‘Wrath of Man’ Summary & Review – A Warrior Out For Revenge


Pace plays an integral role in Action Movies, due to a linear track and a thin plot. Generally, action flicks follow a man-on-a-mission who plays around with big guns, swords, or even his hands. Nevertheless, their aim is to entertain an audience, and that’s why pace matters. If it’s boring, and not executed precisely, then boredom could become inevitable.

In his career, Guy Richie has made some extremely intriguing films, and he has also made, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. His 2021 title, Wrath of Man marks his fourth collaboration with Jason Statham, the leading man who has proved to be a lucky charm for the director. The film is based on a 2004 French film titled, Cash Truck and was directed by Nicolas Boukhrief.

‘Wrath of Man’ Summary

A suspicious man named Patrick Hill (Jason Statham) is hired as a security person in an armored truck company, Fortico Security. These trucks transfer loose cash from financial institutions and provide safe delivery. However, recently, an armored truck was robbed by armed men, killing two of its drivers that marks the arrival of a new man, Mr. Hill.

Patrick’s superior associate, Terry (Holt McCallany) casually interns him for the job, and also nicknames the silent introvert, “H.” The other members of the team don’t go well around with H due to his threatening attitude and lack of words. But when H stops a robbery by sharply shooting the robbers, the owner of the security and other men couldn’t stop raving about him. Though he becomes H the hero, Terry smells something fishy about his new partner.

The film further explores Patrick’s backstory. He lost his son in one of the armed robberies and he joined Fortico to find out his son’s killer.

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The Review

Without a single blink, Jason Statham could pin down a whole army. And for that, he doesn’t need bullets, his looks are threatening enough. Wrath of Man does justice to its title by casting Jason in the role. He really plays out as a weapon of mass destruction. The other flaws have been handled by Guy Ritchie’s peculiar direction. His ability to maintain pace and thrill is commendable.

The story is divided into 4 chapters with each chapter following a different character and their backstory. It is in these chapters that the narrative moves to-and-fro in time, giving it a non-linear narrative. Each chapter also has its own meaning hidden in its title, for example, the first chapter, titled “Dark Spirit” refers to Patrick who arrives at Fortico. Ritchie leaves no stone unturned when it comes to stylizing and stapling intricate details.

Wrath of Man is a perfect formula action film. It runs high on both action and captivating adventure. The epic score given by Christopher Benstead garnishes the drama, giving it a melancholic touch throughout.

A special mention to the dialogues, that showcases humor with intellect. A gang of soldiers indulging in a felony comment, “We’re not the mafia, we’re the soldiers.” However, their actions were worse than that, they just didn’t realize it, being on the other side of the narrative.

The film is perfect for fans who loved John Wick and cherished Statham’s performance in mass action thrillers. Ritchie’s direction is a cherry on the top, giving the film an artistic touch. The film maintains the right pace that hides most of its flaws. We shouldn’t expect character transformation or dramatic messages from action flicks right? It only runs high on action and entertainment.

Wrath of Man is a 2021 action thriller film directed by Guy Ritchie.

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Shikhar Agrawal
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