‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does The Wolf Pack Turn Baron Into A Human?


We have two things to say about Episode 7 of “Wolf Pack.” The first is that the girls’, especially Luna’s, makeup just doesn’t go with the atmosphere of the show. Secondly, though it is riddled with plot holes, why did the series take so long to get interesting? We always knew it wasn’t taking itself too seriously, but this episode felt a bit much. It is debatable whether these standards are acceptable, especially when so close to a finale, but then, this series was literally just a cash grab, and its lack of good storytelling is proof of that. If not for the plot, the writers did not even bother to develop the characters or give them a real journey. Let us say that we consider the argument that this series spanned a matter of days and that there is too little time for the protagonists to experience any real change in personality; we still don’t have an answer to the question, “What are the characters really like then?” They have been insufferably one-dimensional. This is the penultimate episode of “Wolf Pack” Season 1, yet we don’t know what the werewolf wants. All there is left to do for us is to get on with our review and wait for the finale if for no other reason than that we are so close.

Spoilers Ahead

Everett And Baron

Everett hallucinates that Baron is in his room and is a danger to him. He tries to hide from him, but Baron changes his stance from the attacker to someone scared and says that he doesn’t want to hurt people. Baron says that he is not able to stop himself from doing what he is doing, even though it is not him. He can sense the actions, but he has no control over them. Everett’s hallucination shifts to a vision of the dead Phoebe, who tells him that the werewolf can kill him anytime it stops liking him and being a part of its pack is not a guarantee of his protection. Just as she says this, the lights turn on, and Everett snaps out of his hallucination. He calls over the rest of the pack and tells them what he has dreamed. He knows that Austin is going to be the next victim because Phoebe had played the very song in Everett’s hallucination that Austin was playing at the party. Everett believes that Baron wants them to stop him, and they need to do it before the night. The pack decides to catch the werewolf and try to turn it back into a human. While we understand the way the idea came into being, we don’t understand where the writers are going with Everett’s powers. When they showed him asking his mother for the car keys, was he being assertive, or was he using some sort of supernatural manipulation? This wasn’t clear to us.

Garrett And Kristin

Kristin goes to Garrett’s house to meet Harlan since he is responsible for keeping Cyrus in the stables. Upon not finding him there, she speaks with Garrett and tells him that Harlan is safe and that she has no intention of letting him take the blame for anything. But the problem only escalates when Danny discovers Phoebe’s body in the bathtub of their motel room. Once again, Kristin says that she doesn’t think that Blake is a suspect and just wants to interrogate her to clear things up. When she had spoken about Harlan, she had said that she would watch out for him as if he were ‘one of her own.’ In the case of Phoebe’s death, it is Blake’s father who says that Kristin has ‘a bite’. In the otherwise abhorrent writing of the series, these two feel like very clever insinuations for what is to come. It doesn’t help that Danny tells Blake that he has seen Kristin in the parking garage, which is the place where Blake used to work.

Later, Kristin takes Garrett back to the abandoned building, saying that she wants to continue her arson investigation, but the way she holds her torch makes us believe she has come with the intention of murder, should she require it. Very cleverly, she leads Garrett to discover the bodies lying there. Technically, Kristin needs to call it in as this is now a homicide investigation, but Garrett requests that she not call it in as he wants to protect his children. Kristin vaguely agrees, with the word ‘werewolf’ not said aloud but hanging in the air between them. In a flashback that we see through Kristin’s eyes, we realize that the wildfire had brought to life a werewolf, but it was not a ‘he’; it was a ‘she.’ Baron might be the one killing people, but his strings are clearly being pulled by Kristin. However, we suspect that these two are not the only wolves around. We will know in the finale if our guess is right.

‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Does The Wolf Pack Turn Baron Into A Human?

Everett and Harlan hatch a plan based on the ‘biological’ fact that the brain can stay alive for a while even if the heart stops. They decide to use Austin as bait and trap the wolf in a freezer room. When its heart stops, and it turns back into a person due to having died, a shot of epinephrine will bring Baron back to life as a human.

Austin agrees to the plan, and there is a bit of flirting between him and Luna, though we are distracted by her makeup. When they spot the werewolf, Luna asks Austin to hit her to provoke it, but he is unable to. Instead, he kisses her, and that seems to anger the wolf more. Nevertheless, the plan works, and with a combination of the pack’s abilities, they trap the wolf in the freezer room. When they go back inside after a while, Baron is lying there in his human form, as they had predicted. They get to the job of reviving him when they notice that they don’t have the required shot of epinephrine. Austin says he has it, and before they can understand anything, he stabs Baron in the chest with the silver-coated knife Luna had given him earlier, eliciting a scream from Baron. Maybe he thought of this as revenge for his father and all the killings so far, or maybe he was just too scared, or maybe he knew something he hadn’t told the others, but we feel that killing Baron was always a part of his plan.

Final Thoughts

The next and final episode of “Wolf Pack” Season 1 has to be about tying up loose ends. We really hope that the makers don’t have a season 2 planned because it is evident that they just don’t have the substance for it. All we expect from the next episode is confirmation of the extent to which Kristin is involved with the wolves and, if our suspicions are right, just how big the wolf pack is apart from these four. Some more clarity on Everett’s home situation would also be nice. We don’t have a lot of questions because there wasn’t much intrigue, to begin with. All we can hope for is that at least the finale comes and goes with a certifiable bang.

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