‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap And Ending – Can Jang Uk And Mu Deok Meet Again?


In the previous episodes of “Alchemy Of Souls,” Jang Uk helped Mu Deok to escape the cursed mirror, but it still remains a mystery how Mu Deok could enter the secret chamber and why other cursed relics remembered her as the blindfolded girl. Cho Yeon had locked Mu Deok inside the chamber, and she confessed everything to her mother and the prince. However, Mu Deok was still not safe and Danju’s trusted man, Gil Ju, threatened to kill her if she didn’t bring Uk to him.

Mu Deok and Jang Uk, both tried to fight Gil Ju but had no idea that his real intention was to shift souls with Uk. He performed Alchemy of Souls on Uk with Soul ejector, but it failed, and he ran wild. Uk followed him to find out where the real Danju was and killed him outside the palace. This spread rumors in Daeho that Naksu had come back as a soul shifter, whereas Yul discovered Mu Deok was a soul shifter after Sapsali caught her in the forest.

Jang Uk showed up at the duel with the crown prince and won it after he performed Tansu with Mu Deok’s blood. Everyone questioned Uk’s ability, but Hemp master Lee took his responsibility, after which different families offered him their teachings, but Jang Uk chose Songrim, where he always belonged.

Why Do Mu Deok and Jang Uk Part Ways?

Jang Uk has been accepted into the Songrim and receives his uniform, rulebook, and a plaque. He is now a part of Jeonjingak and can train like other mages. To celebrate his acceptance, the Jang family has held a huge party at Chwiseonru, and all of Songrim’s mages are invited. Jang Uk is busy drinking, and Mu Deok is busy serving others when the crown prince arrives and makes everyone uncomfortable.

The prince comes with big jars of liquor as gifts to Jang Uk to congratulate him. The prince offers Uk a glass of wine, and Uk does the same for the prince. Maidservant Kim worries that they will get into a fight again, but Mu Deok lightens the mood of the room by asking everyone to applaud the prince’s generosity. While everyone enjoys the party, a mysterious girl tries to enter Chwiseonru in the name of the Jin family, to find Mu Deok. She has a ribbon that belongs to Mu Deok, but it has the seal of Jinyowon.

The Jin family lost their eldest daughter, Jin Bu Yeon, many years ago, and her father has been searching for her for the past ten years. Jin Mu is the illegitimate member of the Jin family and the only one who knows that Bu Yeon is dead. He plans to bring a fake Bu Yeon and get on his half-sister’s good side to eventually take over Jinyowon. In his plan, the real Danju, the queen of Daeho, is going to help him as they wish to have their singular rule all over Daeho.

Jang Uk has fallen asleep after getting drunk and is being carried by the servants. They reach the gate of Songrim, and everyone else other than Songrim’s residents has been ordered to go back, including Mu Deok. No one in Songrim is allowed to have a personal servant, and Mu Deok has no choice but to stay back. She sits alone in the rain, but Yul convinces her to go back home as Jang Uk will find a way to bring her to Songrim.

Master Heo’s granddaughter, Heo Yun Ok, has arrived in Sejukwon to participate in the Royal Infirmary’s work, but her grandfather is ready with prospective grooms for her. The servants bring Jang Uk to the infirmary as he has irregular breaths and is drunk. Master Heo leaves him in Yun Ok’s care, and he wakes up in the morning, looking for Mu Deok. He finds Yun Ok’s maid instead and realizes that Yun Ok knows something that no one else should know. He drags Yun Ok from a meeting with the elders and requests her to not tell anyone that she had seen him in Chwiseonru, following the soul shifter. The elders misunderstand that Yun Ok and Jang Uk have something romantic going on.

On the other hand, Mu Deok has been waiting for Jang Uk to come back for her and is getting insecure. She thinks that Jang Uk doesn’t need her anymore and has abandoned her now that he has been accepted into Songrim. Jang Uk has not forgotten about Mu Deok and has decided to follow the rules as it is the only way he can leave Songrim. A pupil cannot leave Songrim until he finishes the basic training, but Uk finishes it in a day since he has learned the same things under twelve different masters. He is ready to leave Songrim, but Park Jin gives him the challenge to read a book, and he accepts it immediately. Little did he know, the book has invisible words and can only be read after reaching a high level of energy.

Who Saves Jang Uk From Getting Caught?

Jang Uk accepts the challenge from Park Jin without thinking, and Dang Gu and Yul look at him worriedly as he doesn’t know what he has just got himself into. The book that Park Jin has given him is written by the greatest master of Daeho and needs a complete concentration of energy to read. Jang Uk tries different ways to read it, but to no avail. Jang Uk gives up and tries to run away when Yun Ok pays him a visit with a snack box. He requests her to not let anyone find out that he’s fled, and Yun Ok tells her maid to not let anyone in as she wants to have a private talk with Uk.

Yul visits Mu Deok because he is concerned about her but makes an excuse to get back his umbrella from her. He takes her to the market to stroll around, where Mu Deok buys Jang Uk’s favorite snacks and gives them to Yul to deliver to him. While they are spending time in the market, Jang Uk has been waiting for Mu Deok at his home. He has risked getting barred from Songrim, only to meet her, but has only a little time left until sunset. He has eaten his favorite snacks and also taken a bath, but Mu Deok still hasn’t come back.

While on her way back, a servant tells Mu Deok that Jang Uk has been waiting for her, and she runs as fast as she can. Maidservant Kim tells her that Jang Uk just left, and she again runs to find him on the boat. Jang Uk looks happy to just get to see her face, and Mu Deok promises him that she will find a way back to him. She throws Songrim’s ‘Servant Hiring Contest’ poster at him and tells him to wait for her. Jang Uk reaches Songrim safely, where Yun Ok is still waiting for him to come back.

‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episode 10: Ending

After meeting Jang Uk, Mu Deok is determined to enter and win the contest to become a servant in Songrim. The very first test includes calculations and basic knowledge. Dang Gu sneaks out a question paper and tries to solve it with Yul. At the same time, the crown prince appears, trying to solve the paper with his servant. Three of them sit together and solve the test paper, which is evidently difficult for Mu Deok to solve on her own. The only person who can walk into the exam hall is the crown prince, who goes in and drops the solved test paper on Mu Deok subtly. Mu Deok passes the next cleaning test and the final fitness test with all her strength and collapses.

Jang Uk is still stuck reading the book, but Master Lee comes to his rescue. He gives Jang Uk secret information that no other mage knows. The book has a poem written by his master for his lover, who was blind. He expected her to read the love letter with her heart rather than her eyes. There is another way to read the book than the concentration of energy. Master Lee asks Uk to find out what a letter starts with. Once he finds that out, the rest of the letter will come to him readily. After giving it much thought, Jang Uk finds the answer. He asks Park Jin for the name of Master Seo Gyeong’s lover, which opens the book for him as it is the beginning of the letter.

Jang Uk submits the poem as he reads it and surprises Park Jin. He visits Mu Deok in Sejukwon right away, and Park Jin becomes suspicious. Jang Uk and Mu Deok are extremely happy to see each other and have realized that their relationship is more than just Maid-Young Master or Master-Pupil. Jang Uk compares the poster that Mu Deok gave him to Master Seo Gyeong’s letter and replies to it by saying he missed her too. Mu Deok regrets doing it and thinks that she must have controlled herself and not gotten too close to Jang Uk.

What will be the fate of Jang Uk and Mu Deok’s relationship? Will Park Jin find out Mu Deok’s secret? Let’s find out in the next episodes of “Alchemy of Souls.”

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