‘Will Trent’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – How Does Faith’s Ex-Partner Charles Help The GBI?


After a series break last week, ABC’s detective show “Will Trent” is back with its sixth episode, keeping up with the usual format of introducing and solving a new case every week. Faith’s son Jeremy had already been introduced a few episodes back, and now he is seen more throughout the sixth episode as his father and Faith’s ex-partner return to the scene. While Will and Faith get involved in uncovering a major crime plan in the works against the GBI, Angie and Ormewood pursue their fight against the sex-trafficking group Zero Mile after coming across one of their victims in “Will Trent” episode 5.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Will Trent’ Episode 6 Recap And Ending

The episode begins in a house in Atlanta’s Druid Hills, where a couple is seen frantically packing their bags, fearing a terrible fate if they remain at their house. Their intention is clearly to go away from the city or even the state, but their plan does not work out. A perpetrator breaks into their house and shoots the man dead while the woman hides and whimpers inside a closet, soon to be found by the attacker. The police or authorities do not get any news of this break-in murder, and the GBI and APD remain involved in their own temporary cases. But that night, when GBI detective Faith Mitchell returns home with her teenage son Jeremy, they hear a loud noise inside their house, as if somebody has broken in.

Going to check what it is, Faith is astonished to see that it is a man she knows very well—it is her ex-partner Charles, who is Jeremy’s father as well. In an extremely frightened and shocked state, Charles says that he needs urgent help from his ex-partner because somebody is surely following him around in a silver Lexus car. Faith does not take Charles too seriously at first, for the man is revealed to be an army veteran with severe PTSD, but changes her mind upon his insistence that he has been taking his medicines and living a healthy life on a regular basis. Faith now calls her detective partner Will Trent too, and together they search Charles’ house. Although nothing seems wrong at first, Will’s sharp eyes catch small signs that someone has broken in and entered the first-floor rented apartment.

Following dirt marks, Will goes to the window and realizes that the perpetrator must have been keeping an eye on the house below Charles’ apartment from his window. This house, Charles says, is that of his landlord and landlady, Kevin and Sally. The detectives now enter this house to quickly find Kevin shot dead on the ground and the lifeless body of Sally tied to a chair beside him. It is indeed Kevin and Sally whom we saw being killed at the beginning of “Will Trent” Episode 6.

It is clear from the crime scene that the murderer had been interrogating Sally before killing her, and her unnaturally clean fingers make Will look beneath the chair seat to find a small star that Sally had drawn with her blood. Realizing that this was surely a message for the police, Will and Faith begin investigating the case and finding out more about Sally. The woman was a software engineer and developer working at a leading tech company named Selantus, which also happens to be the same company that provides tech support to the GBI. The detectives next reach the Selantus office and inquire about Sally, thinking that the star she had drawn before her death might be linked to some work or project she was involved in. The head of software at the company, a man named Vince, shows them around and takes them to Sally’s office, where nothing of use can be found. But Will and Faith have their first suspicions about Vince when he introduces them to the CEO of Selantus, Reese, as Vince mentions their full names even though they have not mentioned their surnames to him. This made it seem like the people at Selantus already knew that the GBI detectives would visit, and this thought sticks with Will and Faith.

It is also at the Selantus office that they find a possible link with Charles, who was only Sally’s tenant and had no links with the company. Selantus had recently organized a tech conference at the same hotel where Charles had been working for the last five years, and the detectives visited the hotel next. Speaking to the head of security, they learned that someone impersonating the GBI had called the hotel security a few weeks back and asked them about which keycard would unlock a specific room. This happened to be Charles’ keycard, but the man was on leave during the workshop, and yet his keycard had been used. Going over the security footage, it is revealed that the person who must have stolen and used Charles’ keycard was Sally herself. The room that she had used the keycard for was being used by Selantus Security during the workshop, and she must have therefore had some reasons to break into her own company’s data.

Things take a more dangerous turn for our agents when both of them are threatened in different ways by someone—Faith finds that someone has broken into her house and left a threatening message to back off from the case, and Will is being followed by a car while he is on an evening run. Will decides to make use of this chance, and he tricks the car driver into stopping and confronting the woman driving the car. This woman, nervous and shaky, is a journalist named Jess, and she has been in close contact with Sally in the past few weeks. A search through Sally’s phone and message records revealed that there was one contact in her phone named only with the star emoji, and this happened to be the number of Jess.

As it turns out, Sally had found out that Selantus had been using terribly illegal backdoor software in its codes that it was running on the GBI computers. This backdoor allowed the company to easily access all information that was on the GBI computers and technological network, including highly sensitive and classified information like case files and suspect databases. Sally was trying to expose this by contacting the journalist Jess and was essentially a whistleblower. But Selantus was backed by very high-ranking government and business officials, whom Jess refers to as Atlanta’s “inner circle old boys,” and she claims that many of them were directly making use of the data that was being stolen from the GBI. For this reason, Jess had asked for proper, solid evidence against this data breach, and Sally had therefore started working on getting it. She had secretly copied traces of the code onto a hard drive, and in order to do this, she had broken into the Selantus security room during the workshop at the hotel. Her partner Kevin knew all about this, and he had given Charles tickets to a music concert outside town during the time of the workshop so that they could steal his hotel keycard and get into the room. Jess fears for her safety but also refuses to take help from the GBI and is instantly killed by the assailant who had earlier killed Sally and Kevin.

Right before being shot, though, Jess gives Will and Faith a key that Sally had given her, which apparently contained solid evidence of Selantus’ illegal activities. The detectives talk with Charles and figure out the location of Sally’s PO box, as she would sometimes give Charles the key to check on it when she and her partner would go on vacation. This was also probably the reason why Charles was being tailed by the perpetrator initially—both to find out about his daily timings so that they could break into his house and also to find out about the PO box and also maybe get hold of the key. Unfortunately, Charles is unaware of the data breach, and he emails Faith the location on her work phone, meaning that Selantus also gets a whiff of it.

By the time Will and Faith arrive on the scene, the head of software for Selantus, Vince, has already reached the location, with the incriminating silver Lexus car. It was Vince who had committed the murders and had also left a threatening message at Faith’s house, and it is he who gets the hard drive first. Despite the detectives’ best efforts, Vince ultimately manages to destroy the hard drive, therefore wiping out any solid evidence of the company’s wrongdoing. Will’s boss at the GBI, Amanda Wagner, had earlier met with the bureau’s director, Armstrong, who told her that he was retiring and that she was being nominated as the new GBI director. But Amanda throws her promotion to the wind and forces an end to the existing partnership between Selantus and the GBI. Although Director Armstrong denies believing in such claims, making it evident that he always knew of such a data breach, Amanda sticks to her evaluation and decision, probably hurting her professional career.

In the end, Faith and her ex-partner Charles decide to co-parent their son Jeremy, and their reunion ends on a happy note. It was earlier revealed and even now felt that Faith never had any problems with Charles when they were together, but things went out of hand when she became pregnant with Jeremy when she was only fifteen years old. Her mother and Amanda, whom she calls aunt, were the ones to make sure that Charles went away from Faith. They pushed Charles to sign up for military service and get sent overseas, due to which he was still suffering from extreme PTSD. It is not clear as to whether Amanda is Faith’s actual aunt, i.e., her mother’s biological sister or her mother’s close friend, but the two still have differences between each other regarding Charles. Amanda mocks Faith’s decision to let Charles stay at her house earlier, and Faith is extremely angry about this. Nonetheless, she keeps supporting her ex-partner, and ultimately Charles gets a new place and moves away but promises to stay in touch.

How Do Angie And Ormewood Help The Girl They Earlier Saved From Trafficking?

In episode 5 of “Will Trent,” we saw APD detectives Angie Polaski and Michael Ormewood rescue a young woman who had been bought off a sex-trafficking ring, and this woman is now revealed to be named Katie. This case had been very close to Angie personally, as she had been working against these traffickers, called the Zero Mile, for quite some time now. A few days after the events of the previous episode, Katie is detained by the police for trying to buy heroin, and Angie learns of this. She understands that the traffickers use heroin and other drugs to keep the victims hooked and continue living with them, and Katie is still addicted.

Angie now promises to help her and learns that there is a younger girl named Jade whom Katie had earlier met. Jade was also being prepared to be trafficked, and Katie wanted Angie’s help to save her. Angie obviously promises to rescue the younger girl too, and she gets Ormewood onboard as well. Despite not having an official search warrant, they reach a studio that calls itself a talent agency but is actually involved in sextortion. While Ormewood keeps the owner in check, Angie sits with the fifteen-year-old Jade, who still believes that she is on the way to becoming a film star and that she is only having to act and prove her talent through intimate scenes. Angie makes her understand the real situation, and ultimately Jade agrees to confess against the owner of the talent agency. As the police arrest the owner, Jade and Katie are reunited and kept at a shelter.

“Will Trent” Episode 6 also had an argument between Will and Nico over the latter stealing money from the detective’s wallet. Nico had been a witness in one of the earlier cases, and since then, they had been working as a dog walker for Will’s pet Betty. Will now clearly asks Nico and says that they can easily ask for money when in need, but Nico takes it the wrong way and leaves the job. Soon they are arrested by the police for getting into a fight, and Nico now reveals that a man in their current apartment building was forcefully demanding money every week. Will now decides to redesign his garage space into a room and asks Nico for their help doing it while also promising to let Nico stay in that room once the work is complete. Nico happily agrees, and it is clear that Angie is impressed with this decision too. Both Will and Angie have been trying to help young people who are in a similar situation as they once were during their teenage years, and this is Will’s biggest step in ensuring this so far.

What Should We Expect From ‘Will Trent’ Episode 7?

Now that the show has revealed that the higher-ups in Atlanta were also involved in unlawful activities such as Selantus’ data breach, it will be interesting to see if more instances of such behavior are presented. Faith’s character is also given a good backstory, and a good romantic resolution in “Will Trent” Episode 6, and whether more of that or her relationship with her young son is explored is also to be seen. It is clear that Will and Angie are also passionately involved in trying to help as many teenagers without any parental support as they can, and more about this can be expected. It would also be great to finally see Angie and the APD bring down the sex trafficking group Zero Mile once and for all, and this might just be the ultimate case in “Will Trent” Season 1.

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