‘Wolf Pack’ Season 2: Expectations And How Can The Series Pick Up Pace?


We certainly sound like a broken record at this point as we say, once again, that “Wolf Pack” was underwhelming. When we started watching it, we honestly felt like the series had potential. The characters looked complex and promising, and the eerie vibe added drama to the narrative. But that got tiring very soon because the story itself saw little progress. We can excuse the lack of character development, but there is no reason why we did not see a better bonding between the characters as the pack came together, which was the point of Season 1 of “Wolf Pack” to begin with. A series that comes out in 2023 should not have such a slow pace. But despite our criticism, of course, there is going to be a Season 2. If we are going to be completely honest, we do not want to write it off just because we are not too fond of the first season. “Wolf Pack” Season 2, if and when it comes, has scope. But the writers must take a good, hard look at what they want to do and whether it aligns with the audience’s sensibilities before they take the dive. So, let us look into the possibilities that the next season of “Wolf Pack” may offer.

What Can We Expect From ‘Wolf Pack’ Season 2?

To address the most pressing issue, Garrett might be turned into a werewolf by Baron. But there is also a chance that he might be rescued. We saw that people had come to take away Everett, Blake, and Harlan. But except for Harlan, we did not actually see anybody else in confinement or handcuffs. It is possible that Luna, sensing her pack in distress, might rescue one of them and eventually the rest before they save Garrett from being bitten. But that would mean that all of them are on the run from some or other authority, which would create a temporary fugitive-like situation for them. Blake and Harlan’s situation might still be solved with a little intervention from Kristin, but Everett’s parents would not stop unless and until they saw his true form. Only that can persuade them to back off.

Coming back to Kristin, she has been uncannily understanding throughout the episodes. We now know why, but technically, neither the arson nor the homicide investigation has been solved. The authorities will have to continue with that, and she might be involved, at least to some extent. Kristin has been human for too long, as the guy who tried to attack her was saying. This means that there is some backstory to her. How long has she been snooping on the Briggs? Why did she start the wildfire now to bring Baron out of the woods? Who is the kids’ real father? Additionally, as much as we had liked the idea of Kristin and Garrett together, it went south when we understood that she might not exactly be the good guy here, and Garrett will not be on board with whatever evil plans she has. We got the hint that she is gunning for world dominance by removing humans from the position of the apex predator and installing the werewolf species. Which also means that Kristin plans on growing the pack.

Everett, Luna, Blake, and Everett were presented with the choice of healing Baron or letting him die and losing their abilities. That had really divided the pack, with Everett not wanting his anxiety back and Blake not being able to think beyond herself. However, when the idea of turning multiple humans into werewolves is presented, it is a stretch of the pack’s moral dilemma. Would they see it as a form of selfish cruelty or just the making of a more advanced race? We would love it if the writers could introduce this discussion somehow. As for the characters themselves, we think that it is Harlan and Luna who show the most scope for growth because they are the ones with some of the toughest decisions to make: whether to side with their true nature or the one they have come to grow up in.

Meanwhile, Blake needs to learn to look beyond her own grief and start thinking of other people’s feelings. It was brutal, the way she cut Phoebe off and did not even feel like giving her an explanation for it after all that time, much less being sorry about it. It is terrible how she makes judgments about Everett’s mental health all the time while not even making an effort to find out more about it, even after having been proved wrong a few times. We also need some clarity on Austin and Cyrus. And most importantly, we want to understand the reason Everett’s mother dislikes him so much. We got a very vague answer about it, but there must be more. We didn’t get to see how his mother’s derision affected Everett other than the anxiety. What are the insecurities and trust issues that come from it? And why is Harlan having panic attacks all of a sudden? These are the questions that need to be explored in “Wolf Pack” Season 2, along with the narratives that should be established. Only that can justify the chance we are willing to give it; otherwise, Season 2 is nothing but an exercise in futility.

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Divya Malladi
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