‘All Time High’ Ending Explained & Spoilers: What Happens To Youssef & Stephanie?


There is something so beautifully complicated about two terrible people falling in love. With good people, the rule is simple: they deserve happiness, and the audience feels bad if they don’t get it. However, when bad people fall in love, it is a little poetic to see their selfish selves go weak in the knees and be ready to risk it all for another person. Do they deserve the love that acts as their redemption, or should they break up and suffer forever? Do the ordinary rules of healthy relationships apply to them at all? This is what the audience gets with All Time High, with two extremely unlikeable protagonists who have us rooting for them. It helps immensely that the comedy in the movie is perfect, and nothing is particularly sacred. So here is the summary and ending of All Time High that is guaranteed to give you a good time.

Spoiler Alert

How does Youssef end up in so much debt?

Youssef had lied to his girlfriend, Yael, about his race, occupation, his wig, and even the rent. He desperately wanted to impress her parents, and that is why he promised to get a Birkin as a gift for her mother’s birthday. Youssef used to trade in fake handbags, so he knew how to get a real one through a scam, except that the guy he put up with ended up being a fool who lost a lot of money. Youssef tried to save things by gambling, but he had terrible luck since the girl at the table, Stephanie, kept winning consecutively. Youssef was furious, and he even tried to pawn his watch for some money, but he lost that as well. It is hard to say whether he actually lost his temper or was putting on a show to get out of that place, but Youssef got into a fight with everyone and escaped with multiple bruises on his face.

The next day, he told his girlfriend that the bag would take some more time to come. Yael tries to manage the situation at home, but Youssef is simply gross, and everyone except her can see that. Yael’s father, in particular, doesn’t like Youssef one bit, and he wants the man out of the house. Perhaps it was funny that he got injured in a rather delicate area while trying to do that.

Back at home, Yael confronts Youssef and wants him to tell her everything, and when he does, the relationship is certifiably over. Yael was horrified at all the lies she had been told this entire time, and she couldn’t get out of the house fast enough. Therefore, Yael is now broke and scrambling for money since his primary source of sustenance is out the door. Also, the casino that he managed to create that ruckus has people thirsting for his blood. Youssef promises to give them money within ten days at the risk of death, and he gets that time.

How did Youssef come to know about Stephanie?

Youssef meets Stephanie at a club the day after the casino disaster, and they spend the night together. The next morning, Stephanie tells him that she has a lot of cryptocurrency stashed away that would make her a millionaire if she cashed it. That immediately changes Youssef’s attitude towards her, and while it is clear that it is the money that is keeping him around, Stephanie doesn’t object. She seems to want love and attention, and the audience is yet to know why. Stephanie comes to live with Youssef when she is trying to escape Butterfly’s men since they know that she cheated on cards. Stephanie builds on the story of the cryptocurrency and says that she is scared that she will be ambushed for her money. While Youssef agrees to let her stay, it becomes necessary to earn her trust and love when Butterfly threatens him for the money. Youssef wines and dines with Stephanie and acts very lovingly towards her. His plan is to earn her trust so that she can support him financially, and then he can break up with her. Sadly, Youssef has the worst filter, and he continuously makes jokes about Stephanie’s looks. However, all that comes to an end when Butterfly and his cousin inquire with Youssef’s friend, Zak, about his source of money, and they learn about Stephanie’s cryptocurrency. They also tell him about Stephanie cheating, which Zak ends up telling Youssef.

Did Stephanie Have The Cryptocurrency?

The fact that Stephanie had to cheat must mean that she never had any money to begin with. Honestly, Stephanie had been very cheap from the beginning. She picked up fights at grocery stores; she had no trouble freeloading off strangers, and mostly, she was just floating through life. On the other hand, if Stephanie hadn’t cheated that day, Youssef would have won the money to buy Yael’s mother a Birkin, and he would also not have broken up with her.

Youssef is extremely angry when he gets home, and he orders Stephanie to leave after saying some very hurtful things to her. But later, when he sees Stephanie’s friend running on the streets, he rushes to protect her as she is being ambushed by Butterfly and his men. The following sequence of events is very hard to explain, but when Stephanie and Youssef escape, he confesses his love to her while continuing to insult her looks. Even the audience is confused about whether he has any respect for her or not, but Stephanie obviously melts. These two are kidnapped by Butterfly and his cousin, and Stephanie even gives them the password to the stocks, but the drive runs out of charge, and they are unable to operate it. Another chase sequence later, Stephanie and the cousin are severely injured, and Youssef and Butterfly are taking care of them, respectively. Youssef gives the pen drive to Butterfly and asks him to leave them alone.

During All Time High‘s ending, Stephanie plays a prank on Youssef in the hospital, where she pretends to be dead, but that just proves to the man that she is the love of his life. There will be no commentary on this from our side, but Stephanie is absolutely clear, after a little push and pull, that she never had any money to begin with. Youssef is in tears, but he is at least with the love of his life. As for Butterfly, a truck runs him over. In this whole mess, the only person we feel bad for is Butterfly’s funny cousin.

Final Thoughts

It is beautiful when a number of people who love their jobs come together on a project. All Time High had us laughing and crying in equal measure, and despite common sense, we loved watching the characters. This movie should be on everyone’s radar.

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