‘Will Trent’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is The Secret Behind The Necklace Robbery Of Chris Conlan?


ABC’s detective crime show “Will Trent” is back with a new case this week, as an ex-football star is the center of a “robbery gone wrong” plot. Compared to a previous couple of episodes, “Will Trent” Episode 5 has much less stress on human relations or racial inequalities and is more invested in the case at hand. By now, the series has made fairly simple storytelling a part of its entertaining style, and episode 5 is no different.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Will Trent’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending

The episode begins with Will and Angie frantically searching for Will’s pet dog, Betty, who has seemingly run out of the house. Angie had mistakenly left the front door open, leading to Betty’s disappearance, and Will is livid at her for it. Unfortunately, their argument continues even when the dog has returned to the house, as Will does not want to forgive Angie’s mistake. The woman now blames Will for being too picky and finicky, always looking for the perfect person, and therefore always reminding her of her flaws. On the other side, Will argues that Angie is creating this new fuss because she is always looking for reasons to end their relationship. Ultimately, as expected, the two decide to break up once again, which has by now become a common matter.

As Will and Faith are working in their GBI office that night, Faith receives a call from a policeman about her son Jeremy. The boy had been out partying with his friends at a club where a woman had been shot. As Faith and Will rush to the scene, Jeremy reveals he is only lightly hurt as a stampede followed the shooting. Faith is angry at her son for coming to such a place, especially since he is only eighteen and the legal age for drinking in Georgia is twenty-one. Meanwhile, Will talks to the policemen and hears about the whole matter. The owner of the club was a young man named Chris Conlan, who had been a distinguished football player in his college days at Georgia Tech. He had even been a first-round pick in the NFL and had also achieved the Rookie of the Year award, but he had then injured his knee terribly. Conlan never recovered from that injury and gave up his profession as an athlete soon after. At present, the man ran businesses and had been walking away from his club along with his wife Brooke when a goon ran towards them and snatched at an expensive necklace Conlan was wearing. Brooke immediately tried to stop the thief and was shot by the man in the process. While everyone concerned themselves with the safety of Brooke, the perpetrator ran away from the scene. The police also tell Will that a number of similar cases of robberies have been taking place all over midtown in the last few weeks, and this case, too, is tied to these ones. Looking at all the clues and information available, Will deduces that someone inside the club must have informed the shooter about Conlan’s exit, and the detective places a bet with a police officer that he will solve the case within a single night.

Now inside the club, Will tries to look for the possible informer working with the shooter, and he gets to know of a social media account going by the name of Deux Peches. As Jeremy explains, this account always posts about the happening places around town, and Will immediately checks it out to find pictures of the club from the night. Going through them, he realizes that whoever runs this account is most probably the informer of the shooter. He and Faith reach the address of this person, a woman by the name of Ava Green, and find her car to fit the description of the getaway vehicle that the shooter had apparently used. After breaking into the apartment, the police arrest two men, and Ava is also handcuffed while the place is searched. There is no sign of Conlan’s stolen necklace at the place, but several stolen items from the previous robberies at other places are found. This makes it clear that the gang was indeed involved in robbing people, and they are arrested. Ava claims that she is innocent and then is interrogated by Will, gradually hinting that she is growing romantic interest in the detective. Ava now reveals that she had been approached by the gang to work for them by giving them information about places, as she ran the Deux Peches account. Although the gang and she were indeed involved in the previous burglaries, they had no role to play in this particular case. Ava had been at the club only to take photos for her account, and the similarity between her car and the perpetrator’s was also later found to be just a coincidence. Will and Faith now interrogate the manager of the club, Pudge, who claims Conlan to be a very good friend and helper of his. Will meets with Conlan as well, as he is by the side of his wife during her recovery, and the man also claims to be very close with Pudge. But Will finds it very suspicious that this best friend had never texted or reached out to Conlan after the incident. But before he can confront Pudge about this suspicion, the young man is killed by someone who pushes him out of his apartment window.

Pudge’s apartment is searched, and Conlan’s stolen necklace is found there, making it almost certain that he is the robber. However, things take a different turn when this necklace is found out to be a fake imitation, not worth what the original was claimed to be. This gradually reveals the extent of the whole matter, which is way more complicated than a robbery case. As it turned out, Chris Conlan had been suffering financially when he came up with this plan to stage a crime. The ex-athlete had insured his necklace and then had a fake replica made, which he told his best friend Pudge to steal in a public manner. This would help Conlan earn some much-needed money through the insurance scheme. Although Pudge was supposed to carry a gun to make things look real, he was not supposed to take one loaded with bullets. Conlan’s wife, Brooke, was not aware of such a plan in the works, as the man was too embarrassed to tell her about his financial problems. When she jumped in to stop the thief, she did so very sincerely. But in the altercation, Pudge accidentally shot the gun and injured the woman. The reason why the two friends had not contacted each other after the incident was that they had planned it, except for the majorly messed up part where the wife got shot. Angry about this sudden change, Conlan had visited Pudge, and the latter only apologized, saying that he did not have any idea the gun was loaded. Conlan says that he had not killed Pudge, and Will Trent deduces the rest of it. Only one other person knew about this plan—Conlan’s manager, Lucas. As it is soon revealed, Lucas was having an affair with Brooke, and he wanted Conlan removed from the picture. It was Lucas who had given the fully loaded gun to Pudge instead of the empty one. Lucas believed that Pudge would accidentally shoot Conlan and kill him, making his way clear to get a lot of Conlan’s money and also his love, Brooke.

The finale takes place inside Conlan’s club, where the GBI detectives ask him to bait Lucas so that they can arrest him. But what they do not know is that Conlan has plans of his own, and the moment Lucas arrives at the place, he pulls a gun on him. Angered and hurt by this betrayal, Conlan wants to kill his friend and manager but ultimately is defused by Will’s words, which calm him down. Both the men are taken away by the police, as both have been involved in crimes—an accidental shooting and insurance fraud, respectively. Whether Brooke survives the ordeal or her fate is worse is not revealed by the end. On the other side, Ava is released by the police on probation, and Will sees her for one last time. He now clearly states that he is still not over Angie and is, therefore, not looking for any new relationship. 

How Does Angie Save The Life Of A Teenage Girl Through Her Own Case?

Just like in the last few episodes of “Will Trent,” Angie and Ormewood are given a different homicide case to solve by the APD. In this one, they reach a rich neighborhood to investigate the dead body of a property realtor named Sean Hinchcliff. The man had been shot dead by someone at one of the houses he was showing, and the murder weapon had also been left behind by the perpetrator. But the homeowners’ association in the neighborhood claims that Sean was actually a scammer who would sell houses on a rent-to-own basis without any down payment, which is illegal. Things about this man get murkier when all his employees are brought to the police station and interrogated. They reveal that the man used to pay them through cryptocurrencies and also owed them a salary of a few months, which they knew was now lost. This was because, with Sean’s death, all the money in his crypto account was locked in. However, one of the employees who looked after the tech of his business claims that somebody had hacked into the account recently and was moving all funds into another account. Ormewood looks into the matter some more and finds out that Hincliff had a different business with another man named Gregory Pardee. This business was selling NFTs of performers at strip clubs and therefore involved cryptocurrency as well. But Sean had at one point sold off the company and taken all the funds for himself, cutting Gregory out of it. This leads to him being killed, as it was Gregory who had murdered Sean, and when Angie and Ormewood go to the man’s house to arrest him, they also find a teenager inside. Angie quickly recognizes a tattoo on the girl’s arm as that of a gang called “Zero Mile,” which involved itself in the sex trafficking of minor girls. The girl is rescued from the place, and Angie reveals that she had been working on bringing down the gang in a case she had worked on earlier.

What Is Next To Be Expected From ‘Will Trent’ Episode 6?

“Will Trent” Episode 5 shows Faith’s son for the first time, and whether we will get to see more of him would be something to look forward to. It can be that Jeremy will become a recurring character, which might also reveal something about his grandmother or Faith’s mother, who had been dislodged from police service due to Will’s case. Angie and Will have been changing their relationship status multiple times every episode now, so whether there is any resolution to this relationship would also be something to look forward to. Lastly, what the new case would be next week, and how Will’s skills would be out on display will be something to expect.

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