‘True Lies’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained – Did Harry & Helen Get The Encrypted Codes From Ximena?


Helen Tasker got the shock of her life in the very first episode of the series “True Lies” when she got to know that her husband, Harry Tasker, was not a salesman but a spy working for an organization named Omega Sector. As if the news were not overwhelming enough, Helen was forced to join the organization herself as she came to know about a few secrets that she shouldn’t have. So let’s find out what challenges Helen has to face during her training period and what’s next in line for the undercover agents of Omega Sector.

A New Mission For The Omega Sector

Helen was going through her excruciating training program, and contrary to what she had been told by chief Trilby, they were surely not taking things slowly. She was having a tough time dealing with everything all at once. In one of the training sessions, she was almost choked to death by Luther, and she was getting frustrated as she didn’t know that she was signing up for all this. Harry and the entire team, together with the new recruit, Helen, were called for an emergency meeting by Trilby. Harry thought that Trilby was calling the meeting to check on Helen and see if she was making any sort of progress. But Trilby had called them to brief them about a new mission, of which apparently even Helen was going to be a part. Helen was shocked to hear that because it had been just a few weeks since her training had begun, and now she was being sent directly to the field to deal with a terrorist organization that wasn’t going to show any mercy like her training instructors. Trilby told them that the terrorist organization called the International Liberation Front was planning to launch a genetically engineered plague in western Europe.

The New Omega Sector had been able to get their hands on the secret files, which contained all the information about the attack and the weapon. But there was a minor problem, as the entire data was encrypted, and apparently, there was only one cryptographer who could decode the files. The name of the cryptographer was Ximena Diaz, and as soon as Trilby took her name, there was a look of nervousness on Harry’s face. It felt like Harry knew her from before, and both of them had been quite close once. Harry was nervous because he hadn’t told his wife anything about Ximena, and he feared that she was going to find it herself, considering she was a part of the organization, and things would go out of proportion. Trilby told them to leave for Madrid immediately and get her encrypted codes before the ILF, or any other organization got their hands on them. The ILF knew that Ximena was the only one who could decode their files, and that is why they were trying to get to her. They also knew that the CIA was after her, which is why they ramped up their activities.

Trilby told the team that they would travel to Madrid as representatives of Telonyx Solutions, who have come there to find potential clients at a linguistic conference. Now they were supposed to tag along with Helen, who was already a linguistics professor at Shoreton University. Once Harry and Helen reached home, the latter realized just how much they lied on a daily basis, and she didn’t like that she had to make up a story in front of her kids. Harry, on the other hand, was more worried about what would happen when Helen would get to know about him and Ximena. Gib had made him even more nervous by assuring him that the outcome was not going to be very nice.

‘True Lies’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – How Do Harry And Helen Get The Encrypted Codes From Ximena Diaz?

The team finally reached Madrid, and they established contact with Ximena Diaz, who told them that she would give them the address of the meeting through a one-time code key. Until the time Ximena reverted back, they all had to go and attend the conference with Helen and pretend that they were just there to sell computers. At the conference, Helen met her ex-boyfriend from college, Harold, and seeing them it didn’t feel like they hadn’t been in touch for the longest time. They started catching up, and Harry got to know that when they were dating back in college, they used to live together. Harry obviously felt insecure seeing them bond. He was itching to prove to the world that he was better than Harold. When he told Harold that he was in the business of selling computers, there was a very condescending look on his face, which fueled Harry’s insecurities even more. He assumed that Helen also considered him to be less smart than her ex-flair, and though he didn’t say anything about it at that moment, Harold’s presence made him quite jealous.

Harry went to meet Ximena in a fancy restaurant. They had just ordered food when Gib alerted Harry that there were armed men, probably from the ILF, coming inside the restaurant. Harry and Ximena made a near escape, and before going, Harry told her that she had to break the code for him and meet him the next day at a predetermined location.

Helen saw the pictures of the meeting the next day, and then it was her turn to be jealous and insecure. Harry told her that there was nothing between them, but still, Helen didn’t seem very convinced. They went back to the conference, and Harold once again met them and told Helen that he had arranged for a guest lecture, which had to be taken by her, at Harvard. Helen was in the mood to give Harry a taste of his own medicine, so she went with Harold to talk about the lecture over a glass of champagne. Harry and others went to collect the file from Ximena at a predetermined spot when Gib intercepted some disturbance and got to know that Ximena was being followed by the ILF terrorists. Harry risked his life to save Ximena from the terrorists, because of which she managed to escape. He went back to his hotel, where Helen got mad at him for putting his life at stake. Their conversation was interrupted when Gib called them to inform them that the ILF guys were inside their hotel and were coming to their room. Harry and Helen were ready with their guns when something unexpected happened. The ILF guys entered Harold’s room and took him away with them. They took him because of a misunderstanding, but in reality, they wanted to abduct Harry because they were tapping Ximena’s cell phone, and she had left a message for him. The message was a date, and when Gib told Harry about it, he knew exactly what it meant. It was the day Harry had met Ximena a long time ago at a safe house, and Gib knew that Ximena wanted them to come and take the decoded files from there. It was decided that it would be the best option to send Helen there to collect the disk, even though Harry was not comfortable with it.

Helen went to collect the files, whereas Harry and others went to the place where Harold was being kept by the ILF. Ximena attacked Helen because she didn’t know who she was. After a violent start, both women calmed down and realized that they were on the same team. Ximena told Helen how Harry had broken her heart because he had fallen for her. Back at the ILF’s hidden base, even Harry found that it was Helen who had broken up with Harold, as she thought that he didn’t understand her the way she wanted. She had told Harold back in the day that though there were many similarities between them, she liked Harry because he was probably the only one who understood her love language. Both Harry and Helen met after completing their respective missions. Helen got the files, which had the location of the bioweapons, and Harry, Luther, and Maria killed all the ILF terrorists and saved Harold.

The couple went back home, and now they had an even bigger issue at hand than dealing with terrorists: they had to find a way to deal with their kids, who were doing all sorts of things behind their backs. Harry and Helen were getting reports from Mrs. Myers, though they didn’t know how ethical it was on their part to snoop into their kids’ lives and not give them the privacy that they would have gotten had their parents not been spies.

The second episode of “True Lies” ends on a note where Harry and Helen are resisting the impulse to take a look at the data that Mrs. Myers gave them, which basically had pictures of their daughter while she was hanging out with her friends. They still needed to adjust to this new life, and though Harry had been a part of the spy world, the game for him, too, had changed since his wife was recruited by his organization. In the upcoming episodes of “True Lies”, we will get to know what kind of missions Omega Sector undertakes in the future and if Harry and Helen are able to respect the privacy of their kids and let them be or if they give in to their impulsiveness and snoop into their lives.

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