business if she wanted to get acquitted of her charges.

We believe that even though Mickey had accepted Lisa’s case, he would find some evidence that would prove that Lisa was not as innocent as she was pretending to be. It is quite possible that, just like Trevor Elliot, she was also hiding the truth, and she wanted to hire an exceptional lawyer so that if there were any flaws in her theory, then our Lincoln lawyer would try to make up for them. But she forgot that Mickey Haller was not afraid to put his own beliefs under scrutiny, and that would mean that he wouldn’t mind losing if he found that Lisa was playing with him. In the last season, we caught a glimpse of the man with a tattoo who was the real perpetrator in the Jesus Menendez case, and it is possible that season 2 delves more into that subject matter. It is possible that the man with a tattoo might be related to Lisa Trammell in some way or another, and Mickey, while investigating and doing research on Lisa, might bump into some information that would reveal the identity of the tattooed man.

We are absolutely sure that Mickey Haller would once again listen to his conscience, just like he did in Jesus’ case, and try to do the right thing. Walking on the righteous path is often not easy when the entire system is rigged, but if Mickey didn’t hold himself back from messing with Judge Holder and holding her accountable for her crimes, then we don’t think that anybody or anything could hold him back in season 2 either.

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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