‘Di4ries’ Season 2, Part 2: What To Expect Next From Pietro, Isabel, And Livia?


It’s time to wait for the second part of Di4ries season 2, and that has taken our imagination by storm, to an extent. For the most part, we like to think that we know what is going to happen with the narrative. But we may still be surprised. After all, we expected Pietro to actively pursue Livia for the better part of Di4ries season 2, but that is far from the case, and we have ended up with a sweet story that has us questioning a lot of things. Perhaps that is why we should start by discussing that first.

Spoiler Alert

What will happen between Pietro, Isabel, and Livia?

Pietro and Livia are not together, and the latter has said that they are both free to do whatever they want. However, there is still the expectation of something between them, considering how they broke up in the past. We suppose that Livia believes that Pietro is genuinely apologetic, and she also seems to understand that he genuinely liked her once upon a time. The matter was that she lost trust in him because of his lie, but she had not stopped liking him. For the better part of Di4ries season 2, part 1, she was deciding how to forgive him again, but by the time she made that decision, too many things had changed, including herself. That is one-half of the reason Pietro has also moved on from her.

But the situation is somewhat delicate here. Isabel is keeping her distance from Pietro because she is unsure of her feelings for him. However, she needs to accept that she certainly doesn’t like Roby and that she should let him go. After all, he doesn’t deserve to be treated this way, considering that he seems like a genuinely nice guy. It is also important to consider that, right from the beginning, Isabel has been the one pushing Livia and Pietro together. For her to start dating, Pietro would be a form of betrayal and similar to blindsiding Livia. If Livia comes to know about it, she will certainly have a hard time trusting her friends, and that is the crisis that she is already going through. The one to lose the most in this situation is Livia, since we are sure that Katia and Sara would swoop in to take advantage of her vulnerability in this situation and turn her against her friends.

On the other hand, we also want Isabel to seriously consider Livia’s point of view. The girl was not wrong in her hesitation to trust Pietro, and what she went through should be a warning for every other girl regarding Pietro. It isn’t about whether the boy has changed; it is about what he is capable of, and we have to remember that not once did we see him sincerely apologize or pursue Livia in season 2, part 1, and that was undoubtedly because of his ego. This is why we don’t want even Isabel to end up with Pietro, but we doubt we will get our wish.

Will Arianna stand up to her bullies?

There are two ways that we see this going. For some reason, we cannot shake off the feeling that the Marina Picola gang will come to know about Katia’s loneliness and try to invite her to their group out of sympathy, forgiving all her sins. It may be Arianna who takes that step, and we would abhor that if this show ends up taking the Eric and Adam route (Sex Education) with these characters, even platonically.

The second option would be that Arianna decides that she has enough. She is conscious of her body, which is why she is getting blackmailed by Katia and Sara. But she might reach a breaking point and decide that it is all just not worth it. Perhaps it would happen when she learned that her friends were aware that the girl in the previously circulated photo was her and stood by her. Or it could just happen due to some other reason, which could range from a health scare to an inspiring speech. But once she decides that, she won’t wait for proof to tell her friends how these two have been troubling her. Needless to say, the Marina Picola gang will believe her, and that will once again place Livia in a very tricky situation where her earlier feelings of not being able to trust anyone will return to the surface. No matter what happens, Livia’s character arc is highly concerning for the upcoming Part 2 of the season.

What will happen in Marina Picola versus Marina Grande?

Marina Grande has undoubtedly been mean to Marina Picola, but it might just get worse. If Isabel breaks up with Roby because of Pietro, will he continue to be the good guy, or will he bring out his secret sabotaging skills to shake up Pietro’s weak position in the basketball team? We also have the case of the dance troupe’s poor treatment of Daniele. Will Daniele form a team of his own? Will he go solo, or will the team be forced to apologize to him and bring him back with them? Their competition is far from over, and this rivalry between the two areas is not feasible over the long term. This reconciliation could be the start of things. Also, the poor boy wants to be in love. We hope he finds someone in Di4ries season 2, part 2.

While these are the immediately competitive arcs that will show up, we have to think about how Katia might continue to be villainous till the very end, doing anything and everything to sabotage Marina Picola. Her arc is very predictable, and we don’t want to spend more time on a heartburn-inducing character like her.

Final Thoughts

The pact of the bonfire has to be the biggest topic of discussion in Part 2. Pietro is seething because he knows that nobody wants to abide by it, and he is scared that the friendship will be lost along with the pact. But the group has a lot of battles to fight in the coming episodes, some of which we have mentioned above. That struggle might be a lesson for them all that they will always be together, no matter which school they go to. This would serve as a healing balm for Pietro’s troubles, and we want to see how he comes to that realization.

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