‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episodes 11 & 12: Recap and Ending- What Happens To Mu-deok At Cheonbugwan?


Previously, in “Alchemy of Souls,” Mu Deok entered the Songrim Servant Hiring contest, and with the help of Yul, Dang Gu, and the Prince, she passed the written test. Even after facing difficulties in the physical fitness exam, she passed the final exam by a small margin. She got inside Songrim officially, and Jang Uk met with her first thing and told her he missed her. However, Mu Deok was not happy with his confession.

What Does Mu Deok Bet On Jang Uk?

After much effort, Mu Deok enters Songrim, but after listening to Jang Uk’s confession, she realizes that she has fallen in love with him and that he also has the same feelings toward her. She senses danger in it, as both of them are not supposed to fall in love with each other, given their backgrounds. Mu Deok says to Jang Uk that it is not what he thinks it is, but it is a poison that will kill him eventually if he keeps on giving in to it. Jang Uk gets offended and tells Mu Deok that he will keep on giving in and she has to be the antidote since she has poisoned him. Mu Deok calls it a weakness, and Jang Uk replies that they share this weakness and she should be aware of it as well.

Maidservant Park gives Mu Deok’s bag to Dang Gu since he is acquainted with her, and Dang Gu finds out Yul’s bird whistle is inside it. Yul wants to avoid trouble for Mu Deok and tells Dang Gu that he gave it to her. Dang Gu believes that both of them must be falling in love with each other as Yul has given her an important thing. He talks it out to Jang Uk, who tries to wipe out any possibility that it could be true. However, thinking about how Mu Deok talks with Yul, he wonders if it could really be true. While Jang Uk loses his sleep, Dang Gu is busy going on dates with Cho Yeon.

Cho Yeon mentions to him that her mother has been receiving help from Jin Mu to find her lost sister. If she comes back, Cho Yeon can marry whoever she wants. Dang Gu finally confesses that he likes her, and Cho Yeon also comes to the realization that she likes Dang Gu. Dang Gu was ready to give up on his position as the next leader of Songrim, but if Cho Yeon’s sister comes back, Cho Yeon doesn’t have to become the leader of Jinyowon. The leader’s husband has to take the Jin family’s name and live with them. To officiate their union, Dang Gu goes to buy flowers for Cho Yeon, but Park Jin sees the couple holding hands. Park Jin gives a scolding to Dang Gu and asks him if he doesn’t want to become the leader of Songrim. That’s when Dang Gu reveals to him that Jin Mu has been helping Cho Yeon’s mother.

Jin Mu has chosen Mu Deok’s friend to act as Bu Yeon, but he orders to kill her when he finds out that she is not blind. However, she requests him to let her live and agrees to act like a blind girl and do everything he tells her to. Mu Deok is busy getting Jang Uk to train. After facing rejection from Mu Deok, he has lost motivation to do anything, but Mu Deok cannot laze around like him as she is also his master. She makes a bet with the Prince that Jang Uk can beat at least one of the mages in Songrim, and she bets on the jade ornament that Jang Uk has given to her. Jang Uk finds a little motivation from Maidservant Kim and comes back for training and finds mages lined up to have a duel with him. The Prince has offered a golden toad to everyone who wins against Jang Uk.

Jang Uk knows that Mu Deok has done it on purpose and has put him into a dilemma. He doesn’t care about losing to mages or the Prince, but he cannot lose the jade ornament he made for Mu Deok. He has been fighting with the mages for seven days but has lost every time, and now has only three chances left to win the jade ornament back.

Why Are The Mages Ordered To Protect Songrim?

Jin Mu has been helping many mages with soul ejectors to transfer their souls into younger bodies when they get old. Master Kang is one of such mages who has brought his own family members to shift souls with him. Master Kang has been sick for a long time and cannot live in his body anymore. He fools his young pupil and shifts his soul with him. To avoid suspicion, Jin Mu sends assassins to kill him publicly. At the funeral, the pupil doesn’t allow Park Jin to see the master’s body nor let them do an autopsy. Moreover, Jin Mu opposes the idea, and Park Jin has to back down after Lady Jin takes Jin Mu’s side.

Jang Uk has been fighting with mages but hasn’t been able to win yet. He faces a big blow and falls into a puddle. Everyone laughs at him, but he doesn’t care anymore. Mu Deok finds him in the training hall and thinks that he has been repenting, but instead, he shows her the new skill that he has mastered. Uk has been injured and receives treatment from Sejukwon after Mu Deok insists. At Sejukwon, Jang Uk overhears Park Jin and Master Lee talking about how Jin Mu used Naksu to kill the soul shifters and, in the end, left her to die. Park Jin is still suspicious of Master Kang’s death and goes to his cremation ritual.

On the order of Park Jin, Yul checks the dead body of Master Kang and finds a blue mark on it, confirming that his soul has been shifted. He transfers his energy into the dead body using Chisu and makes it go petrified. After the cremation is over, the master’s petrified body gives evidence of soul shifting. The pupil attacks Park Jin and realizes immediately that he is the body that the master has shifted his soul into. Park Jin orders to catch the pupil as he starts to run wild, while Jin Mu orders to kill him because he doesn’t want his crime to come out. In the end, Jin Mu’s men kill the pupil, but Park Jin takes him to Sejukwon and asks Master Heo if he can be made alive again.

Dang Gu shows up at the duel against Jang Uk and offers to let him win, but Uk forfeits the match, misunderstanding that Mu Deok signaled him to do so. Jang Uk now only has one match left, and he has to win it no matter what. The crown prince himself gives him enough motivation to do so. The crown prince puts his energy into the jade piece to destroy it, but instead, both Jang Uk and the Prince feel an attraction and find each other. Uk didn’t know that it could be used to call your partner as it has Yin and Yang energy.

All of the mages except Jang Uk have been ordered to follow their leader and guard different parts of Songrim. No one knows what has been happening in Songrim, but Uk guesses that it could be because of the soul shifter. However, he gets annoyed because he has been left out again. Jin Mu had shown up at Songrim to check on the dead body, but Park Jin didn’t allow him and humiliated him in a petty way. Maidservant Kim tells Mu Deok to deliver some sweet biscuits to Jin Mu as an apology so that he won’t hold any grudges against Songrim, and Jang Uk tags along with Mu Deok as he is the only mage who is allowed to leave Songrim.

‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episode 12: Ending

Mu Deok and Jang Uk reach Cheonbugwan and deliver the sweets, but Jang Uk uses his charms to enter the palace unguarded. He knew that Naksu’s father used to work there and wanted to show her the place again. While Mu Deok reminisces about her past, an evil thing has been happening in Cheonbugwan. The queen’s eunuch, who is a soul shifter, has threatened the queen to expose that she is not the real queen but a shaman who has shifted souls with the queen. The eunuch wants to live in another body and wants Jin Mu to perform the alchemy of souls.

Jin Mu doesn’t fall for his threats and makes him run wild. However, the eunuch runs away into the palace and enters the room where Jang Uk and Mu Deok have been wandering. They hide after seeing the Eunuch, and when Jin Mu comes to find him, Jang Uk shows himself and tries to escape while pretending he knows nothing. However, Jin Mu is not the one to get fooled easily and catches both Jang Uk and Mu Deok inside the room. He captures Jang Uk in a spell and offers Mu Deok to the Eunuch. He also promises to shift his soul into Jang Uk’s body.

While Jang Uk tries to break Jin Mu’s spell, the eunuch has already started sucking energy from Mu Deok. Jang Uk gets over his fears and breaks the spell, but by the time he finds Mu Deok, the eunuch is dead, and Mu Deok has sucked his energy instead. She is scared that she will run wild and tells Jang Uk to stay away from her. Will Mu Deok really run wild and get petrified, or will she again be an exceptional soul shifter like her blue mark? We will find out in the upcoming episodes of “Alchemy of Souls.”

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