‘Chainsaw Man’ Ending, Explained: Did Denji Take His Revenge? What To Expect From Season 2?


“Chainsaw Man” follows a not-so-ordinary teenager named Denji in a not-so-ordinary world. The world has devils, and the hunters, as well as other people, can form contracts with these Devils to use the devils’ powers for their own purposes. However, to use these powers, the person has to sacrifice a bit of their body or have something worth sacrificing to gain these powers. Denji had made a friend of the Chainsaw devil and later was brought back to life after the devil gave his heart up to save him. With his new powers, Denji turned into a fiend, and he was recruited into the Public Safety Devil Extermination Division by Makima. As time progressed, Denji learned to set goals for himself so that he could also have a goal to look forward to while he fought against the devils. Denji, with the help of Makima, was able to experience friendship and partnership as he learned to work with a group. He meets his new team: Aki, Power, and later Himeno, Kobeni, and Hirokazu. He also tasted a life he had only dreamt of while he had to fend for himself. As Denji equips himself slowly with new knowledge, he gets to experience new emotions as well as satisfy his intimate curiosity along the way. The anime is full of action, mystery, drama, suspense, and gore and is highly recommended to any action lover. 

Spoilers Ahead

Did The Assault Over The Devil Hunters From The Division Of Public Safety Finally Conclude?

Episodes 8–12 concluded the most tumultuous situation experienced by the members of the Public Safety Devil Extermination Department. All of the Divisions belonging to this Department had been openly attacked by a group of thugs led by a mysterious girl and Katana Man. This open attack concluded with some major character deaths and also resulted in entire divisions being wiped out. The only members left unharmed were the fiends. Due to the shortage of members, all of the other divisions were absorbed into one and named Division 4, which was to be led by Makima. Denji faced his first-ever battle where he was rendered useless and had to be saved by his teammates, who were defeated soundly as well by the overpowered villain. The mysterious girl also aided the Katana Man, and together they proved to be an unbeatable force. After losing Himeno to these villains, Aki had to form a new contract with a new devil, called the Future Devil, as the Fox Devil had been soundly beaten and thus angrily withdrew from his contract, while the Curse Devil had already used up a lot of his life force and could not be used as a primary power. Aki was led to the Future Devil by Korose and Tendo, who were acting as guides and coaches to help set up the new division. Denji and Power were put through hellish training as Makima introduced them to their new coach, Captain Kishibe.

Under Captain Kishibe’s training, Denji and Power learned and got used to using their powers by planning and scheming. They started to use their brains instead of simply acting impulsively and rushing in to attack their opponent. Although their previous battle techniques had proved successful against the lower devils, Katana Man didn’t have to exert much power to kill Denji again and again. This is why Kishibe’s training had done wonders for them as they aced their first mission after the strenuous training. Kishibe had trained them to expect the unexpected, to always be on guard, and to take advantage of any and every weakness they found in their opponent. This helped Denji defeat Katana Man soundly in the last episode. 

What Happened To The Girl Who Partnered With Katana Man? 

After Himeno’s sacrifice in Episodes 8 and 9, the mysterious girl, who was later revealed as Akane Sawatari, had contracted the Ghost Devil along with her already-contracted Snake Devil. She had started out as a subordinate to the Gun Devil while she went around recruiting people to openly attack the Devil Hunters and also successfully acquire Denji’s heart. Her first attempt failed as Makima interfered and killed the thugs with her mysterious powers. Her second attempt at the warehouse in Episode 12 failed as she was left facing Aki, whom she used the Ghost Devil against. Aki recovered quickly from his shock at witnessing the Ghost Devil, who was the reason for Himeno’s death and remembered the exact instructions that Himeno had taught him to win against the Ghost Devil. Therefore, armed with the knowledge of the Ghost Devil relying on the fear of the opponents to move due to her blindness, and Himeno’s leftover soul handing him the cigarette to remind him, Aki easily defeats the devil and stops Kobeni from killing Akane.

While on her way to the interrogation room, however, Akane was killed by her contracted Snake Devil, triggered mostly by the violation of the contract they had with their master, the Gun Devil. The Gun Devil had ordered her death before the Devil Hunters could get their hands on any information. There was, unfortunately, no sighting of the Gun Devil even in the last episode, as its identity remains a mystery while only his explosive power is known. The division could extract around 1.4 kilograms of the Gun Devil’s flesh, which was scattered bullets, and they combined it with the previously held 5 kilograms of bullets. The combined flesh constantly moved toward the main body, which was how the division could track down the Gun Devil. The Gun Devil had peculiar properties in that its flesh or bullets, upon consumption, would make the devil who consumed them even stronger, so a part of his flesh was scattered all over the devils. This is how the Public Safety Divisions could extract 5 kg of it, and due to its magnetic tendencies of trying to return back to the main body after being extracted from the current devil bodies, it made it easier for the Department to track the devil down. It essentially acts as an improvised compass for the Department, although, it has been helpful for tracking down small goons using one or two bullets at a time, the department hadn’t been successful in tracking the main boss.

Which Of The Characters Lost Their Lives In ‘Chainsaw Man’ Season 1?

The season, with its unexpected twists and turns, has already killed off some near and dear characters and also cruelly taken away the slightest showtime allotted to the others. In the flashbacks, Aki has lost his family—his brother and his parents—to the Gun Devil, while Himeno has also lost members of her team on a mission. Episode 8 sacrifices Himeno’s life to save Aki and the other teammates, and although the series killed her off, Aki remembered her, and she is alive through his various flashbacks that peek into the times they shared together. These flashbacks really confessed the feelings Aki felt for Himeno, and he was simply counting down the days until he could be reunited with Himeno in Episode 12. 

Hirokazu, who belonged to the same team, made a short-lived appearance in the series, where he always took care of Kobeni, who suffered from panic attacks. Hirokazu took care of Denji in Episode 7, and his personality really shone through as kind and caring. He got killed in Episode 8 as well while trying to save Kobeni from the sudden attack, but the incident is revealed only in Episode 9. All of the other senior Devil Hunters who briefly appeared in the after-party held after the team dealt with the Eternity Devil in Episode 7 lost their lives in the open attack. Makima’s assistant lost his life on the train to Kyoto while Makima was being targeted as well in Episode 8. Among the Devils and the antagonists, the Cucumber Devil is killed off by Power in Episode 2, the Bat Devil is slain by Denji in Episode 3, and the Leech Devil loses her life by being attacked by Gon in Episode 4. The Eternity Devil begs Denji to kill it and surrenders itself in Episode 7. Akane Sawatori is killed by the Snake Devil in Episode 12. 

‘Chainsaw Man’ Season 1: Ending Explained: What To Expect From Season 2? 

Episode 12 of “Chainsaw Man” Season 1 ends with a new character taunting Denji; this marks the beginning of a new adventure for the remaining team, which has just started to catch a break. The main episode ended with Denji and Aki exacting their revenge on the Katana Man by kicking him and punching him around, tying him up, and not giving him a chance to get his katanas out after Denji cut through him. It also showed Makima giving a detailed report on Akane’s death, the Katana Man’s status, and the Gun Devil’s status in front of a higher-up official. Therefore, the next season might just introduce the Gun Devil in all its formidable glory, as well as the plot twist in Aki’s life as predicted by the future devil in Episode 11. As Katana Man is also a fiend, after his little punishment, there is a high chance that he’d be recruited into the division as well. The next season will also shed some light on the new characters introduced in Episode 11: Shark Fiend, Violence Fiend, Spider Fiend, and Angel Fiend. Angel Fiend seems to be an important character, as he also makes his appearance in the opening theme along with the other major characters. The second season of “Chainsaw Man” might also reveal the mysteries behind Makima’s immense powers as well due to the first season covering only a small percentage of it to establish her personality. Patiently awaiting the second season to discover more of the mysteries while also being in awe of the raw style of animation chosen by MAPPA to cover this insane and exhilarating manga that is “Chainsaw Man.”

“Chainsaw Man” is a 2022 Animated Action Thriller series directed by Ryu Nakayama.

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