‘A Perfect Story’ Ending, Explained: Did David & Margot End Up Together?


Does fate play an important role when it comes to love, or is choice the deciding factor? In the case of David and Margot, we see how fate and choice are both significant in a relationship. A Perfect Story is all about finding that one person you seem to have an eternal connection with. Just like every other rom-com, this Netflix limited series wants you to believe in soulmates. Margot thought that her life was perfect, but on her wedding day, she suffered a panic attack. She was marrying the man she was supposedly in love with, yet she had doubts in her mind. Even though she failed to see what was wrong in their relationship, her instincts made the decision for her. It became a fight-or-flight situation for her, and Margot chose to run away.

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‘A Perfect Story’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About? 

Margarita Ortega Ortiz de Zarate was the Vice President of the Ortega group. The hotel empire was started by her grandfather, and Margot enjoyed being a part of the family business. While Margot was passionate about her work, her opinions were mostly ignored by the board. No matter how hard she tried, the board did not consider her capable enough to contribute to the business. Margot strived to be more than a pretty face, and most of the time, she was busy trying to prove herself. Margot’s sisters, Candela and Patricia, were her best friends, and they unanimously did not agree with their mother most of the time.

Margot was engaged to marry Filippo, a well-groomed businessman who was textbook perfect, but somehow Margot was not sure if she wanted to get married in the first place. On her wedding day, Margot was anxious. Her mother’s snarky comments, the uncomfortable wedding gown, and the entire idea of getting married overwhelmed her. Filippo tried to calm her nerves, but that was not enough. When everyone left the room to give her some alone time to prepare herself, she made up her mind. She tied the sneakers, jumped out of the balcony, and ran away in a golf cart. She later returned and apologized to Filippo, but it was all a little too much for him to process. Margarita believed she was in love with him, but she could not make herself walk down the aisle. Filippo was embarrassed by the turn of events, and he announced that he would go on a trip to Italy for a couple of months to clear his head.

David had three not-so-well-paying jobs, and he lived on a sofa at his best friend’s apartment. He preferred chocolate milkshakes and printed tees and did not take life too seriously. He was in love with Idoia, whom he later described as a “femme fatale.” He knew she would, in all probabilities, mess up his life, but she was simply irresistible. And just like that, one fine morning, Idoia broke up with David. He panicked and left the cafe. He struggled to get past her hurtful comments, though he ultimately decided to not give up on her. David believed they were meant to be together, and he was determined to find a way to get her back. While David and Margot were strangers, they experienced similar situations at the same time. Their responses to the situations were also pretty alike, and as expected, they met in the most unpredictable way. David was helping his best friend, Ivan, at the bar, and Margot’s sisters brought her to the pub to unwind. While David was obsessing over winning Idoia back, there was something about Margot that caught his attention for a split second.

What Did Margot And David Decide In Greece?

Patricia dropped her phone at the pub, and David found it. The next morning, Margot went to the pub to get the phone back. She realized that David had asked Patricia to come to the pub because he was expecting Idoia there. He wanted to make Idoia jealous, and Margot decided to play along. She pretended to be David’s new romantic interest and stated that they were planning on taking a trip to Greece. Idoia did not expect David to move on as easily, and watching him with another woman was tough on her. Margot sympathized with David, and she tried her best to make things work in his favor. Idoia was jealous, and David’s plan turned out to be successful. David could sense that Margot was going through a similar situation, and he dropped his number, hoping that they would connect sometime soon.

When Margot’s colleague asked her to choose a destination to help her plan a relaxing vacation, as luck would have it, she chose Greece. Margot believed in signs from the universe, and she realized that maybe she was meant to stay in touch with David. Even though she barely knew David, she could pour her heart out to him. They gradually realized that they both thought they were not good enough for their partners. They needed to prove their worth, and they decided to do so together. Margot chose to hide the fact that she belonged to an affluent family. She did not want her status to affect the new friendship. Even though Margot was lying about who she was, she and David agreed to be honest when giving advice to each other. While David helped Margot loosen up, she helped him add a little sophistication to his wardrobe. In a short span of time, Margot had grown attached to David, and she could not imagine spending her vacation in Greece without him. She asked him to join her on an all-paid trip, and he happily agreed.

Their vacation in Greece started on a friendly note, but soon they were barely able to keep their hands off each other. There was a spark between David and Margot, and even though they tried their best to ignore it, they could not. They decided to address the elephant in the room and came to the agreement that they would have fun during the Greece vacation, but as soon as the trip ended, they would stop mingling. We all know how such arrangements end, but David and Margot seemed confident about their choice. In the course of making their exes jealous, they got a little too close. While it was a tempting plan, they were clearly not thinking ahead of the awkwardness that could follow.

‘A Perfect Story’ Ending Explained: How Does The Series End?

Their friendly Greece vacation turned into a romantic, lustful joy ride. But the expiration date of the fun got them a little tensed time and again. Margot caught David talking to Idoia one night, and she was quite hurt knowing that Idoia was still an important part of his life. Margot, too, received texts from Filippo, and even though she was clearly no longer interested in him, she tried to make herself believe that he was the one for her. David and Margot’s situation was strange; they had started to fall in love, but they were too afraid to say it out loud. They were also a little unsure about each other since they had only met a while ago. While emotions were running wild, logically, they were not entirely convinced. They decided that no matter what, they would always remain friends.

The vacation came to an end, but they were not yet ready to fix the expiration date. Even though they had decided that they would remain just friends as soon as they landed in Madrid, it seemed almost impossible. They ended up sleeping together, and it was evident that they were in a happier place with each other. They struggled to define their relationship, but that did not matter anymore. David valued Margot, unlike her ex. He encouraged her to be free and more resolute, and she enjoyed her new-found confidence. Margot depended on Filippo’s validation, but after meeting David, she realized that she was truly enough. Margot revealed her truth to David and his friends when she visited his hometown. While the luxurious Greece vacation now made sense to David, he felt conflicted. He loved her, but being with someone from a different social class meant that they would have contrasting expectations. He did not wish to be the man who got lucky with a rich woman, and he decided that it was better if they went their separate ways. Margot hoped and prayed for David to stop her as she walked away from him, but that did not happen.

Margot returned home a changed woman. She became more assertive, and as the Vice President of her company, she decided to make changes to the board. Female employees were offered executive positions, and there was finally a balance on the board. Margot also contributed to taking the business to new heights, and she eventually settled in London. While David was no longer by her side, she always carried the flowers he gifted her wherever she went. She met a man in London and fell in love with him. Margot decided it was time to let go of the one that got away. She traveled to Spain and met David after three years. He had his own shop now, and she learned all about it from his friend. Margot had moved on, and she wanted to meet David one last time. She gifted him an iPod, which had all the songs she had listened to over the years. David had hoped that once he figured out his life, he could perhaps pursue their relationship, but it was all too late. David helplessly watched Margot leave, and their perfect story ended on an imperfect note. Now this was one of the two possibilities: either David would let go of Margot, or they could give their relationship a chance.

A Perfect Story ends with the second scenario, which we can assume is the actual reality. David stopped Margot from leaving. David had always preferred living in comfort to taking a chance, but with Margot, even after knowing that they were different, he chose to take the risk. He could not imagine Margot with another man, and he wanted to give themselves a chance to find out if they truly were a disaster. Margot and David broke up with their respective exes once and for all. David got himself an apartment and finally moved out of Ivan’s house. He started to build his life, and Margot’s presence made everything a little better.

Margot went on to play a more decisive role in the company. The two ended up spending years together, and when Margot mentioned that she had an apartment in London, David instantly agreed to go there. David opened his flower shop in London, and it was a success. To their surprise, being together did not end in disaster. Had David not stopped Margot that day, their lives could have been very different. Margot would have been with the man she bumped into at the flower shop, and David would have spent his entire life wondering what if. At the end of the day, perfect endings are only possible when one takes a leap of faith, and that is exactly what David and Margot did. They chose not to live with regrets and gave themselves a chance to see beyond their social differences. The decision was not an easy one, and we can assume that they both had to make certain sacrifices, but for Margot and David, finding love in each other was their perfect story.

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