‘Billy The Kid’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – Is Lawrence P. Murphy the Bad Guy? Who is Tunstall?


“Billy The Kid” Episode 7 brings Billy to New Mexico, where he reunites with the Seven Rivers gang. The Seven Rivers gang meets Lawrence P. Murphy, who gives them their new job of protecting his business interests. But as days pass, Billy finds out that Murphy isn’t what he says he is. A death and realization later, Billy decides to pay a visit to Murphy’s competition, Tunstall.

A New Business

Billy arrives in Lincoln County, New Mexico, and, just as he had said in “Billy The Kid” Episode 6, reunites with the Seven Rivers gang. It is a bright, sunny day, and all of them are having their meals around a table. Jesse tells Billy about their new job and their client, Lawrence Murphy. He owns a big store in Lincoln and a lot more. When they told him about Billy, he said he had already heard about him and wanted to meet him. Murphy also has his partners, Johnny Riley and Jim Dolan, who run Murphy’s company, The House, out of the Lincoln store.

The Seven River Gang arrives at Murphy’s store, where Billy meets Murphy and his partners, Riley and Dolan. Murphy is glad to meet Billy and wants him to help get rid of his new competitor, a guy by the name of John Tunstall. Tunstall has begun to spread his business, bringing in cattle, acquiring land, and hiring cowboys. And it is the job of the Seven Rivers gang to stop that from happening.

That very day, Billy, Jesse, and Pat (Garrett) arrive at the Tunstall store to talk to Tunstall. Jesse and Pat try to intimidate the guy working at the store by throwing fruit on the ground and tearing the sacks of grain. Billy stays put and watches. Upon being asked about Tunstall, the guy at the store reveals that Tunstall is in Santa Fe. Jesse doesn’t like the way the guy is answering and is about to pull out his gun when Billy intervenes. The trio leaves the store and comes out. This is when they notice a luxurious cart with a man and wife coming through the streets. According to Riley and Dolan, who also noticed them from their store, it is Alex McSween and his new wife. Later, Billy and Jesse ride to a farmer’s house to talk to him about his new agreement with Tunstall. They tell him that he cannot break the agreement he signed with Murphy. But he states that Tunstall pays him more for his crops, whereas Murphy has been cheating him. Jesse tries to go rough on the farmer, threatening him, but Billy stops him from getting too close. They leave.

The sun has set, and it’s nighttime. But back at the Murphy’s, Riley and Dolan speak to their partner Murphy about The House and its setting sun. The company is in debt, and there’s no way to pay it off. On the other hand, Tunstall has hired McSween, who is the very lawyer who once used to work for Murphy. And the law isn’t something that they can afford [as their only way to grow their business is by using “unlawful” means of persuasion]. Murphy ends the discussion by saying that nobody can harm their business; he has friends in high places.

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A War Brewing

The next day, the Seven Rivers gang comes across some of Tunstall’s cowboys, including a farmer, George Coe, who has also signed up with Tunstall. A heated conversation follows that almost ends in a gunfight when Billy intervenes yet again and lowers the heat.

That night, there is a party thrown by Murphy at his house. In there, Riley shows his unhappiness at the Seven Rivers gang being unable to serve its purpose. He tells Jesse that it is imperative to prevent the Mexican farmers from shaking hands with Tunstall “now.” Their recent chat with one of the farmers made no difference. If the gang is unable to provide its duties, Riley says that he will have to rethink hiring them.

During the party, Riley introduces Billy to his wife Irene, who is genuinely glad to meet “such a handsome outlaw.” After a brief chat, the couple parts ways with him. The party has some powerful figures too, and Jesse shows Billy who’s who; the local sheriff, the district court judge, and a colonel from the Fort. Just then, Dolan asks Billy to demonstrate his shooting skills to the guests. Billy denies it straight away, something that Dolan doesn’t like at all. However, he tells Riley to make Billy understand, who succeeds too. Billy is presented with a new gun. What follows is a crowd taken by surprise and a little bit of fear, too, from Billy’s sharpshooting skills. At the end of the demonstration, Billy silently walks past the crowd.

The next day, Billy, Jesse, and Pat pay a second visit to the farmer. This time, it isn’t a persuasion but a warning, with Jesse pinning the farmer to a table and threatening to torch his farm and run his family off the territory if he doesn’t stop selling grains to Tunstall. However, the farmer says that if he stops selling, he will have nothing to feed his family. When they are about to leave, the farmer picks up his gun in anger and yells at them. The very next moment, Pat shoots him before Billy could manage to prevent Pat. Billy leaves the scene in a rush, enraged, followed by Pat and Jesse.

Meanwhile, George Coe reaches out to one of his friends, Charlie Bowdre, and asks him to help them in their fight against Murphy’s men. There is a war brewing between Murphy and Tunstall, and Coe needs all the help they can get. But Charlie doesn’t want to get involved in it, despite his wife Manuela’s persuasion, because it isn’t his war.

Pat’s Arrest

On the other side of town, two deputies are sent by Sheriff Brady to the Seven Rivers gang’s stay. He wants to talk to Pat Garret, who is accused of the murder of a Mexican farmer. Garret agrees. At the police station, Brady tells Garret that the death of the farmer, Manuel Garcia, has made the Hispanic community really angry. He has no option but to put him behind bars, at least for one night. While Brady says that he will talk to Murphy, Garret will have to spend the night in jail. Garret is put in prison.

At Garcia’s funeral, it is revealed that he was the husband of Manuela Bowdre’s sister. Both Charlie and Manuela are present there, along with George. Sure enough, Garcia’s death is the nail in the coffin for Charlie to join George in his fight. While the father prays, Billy arrives at the funeral. Everyone is shocked and show their hate for him. But Billy says he has come to pay his respects. This little move is observed by George and Charlie, who tell him that they would like to have him on their side. And that Tunstall would like to meet him. Billy listens to it all and respectfully leaves.

Brady talks to Murphy about the murder and the way it has affected the county of Lincoln. If they are not careful, soon there will be riots and burnings. Murphy tells Brady to send Garret away for some time, and let the Mexican folk know that Garret has been sent to a higher court where he will face justice.

Back at the Seven Rivers gang’s stay, Dolan has brought the cowboys crates of whiskey from Murphy for their latest success. The death of Manuel Garcia will certainly be a sign for the other farmers to not deal with Tunstall. While the other guys make the most of the whiskey, Billy stares into the open fields, thinking.

‘Billy The Kid’ Episode 7: Ending Explained- Does Billy Change Sides?

That very day, Billy pays a visit to the Tunstall store but isn’t able to find him. The next day, Billy meets Charlie Bowdre. Charlie tells him that Tunstall is away, but he can meet his lawyer, McSween. It is clear that a war is about to take place between Murphy and Tunstall. Billy agrees to meet McSween but in secret, i.e., a friendly visit.

That night, at the pub, Billy has yet another encounter with Irene, the wife of Johnny Riley. She seems to be interested in him, but Billy isn’t. He comes out of the pub along with Charlie and notices a woman in a veil coming out of a carriage and entering the pub. Upon asking Charlie, he finds out that the woman is Senorita Dulcinea del Tobosco. She belongs to one of Mexico’s richest families. There is a short but clear stare shared between Billy and Dulcinea after she gets back inside her carriage. The carriage then leaves, with Billy’s eyes following it.

Billy and Charlie finally arrive at Alex McSween’s place. He reveals that he once worked for Murphy up until the time he realized that he was a crook. And he understands that Billy is facing the same situation. He tells Billy that from that moment onwards, his life will change for the better. “Billy The Kid” Episode 7 ends with Billy staring at his reflection in a mirror on one of the walls of McSween’s house.

From the looks of it, “Billy The Kid” Episode 8 will show the famous Lincoln County War. It will also show us more of Senorita Dulcinea del Tobosco. But since we are close to the end, the next episode will add more friction to his relationship with Lawrence Murphy and thus with the Seven Rivers gang, or so it seems.

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