‘Billy The Kid’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Is Tunstall’s Motive?


“Billy The Kid” Episode 8 shows a wind of change blowing through Lincoln County. Lawrence P. Murphy is desperate to win over John Tunstall. The Seven Rivers gang is killing farmers as they wish. William Bonney, AKA Billy, has a conversation with John Tunstall.

A Legitimate Business

At the end of Episode 7, Billy meets John Tunstall’s lawyer, Alex McSween. “Billy The Kid” Episode 8 begins at the same point where McSwenn tells Billy about Tunstall’s business and how he wants to bring the farmers out of their debt and give them more in return for their crops. Tunstall has purchased a large range of land, 3000 to 4000 acres, and has been stocking it. The aim is to build a legitimate business and fairly deal with the farmers.

The same night, back at the resting place of the Seven Rings, Billy mentions his doubts to Jesse about the way Murphy treats the farmers. He also believes that Tunstall is “fair competition.” He doesn’t like Murphy’s henchmen either and wonders what it would be like if Murphy didn’t run things in Lincoln County. However, if Murphy didn’t run things, then none of them would get paid. And this is exactly what Jesse tells him before both of them go to bed.

A Death Note

The next day, the Seven Rivers gang is given the job of driving off some farmers who no longer have ownership of their land, which will be sold to investors already willing to buy. But before this job, Murphy is throwing a party in the evening, and their presence is expected.

Billy and the other guys arrive at the party. At one point, Billy takes Jesse to a corner and tells him that he won’t be joining them on the next job. Jesse is not happy but agrees all the same. Billy is then approached yet again by Irene Riley, wife of Johnny Riley, one of Murphy’s henchmen. Billy has already had two encounters with her, and this third one makes it clear that she wants to be with Billy. She says that she hates her husband, who mistreats her all the time, and she wants to get away from him. But Billy knows he can’t do it and soberly denies it. She kisses him and walks away. Billy then notices Murphy looking at him and realizes that he has seen everything.

As Billy comes out of the door, he hears a gunshot from behind Murphy’s house. He rushes to find Irene lying on the ground with a gunshot wound on her forehead and Murphy with a gun. Murphy is also hurt. When Murphy confronted Irene about Billy, as she walked out of the backdoor, she shot at him out of pain and rage, but the bullet hit his left arm, only wounding him. But Murphy doesn’t miss his mark. Irene is dead. Billy is enraged and points a gun at Murphy and is about to shoot him when Dolan intervenes.

Unnecessary Force

The next day, the Seven Rivers gang gets going to complete their next job. They travel from farm to farm, ruthlessly killing men, women, and children without giving them any warning to leave their farms.

Meanwhile, Charlie takes Billy to his farm, where Billy finally meets John Tunstall. Tunstall is prepared to pay all farmers fairly based on what they produce. But Murphy, who has a lot of guns, will not let go of his position without a fight. And that is why Tunstall requests Billy to join his employment and leave Murphy’s. Tunstall knows about all the bounties Billy has on his head, but in due time, he will be able to petition the governor on Billy’s behalf. But all this is only if Billy works for Tunstall and his legitimate business, something that will shine bright on him the way he deserves for being trustworthy and honest. Tunstall’s hope for Billy to join him is clear. Now it is up to Billy to choose. He returns to his gang’s stay and finds out about all the people Jesse and the others have killed.

McSween and Tunstall arrive at one of the farmers’ houses that was attacked by the Seven Rivers gang. Tunstall is heartbroken to see what the gang has done. They wonder if Sheriff Brady will take action, considering he is a good friend of Murphy. Tunstall offers the woman of the house and her daughter to stay at his place and promises to give their deceased family members a proper funeral in town.

Sheriff Brady has a sitting with McSween and Dolan where McSween holds Murphy’s men responsible for the killing of the 14 people. Dolan straightaway denies the blame, saying that there is no proof and it is the doing of yet another criminal gang passing through the county. Brady states that the matter is civil, and he will make inquiries to find out the truth. Back at his place, Murphy is pulling strings to pin the killings on Tunstall.

‘Billy The Kid’ Episode 8: Ending Explained- Has the War Begun? Does Billy Join Tunstall?

Sitting under a starry sky, Billy thinks about what his father told him when he was a kid, i.e., that the stars reflect the light that is in him. Billy arrives at a decision. Back in town, he finds Senorita Dulcinea del Tobosco in front of the pub yet again and decides to approach her. He introduces himself and explains his “motive” for seeing her again. She reveals that she knows about Billy’s reputation and tells him that he can see her again “if you wish.” She then leaves in her carriage. Meanwhile, Charlie joins him and tells him about a meeting at McSween’s the next day.

At the meeting the next day, McSween clearly states that they are at war with Murphy and The House. Murphy’s business is failing, and they can be taken to court for their illegal activities. But unfortunately, they don’t have the law on their side, thanks to Murphy and his friends in high places, including Thomas Catron, Head of the Santa Fe Ring. On top of that, there is word that Murphy has hired six more sharpshooters. The war cannot be just in the courtroom, and more blood will be spilled. Tunstall declares that they need “an advantage” to survive and win this war. And at this very moment, Billy the Kid walks in, and he is “ready to go to work.” The Lincoln County war has officially begun. 

Billy arrives at the Seven Rivers gang’s stay and tells them that he is quitting Murphy’s payroll and joining Tunstall’s business. The members are angry, to say the least, and pull their guns at Billy. But Jesse tells them to lower the gun, showing respect to Billy’s decision to not “sneak out” but tell them about his decision face to face. They let him go on his way, saying that “our time will come.” “Billy The Kid” Episode 8 ends with Billy riding as his words, about his family’s dream of coming to America on the promise of just and fair treatment, echo through the hills.

“Billy The Kid” Season 2 will be the beginning of the end. The Lincoln County War is on. And it is only a matter of time before Murphy launches an all-out assault on Tunstall and his men. Even with Billy at his side, Tunstall will need more guns. The season will also explore the budding relationship between Billy and Senorita del Tobosco, but no one knows to what end.

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