‘As The Crow Flies’ Season 3 Theories: What Will Happen To Kenan, Asli And Lale?


As the Crow Flies Season 1 did not leave us on the kind of cliffhanger that Season 2 managed to reach. In all fairness, we were expecting an underwhelming follow-up to a powerful season 1, but all doubts were put to rest. Season 2 was layered and complex and took us into the minds of the characters and their choices in a way that helped us empathize with them as much as we wanted to shake them to get some sense into their heads. The show must already have plans for As the Crow Flies season 3, considering the ending it chose for its second season. It is going to be a long wait, and until then, let us try to pick at the story to see where it can go.

Spoiler Alert

Who framed Lale in the scandal?

The first question to ask is: What has Lale been doing since she refused to rejoin “The Other Side?” She said that she was leaving mainstream media, which meant that she had to start something of her own. The first two seasons have been about Lale resisting new-age sources of information as credible platforms for news. The third season may finally see her using them in her own way to do the right thing. The most likely guess is that she is starting a YouTube channel of her own, and perhaps that is tied to her network in some way since she had the meeting with Guliz.

As for Lale’s scandal, it is too far-fetched to imagine that she cheated on Kenan with someone else. Maybe it is a deepfake video, and Lale would have to tackle it by raising awareness about the subject using her own platform. It is also worth considering whether someone Lale knows is behind that video. A likely guess would be Muge, who has declared that she wants to see Lale miserable. A second suspect would be Gul since she had some game plans with Asli. However, for some reason, we suspect that Guliz might be the one behind it, though it is all a little too underhanded for her. She is not morally upright in any sense of the term, but she is also not so murky. Either way, she did not want Lale to come back because she knew that it would split her power, and Guliz did not want that. Lale is not back, but whatever she is doing is competition for the network in some form, so the leaked tape could be an attempt to sabotage that. There are many ways in which it could play out, but Lale’s field has widened and has not become any easier.

What is Yusuf going through?

Yusuf likes Asli, and the feelings are reciprocated. But Asli doesn’t like Yusuf enough to be with him since she never saw him as an equal. That is also why she is so jealous and angry at his success because she sees that as a personal failure. Yusuf was aware of this, but perhaps he was hoping that her feelings of love would trump everything else. When it did, he was heartbroken. Also, now that he is stepping into Lale and Asli’s shoes, he has to deal with the full force of the loneliness and judgment that they have been subjected to. In the case of Lale, she had built up her resilience over time and experience. That is why she was able to withstand what absolutely devastated Asli. Even in the case of Yusuf, while he has worked hard and been a decent enough person, he has not done the level of work that Lale had done. Also, he was the propagator of online hate at one point, and now he is on the receiving end of it. Yusuf will have to learn quickly how to cope with it all. He must know how to cut the toxicity out of his life so that he can give unperturbed focus to his work, the kind that Lale was able to give to be what she was. This would mean that Yusuf may be a moral news anchor or occasionally take a page out of Asli’s book, but it is impossible to imagine him stepping aside because of his situation.

What are Gul and Asli doing?

Asli’s real talent was never in the news but in scandal and tabloid journalism. Gul identifies that and puts it to good use by giving her a show accordingly. It would be foolish to negate that people are not more drawn towards sensationalism than they are towards facts. Asli tried to capitalize on that briefly, but neither the format of “The Other Side” nor her crew supported her agenda, which is why it failed so spectacularly. But when the network is tailored for that, there is no doubt that Asli will find success and the required numbers. We can find real-life examples of this, so it isn’t hard to imagine that maybe Asli has finally found her place. Also, maybe Lale would be a guest on Asli’s show in As the Crow Flies season 3, considering the scandal she is involved in. Perhaps Asli’s show would be the best place to address that.

How will Kenan and Lale’s relationship be in season 3?

Lale was not officially divorced at the end of season 2, so that may create some problems between her, Kenan, and her family. On the other hand, the audience was never told why Kenan and Lale broke up all those years ago. Was Kenan neglectful of Lale’s feelings? Did he cheat on her? Was it professional troubles that got in the way of their personal lives? Or did they have different future plans? The answer would help us establish whether these two actually have a future or not in season 3 of As the Crow Flies. They will likely be together, but it is going to be a tumultuous time for them. But on a lighter note, we hope to see Selim dating someone else, someone who knows that she loves him, instead of being confused about it all the time. He is a good man, and he deserves better.

Are Lale and Asli friends?

Asli wasn’t wrong when she said that she and Lale were very similar. Being the first in the competition mattered to them, though they were made different by how they approached it. Lale believed in working hard and going beyond herself to achieve her target, whereas Asli just knew how to tear others down. Regardless, they had found common ground in their ambitions. Lale was beyond caring about what Asli did, and Asli had let go of her grudges against Lale after she helped her out. This means that there is room for collaboration between them. Calling them friends would be too much. But Asli could occasionally help influence the public to accept Lale’s news and clarification about the scandal. Secondly, Asli must have learned a thing or two about the industry and the job. She knows that talent matters just as much as shrewd politics, so perhaps she will finally polish her skills.

What happens to Asli’s assistant?

Asli will never grow tired of wanting to settle scores. In As the Crow Flies season 3, we expect her to visit the assistant and learn a lesson or two from her. Perhaps Asli will finally take Yusuf’s advice and work on whatever is driving her rather than making the entire world her enemy. Asli doesn’t have a moral compass, but she is too intelligent to remain pathetic for long.

Season 3 of As the Crow Flies is much awaited, and we have to see our favorite characters make a comeback on the screen.

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