‘Bandidos’ Season 2 Theories: Will Miguel & Lili Find The ‘Tear Of Fire’? 


Bandidos, directed by Adrian Grunberg, is the story of a group of bandits who go on a quest to procure the treasure hidden centuries before by a king named Aj Took. The mission was a success, and the mastermind of the heist, Miguel, was able to do the impossible task of finding the treasure. After the quest was over and everybody got their share of gold, he expressed his desire to undertake another mission. The series left us on a cliffhanger, where Lili, in a way, gave her consent for going on the quest with Miguel and finding the treasure which he referred to as the “Tear of Fire.” Miguel was the kind of man who believed every folktale was not merely a myth and that there was some truth hidden behind it. He always said that people only believed it to be true because they were unable, or maybe incapable, of finding it. As of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement of Bandidos season 2, but considering the cliffhanger the makers left us on, there is a huge possibility that we might see a sequel to the series. So, let’s try to understand where the lives of the characters could potentially lead them and if Miguel was serious about going on another quest and putting his life at risk all over again.

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Why did Lili fake her death? 

Lili, since the beginning of Bandidos, told Miguel’s uncle, Wilson, that she had wronged a lot of people, and she was quite sure that they wouldn’t leave her alive. Lili needed an out desperately, and she knew that even if she took the gold and tried to start afresh, she wouldn’t be able to do that. Lili needed a new passport, which Wilson, just before taking his last breaths, provided her. Wilson was a brilliant counterfeiter, and it was said that if he made fake documents, the chances of them getting caught were negligible. Lili got the passport, but she knew that she would still have to do something so that the people from the underworld stopped chasing her. She was sick and tired of living in fear, and she didn’t want to run her entire life. So, without telling anybody, she hatched a plan together with Miguel. At the end of Bandidos, in a shocking turn of events, Miguel shot Lili, and everybody believed that she died on the spot. Lili pretended to run away with the Maya Balam, i.e., the golden jaguar, and Miguel also played along, showing very convincingly that he wasn’t able to control his anger. Lucas, Ines, Ariel, Citlali, and Octavio, together with Miguel, came back, and they divided the treasure that they found among themselves. Lucas made arrangements, and he deposited all their money in a secured account where the government didn’t levy any kind of tax.

At that juncture, it seemed like Miguel was going to stay low for a bit, but once again, there was a twist to the event. Lili was still alive, and she was waiting for Miguel in the politico. They both drove together, and they were elated to have finally gotten the opportunity to start their journey. According to the official documents, Lili was dead, and we saw that even the goons who were after her were informed about it. The plan seemed perfect, but I personally believe that if there is a second season, Lili might get recognized by people who knew her from before, and she will probably land herself in trouble once again. If both of them had intentions of leaving the crime world and making an honest living, it would have been easier for Lili to hide her identity. But apparently, as we got to know at the end of Bandidos, they didn’t have any plans to do so. I believe that even if Miguel hadn’t proposed the idea of going on another quest, Lili wouldn’t have been able to stop herself from committing crimes once again. I believe that when something is imbibed in a person’s nature, it takes a great deal of effort to bring about a change in one’s life, and looking at Lili, I don’t think she was going to do that. 

Will Miguel And Lili Find The Tear Of Fire? 

Lili also hadn’t expected that even before their last heist was over, Miguel would be busy planning for their next. The way Miguel told Lili about the next quest he wanted to undertake made it very clear that he was not done and that he was ready to risk his life all together again and find the treasure. Miguel mentioned that no one had ever seen the greatest treasure ever known to mankind. He said that it was called the tear of fire, and by the looks of it, he had already decided that he would put in all his effort to find it. Maybe Miguel was just stretching the limits, as being successful once didn’t mean that he would again be successful. But Miguel was an optimistic man, and we have seen since the beginning of the series how he believed that the treasure of Aj Took existed when the entire world believed it to merely be a legend. But Miguel would need a team, and there is a huge possibility that we might see familiar faces back in action.

In my opinion, Octavio, Ines, Lucas, and Citlali would once again join the team, though we know the predicament that Octavio was in throughout the first season of Bandidos. Octavio is a great asset to have on one’s side, and I believe Miguel would convince him in season 2 once again to be part of the heist. Though, as of now, Ariel had no clue that Lili was alive, he was the kind of man who always kept an eye out for these hidden treasures, and he had a lot of knowledge about ancient civilization. There is a possibility that he might play a role in the scheme of things. It would be interesting to see what kinds of obstacles Miguel and his team have to overcome to get their hands on the treasure that was never seen by anyone. It would be an uphill battle for sure, but I believe Miguel wouldn’t give up unless and until he achieved the unthinkable feat. 

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