‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2: Did Lisa’s Men Attack Mickey In The Parking Lot?


Mickey Haller was riding high on his success in the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer, and that’s when he coincidentally (or maybe not) met Lisa Trammell, who was the chef and owner of a restaurant that had become quite popular recently. Mickey bonded with her over his love for food, and before he knew it, he was already having a fling with her. Mickey loved Lisa’s company, and she seemed to be quite attracted to him as well. Actually, it was Lisa who had started flirting with him, and since the very beginning, it did feel like she was putting up an act and had some hidden agenda behind it. It felt like Lisa had planned this entire thing, as it didn’t happen every day that the chef came out and talked to their customers and entertained them. We know that Mickey was on the cover of every magazine and that the media had become obsessed with him, giving him celebrity status, but still, the manner in which he was approached by Lisa made us question her intentions.

The moment Mickey met Lisa, he was smitten by her personality and could not resist her charm. He wasn’t seeing anyone at that point in his life, and it did feel nice to talk and hang out with somebody who wasn’t related to his work. But soon, that changed as Lisa got a restraining order from a businessman named Mitchell Bondurant, and she went to Mickey for legal consultation. Mitchell Bondurant had been buying all the properties in the area because he wanted to construct some high-rises there. He had a lot of contacts higher up the food chain since he was an influential and rich man, and that is why even when the residents were protesting, it didn’t have any impact on his activities. Mickey told Lisa that she didn’t have to worry about the restraining order as long as she didn’t go near Mitchell and stayed low for some time. Lisa felt relieved after talking to Mickey, but that respite was short-lived as she got into a huge mess, and she pretended as if she didn’t have a clue how she had landed there. The police had taken Lisa into custody for murdering Mitchell Bondurant, and when Mickey got to know about it, he just couldn’t process what he heard, and he genuinely thought that there must have been some kind of confusion that led the police to believe that she was the killer. But he got to know that the police had not committed any mistake, and they had several pieces of evidence to corroborate their theory.

Could Lisa Have Murdered Mitchell Bondurant?

Throughout the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer, Lisa maintained that she was innocent, and though Mickey would have believed in her narrative, we didn’t think that she was telling the entire truth. Lorna and Izzy probably saw through her intentions, but Mickey didn’t take their opinions very seriously. He believed that he knew Lisa, and he didn’t think she was the kind of woman who was capable of killing a man in such a cold-blooded manner. Mickey saw Lisa as a gentle woman who was passionate about what she did and who was fighting for her rights against this rich and oppressive businessman and trying to keep her cafe running. Mickey’s perception was obviously flawed, as he was attracted to her, and for him to consider her a suspect was not possible. Lorna saw that bias and, time and again, told him that this conflict of interest could prove to be fatal for him.

Now, apart from the evidence that Andrea Freemann had with her, like the testimony of Margo Schafer and the gloves found in Lisa’s house that had the blood of the victim, there were a lot of other things that also made Lisa Trammell look quite suspicious. She met a podcast producer named Henry Dahl, who paid for her bail and wanted to make a documentary on her life. Mickey didn’t want Henry to make any such stuff that might affect the case, and additionally, he also held the rights that gave him the authority to legally stop Henry from doing any such thing. Henry crossed the line time and again, and even after being told to hold back while the case was ongoing, he went ahead and produced a documentary. Lisa told Mickey time and again that she would talk to Henry and keep him under check, but we think that there might be something brewing between her and Henry. Maybe she was going behind Mickey’s back and telling Henry what to do and then pretending as if Henry was acting on his own accord. Maybe Henry wasn’t involved in any sort of conspiracy, but the way he emerged out of nowhere and paid such a huge amount for Lisa’s bail, it did seem like, apart from wanting the rights to make a documentary on her life, he had something else on his mind.

One more thing that made Lisa look suspicious was the fact that she was very hesitant to let Mickey talk to her husband, Jeff. Mickey told her that even if he didn’t have to do anything with the case, he could at least testify about her good character and how she was a responsible citizen. But Lisa made all sorts of excuses, and it was blatantly clear that, though she knew where her husband was, for some reason, she didn’t want Mickey to know about it. A man called Mickey and said that he was Lisa’s ex-husband, but there was no proof that he was the real guy or if he was someone else pretending to be him. The one thing in favor of Lisa, which Mickey would probably use in his arguments in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Part 2, was that Mitchell Bondurant was a tall man, and it was not easy for a person of Lisa’s height to hit him on the head. Apart from this, everything else pointed towards the fact that Lisa had murdered Mitchell. But we know how Mickey Haller is, and we believe that he would find a way to get her acquitted, though we are not certain that she is as innocent as she is pretending to be.

Had Lisa Sent Men To Assault Mickey?

There are only two people who could have sent men to assault Mickey; one of them is Alex Grant, aka Alex Kazarian, and the other could be Lisa Trammell herself. Mickey wasn’t able to find Alex even after he told Cisco to look for him, and it could be that he was hiding in some place because he had actually murdered Mitchell Bondurant. It is possible that to make Mickey stop looking for him, Alex sent men to scare him off. Now the other theory, which we believe could have some merit, is that Lisa hacked into Mitchell’s computer and sent that email on his behalf so that when the time comes, Mickey gets to know about it and creates a narrative for himself where Alex is the perpetrator.

We know that such premeditated action would require a lot of planning and plotting but believe that Lisa was capable of it. She would have sent men to beat Mickey, to lead him astray, and make him believe that there was someone else pulling the reins. Lisa didn’t look like a woman who would hire goons and send them to beat someone which worked in her favor, whereas a person who was associated with a crime family, which in this case was Alex, was generally perceived to be capable of doing that. Maybe Lisa, after the discovery of gloves in her house, felt that Mickey’s confidence in her was shaking, and she knew that it was not good for her case. She might have thought of giving him an alternate theory so that he would not be able to determine for himself until the verdict came if Lisa was really innocent or if she was actually the murderer.

Whatever verdict the court gives in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 2, we know one thing for sure: Lisa is hiding a lot of information from Mickey, and she is trying to manipulate and mislead him so that he puts forth the best arguments and gets her acquitted.

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