‘A Good Day To Be A Dog’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Hae Na Escape From Choi Yul’s House?


The second episode of A Good Day to Be a Dog surprised us with its pacing. We have lately gotten too used to things moving fast, even for fluffy dramas, and it is nice to remember that a normal speed, even though predictable, can feel good if written well. With that in mind, let us look at the recap of A Good Day to Be a Dog episode 2.

Spoiler Alert

How is Bo Gyeom connected to Hae Na’s curse?

At the end of the first episode, we saw that Seo Won had accidentally called Bo Gyeom, and he ended up coming to see Seo Won and ‘rescuing’ him from the dog, which Seo Won was calling a big rat. Obviously, Hae Na was offended, though she enjoyed the attention she was getting from Bo Gyeom, who was quite taken in by the dog’s cuteness. Lucky for her, Yoo Na comes there just in time and takes away Hae Na. She texts Seo Won from Hae Na’s phone and tells him that she left because of an emergency.

The first episode had us thinking of Bo Gyeom as an innocent crush who would later have feelings for Hae Na when he saw her getting close to Seo Won. That is because this is usually what happens in Korean dramas. But A Good Day to Be a Dog episode 2 has us thinking that this show has a See You in My 19th Life angle, where Bo Gyeom is related to Seo Won and Hae Na from their past lives. He already seems to be aware of whatever has happened, and since we saw him living in a trailer van, we are guessing that he doesn’t have a permanent home and is just here for the sake of whatever his mission is. Bo Gyeom could either be an immortal who has been alive since 1592, or he could be a reincarnation. He could also be some sort of god or deity with powers who is trying to influence the events of the day. That would mean that there is a deeper meaning to the curse than just someone turning into a dog for a few hours.

Why does Seo Won not like Hae Na?

The day after the dinner disaster, Hae Na apologizes to Seo Won for bailing on him, and in the conversation they have, she asks him for another dinner under the pretext of being set up with Bo Gyeom. Seo Won agrees to the arrangement, and he invites her to go to an escape room where he and Bo Gyeom are going to meet that day. It ends up as an unintentional double date since Bo Gyeom invites Chae Ah, who likes Seo Won and who catches on to Hae Na’s feelings, asking if she would like to be set up with Bo Gyeom. Of course, nobody ends up with anyone that day, but Hae Na and Seo Won have a confrontation when she pushes him a little too much to spend time with the group. Much like before, Hae Na wants an opportunity to kiss Seo Won as a dog, but she ends up being way too pushy, and he asks her point blank to stop that. Hae Na once again brings up the fact that he doesn’t seem to like her and wants to know why so that she can make amends. But before Seo Won can say anything, he spots another dog and ends up having to leave.

Later that night, Woo Taek tells Hae Na that Seo Won probably avoids her because there are dogs all around her, and Seo Won is afraid of them. Basically, he is not avoiding her but is just avoiding the dogs that tend to flock around her. Hae Na certainly feels better after hearing this theory. The next day, when she is in a tricky situation with some students of the neighboring school, Seo Won rescues her and later has a proper talk with her. Hae Na understands that Seo Won is not comfortable discussing his fear of dogs with her, and she lets him know that she has accepted that he doesn’t hate her and she doesn’t need to hear any more explanations. All the bad blood is behind them, and they can safely move on with their lives and, in Hae Na’s case, her schemes.

After A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 1, we were under the impression that Seo Won was already in love with Hae Na, but he was not running to get her what she wanted but to escape from dogs. That means that their love story did not start way before, like we had thought. But in episode 2, it seems that Hae Na is the one who starts falling for him first. She says she saw Seo Won smile for the first time, and that mattered to her a lot. As for Seo Won, he is touched by the fact that Hae Na did not push him to reveal his painful past. He seems to be new to that kind of understanding from someone.

Is Hae Na able to escape from Choi Yul’s house?

The students who caused trouble in the school that day spot Choi Yul going to a convenience store, and they decide to take some revenge on him. But the altercation lands all of them in front of a police officer. Choi Yul calls Hae Na since she is his homeroom teacher, and he probably couldn’t get a hold of his uncle. Hae Na comes to the station, and she is easily able to prove that Choi Yul is innocent, especially since the other child still had his cigarettes from the morning. As they all leave the station, Hae Na sees that they only have a few minutes until midnight, and she starts running away in a panic as she will turn into a dog anytime now. But much to her dismay, Choi Yul keeps following her and won’t leave her alone, which inevitably leads to him being in front of her when the clock strikes midnight, and Hae Na turns into a dog.

At first, Choi Yul panics, but then he picks up the dog and wonders whether he was mistaken. However, there is no misunderstanding about the clothes and bag of Hae Na lying on the street. Choi Yul doesn’t have the answer to it, but he takes Hae Na to his house, along with all of her stuff. He asks her to sleep on the bed as he sleeps on the floor. Hae Na tries to escape during the night, but she cannot reach the door. Giving up, she falls asleep, and when she wakes up the next morning, she is back in her human form, though it is certainly later than 6 AM. At the end of A Good Day to Be a Dog episode 2, Hae Na is getting ready to leave when Seo Won walks in through the door. Choi Yul is his nephew, and they were living together. This is a rather awkward situation to spot his nephew and colleague in, and we have to see what new misunderstandings arise next.

Final Thoughts

We had expected that Seo Won would know of Hae Na’s problem immediately. But the whole time-taking aspect seems to be working in their favor, with the relationship having a gradual development instead of him becoming her secret keeper instantly. Choi Yul having a crush on his teacher is also endearing, and maybe we will see the nephew and uncle having a war of words over her in the future.

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