‘Your Honor’ Season 2, Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – How Will Fia’s Revelation Affect the Story?


In the previous episode of “Your Honor” Season 2, Michael Desiato was released from prison. He returned to the city and stood across the street from his old house, watching the new family that lived there. He was reminded of his painful past as he watched the family of three share a happy moment. The second episode of “Your Honor” Season 2 is about Michael reconnecting with the few remaining friends he had after his truth came out. He was assigned the task of infiltrating the Baxter household to gather the information that could destroy them. While Olivia Delmont had high expectations of Michael, he had completely given up on life. He could not bear looking at old pictures of his son and wife as the memories tormented him.

Spoilers Ahead

A New Deal And A New Club

The rise of drug overdose cases in the city has shaken the Devine crew. Big Mo asks her crew to put a stop to selling the bad-quality drug on the streets. Her men were sent to demand a refund from the dealer. Meanwhile, she asked Lil Mo to find high-quality drugs to replace them with. He contacted his cousin, who introduced him to a Spanish dealer. The dealer was known for selling high-quality drugs at the right price, but the only condition was that he did not deal in small quantities. He offered to sell 20 kilos, a single deal that would last a long time, but Lil Mo was unsure. He knew that his crew did not need a high quantity of drugs, and he did not have the money to pay for them either. His cousin advised him to close the deal and pay the amount since the risk was low. Lil Mo seemed convinced by it, though the huge number of drugs could gather attention and further cause trouble.

Meanwhile, Big Mo is determined to buy a new club, Grand Rain. The owner of the club, Dick, refused to sell the property to her since she was involved in the drug business. To put pressure on him, she contacted Mayor Charlie Figaro. Figaro and Big Mo go way back, and therefore she knows too many of his secrets. Most recently, he claimed an unidentified body as the man responsible for Adam’s death to gain the confidence of his voters. And it was Big Mo who planted the idea in his head in the first place. Therefore, he owed it to her, and she made no delay in cashing out the favor. Charlie, in his friendly tone, threatened Dick to sell the property to Big Mo. Dick had no other option left but to agree with Charlie’s request and hand over the club to Big Mo. While Big Mo was busy climbing the ladder of success, the Baxter family maintained a close watch on her.

Michael Desiato: Life After Prison

Michael’s mother-in-law, Elisabeth, was his only family. After his release from prison, he knocked on her door. Elisabeth offered to have him stay at her place as a temporary solution to his problem. He struggled to sleep in the guest room since the room was filled with pictures of his family. After a troubled night’s sleep, the next morning, he walked into the mayor’s place, hoping to pay his friend a visit. But before he could meet Charlie, he was stopped by security. Michael Desiato’s name had been added to the ban list, and he could never enter the building. The doors of the places he once regularly visited were closed for him. He learned that it was Olivia Delmont who had banned him from entering since she knew that he would try to warn Charlie of the danger. She reminded Desiato that he was out of prison to work on a mission, which was to bring down the Baxter family. She promised to put him back in prison if he refused to help her. When Michael discussed with her how he believed he was incapable of the task, she laughed it off.

She got him a job at the butcher store. The owner of the store, Otis, remembered Michael’s kindness when his case reached the court. He trusted Otis while passing his judgment and reduced his sentence. He wanted to help Michael now that he needed it the most and offered him the job of a truck driver. His work involved loading and unloading goods. One day, his job required him to enter the Baxter hotel. He walked in and noticed Fia there. Through their conversation, Fia started to believe that it was only Michael who understood what she was going through. She always wondered about the uncountable things that remained unknown to her about Adam. She wanted to know what he thought happened after death and whether or not he believed in heaven and hell. Michael knew the kind of curious soul Adam was, and he believed that Adam would have enjoyed answering such questions. He personally was never sure about heaven and hell, but he firmly believed that good people went to the right place. Fia was moved by his words, but Michael was not ready to spiral down the rabbit hole of his emotions again. He walked out of the hotel; the pain was still fresh.

Season 2, Episode 2: Ending Explained: How Will Fia’s Revelation Affect The Story?

After the death of Adam, Sofia chose to move out of her house and started living in her parents’ hotel, where Adam was shot dead. Jimmy wanted his daughter to return home, but no one could convince Fia to come back. Jimmy had always been close to his daughter, and her sudden decision to stop communicating bothered him. Carlo spoke to Fia, hoping he could bring her back, but she was not interested in his proposal. He discussed with Jimmy that Fia needed more space to deal with what she went through. Jimmy did not mind giving his daughter space, but he was worried that he was losing out on time. The time that they could have spent together as a family. Jimmy noticed Fia talking to Michael when he walked into the hotel to deliver meat. He noticed the emotional connection that the two had developed and the respect and admiration Fia had for Michael. The recent development was not something Jimmy had anticipated.

Gina spoke to Fia, discussing the pain she was causing her father, but as always, instead of coming up with a solution, they engaged in an argument. Even though Fia had hoped her mother would change after attending group meetings to deal with her anger, she was still the same. During a group meeting, she stated that she wanted to be in a state of anger because that was her only way to deal with pain. Later, Fia invited Michael back to the hotel. She believed he needed to be there to feel closer to Adam. Michael was unsure about what Fia was suggesting, but nonetheless, he accompanied her. Upon reaching her room, she introduced Michael to a little baby whom she had named Rocco Adam Baxter. She added that the baby was Michael’s grandson. Michael stood there in surprise. Just when he had lost all hope in life, he was given a reason to live for and fight for. The baby was all that he had left of Adam, and he would give his life if need be to protect his grandson. It seems that the Baxter family was unsupportive of Fia’s decision. Maybe Sofia does not want to bring her child up in the world of crime in which her family is involved. She wanted to keep him safe, and that was perhaps the reason why she chose to maintain her distance from the family. Therefore, Michael’s ultimate goal would be to keep his grandson away from the Baxters, and what better way can there be than to join hands with Olivia Delmont?

Meanwhile, Eugene Jones is now known as Justin. Even though he is in a different city with a new name and a new life, he cannot seem to forget his dark past. He continues to sketch events from his past, drawing the attention of the school’s principal. Eugene lives with Big Mo’s aunt, who advises him to uproot the bad and allow the good to remain. He had reason to be angry and even indulge in self-hatred, but as a little boy with new opportunities, she hoped for him to grab the best life had to offer. But what will Eugene choose to do to stay out of trouble? Or will he continue on his path of vengeance?

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