‘Doctor Cha’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Roy Kim Find His Birth Parents?


Episode 14 of Doctor Cha proved us right about one thing and wrong about another. We were wrong to assume that Roy Kim was shameless because he made a hint of a pass at Jeong Suk. On the other hand, we were right that we did not like the direction that Korean Anupamaa is taking. There is a world of difference between reclaiming your independence and then living it. Doctor Cha only addressed the first part of it, and if this sixteen-episode series does not have a Season 2 with the latter part of the narrative, we are going to be furious. For now, here is a recap of Episode 14.

 Spoilers Alert

What Happens Once Deok Rye Gets To Know About In Ho’s Affair?

Deok Rye is understandably furious when she discovers In Ho’s affair. She gauges the situation well and figures out that everyone except her knows and is keeping it quiet for her sake. She asks In Ho and Jeong Suk to go back with her to her house so that they can talk in peace. The first thing Deok Rye does is give back all of Ah Eum’s gifts to In Ho since she now knows why they were given to her. In Ho begs Deok Rye to convince her daughter to reconsider the divorce, but she says that it is between the couple now.

The next day, Deok Rye wants to move hospitals, but Jeong Suk wants her to stay so that she can take care of her mother. Looking at her daughter’s tearful face and the fact that she gets an employee discount at her workplace, Deok Rye agrees to stay. In the meantime, Jeong Suk’s faith in Seung Hi also grows when she stumbles upon all the work she has been doing on Deok Rye’s case. In fact, it is Seung Hi who comes through with the correct diagnosis. She remembers that there was a similar patient from her time in the US, and she pulled up the contacts and the research to get to the bottom of Deok Rye’s case. While she is working hard, even Jeong Suk’s entire family pulls through for her. The purpose of this scene is to show that even though Jeong Suk and In Ho might separate, Deok Rye will not lose her grandchildren. Deok Rye gets well eventually, and Jeong Suk thanks Seung Hi for what she has done. But Jeong Suk is clear that her professionalism does not make up for what Seung Hi has done to her personal life.

Doctor Cha Episode 14 also seems to knock some sense into Seung Hi. When she was at the restaurant with her daughter, she refused to leave because she did not want to run away in front of her. But In Ho had no such qualms, and he did not mind being pathetic. Additionally, Eun Soo asked her mother whether they could move abroad again. As Seung Hi is thinking over it, I Rang meets her to apologize for hurting Eun Soo and to ask her to break up with her father since she does not want to lose him. She even offers to not go to art school as a way of making up for what happened to Seung Hi’s daughter. Though Seung Hi tells Jeong Suk to stop I Rang from making such decisions, we believe it is also the first time that she has stopped to consider the suffering of the other side. Until then, she had faced a lot of hardships, but her wait for In Ho was for him to sort out his situation. She never once thought that people with feelings similar to hers were going to suffer. This realization is further heightened when Deok Rye leaves a letter for her while getting discharged. She simply asks Seung Hi to live a life of kindness so that she can cherish it.

While these are some good developments, we did have a disappointment waiting for us. So Ra and Jung Min take a step forward in their relationship. Jung Min decides to enlist in the military so that he has time to think about which specialization he wants to opt for. Jung Min never wanted to be a doctor, to begin with, and wanted to work in communications. But he studied medicine and joined the surgery department at the insistence of his father. Right from the beginning, he has only struggled with it. Therefore, he finally decides to take the time to decide what he wants and what will make him happy. Upon hearing his decision, So Ra decides that she wants to wait for him and publicly hugs him, announcing their relationship. We hate this couple.

Did Roy Kim Find His Birth Parents?

Roy Kim registered his DNA in Doctor Cha Episode 13 to track down his parents. That proves fruitful, and he is contacted by the authorities, who tell him that they have been found. Roy asks Jeong Suk to accompany him for some moral support. It turns out that he needs it. His father is an old man who is unremorseful about the passing of Roy Kim’s mother. We did not get the exact reason why Roy Kim was adopted, but we believe that his mother probably had an affair with the man and had to give up her illegitimate child for adoption when she did not get any help from his family. It could also be the case that she was his ex-wife, and when she left him for whatever reason, she did not get a penny from him and had to give away her child. But the worst part of the situation is that Roy Kim has been contacted because the old man needs Roy’s bone marrow for his operation. They do not care for Roy; they only contacted him for the biological connection that could save a spiteful old man’s life.

As a saddened Roy leaves the room, he is cheered up by Jeong Suk. Unknown to everyone, she has been surrounded by work from everywhere. In Ho refused a mutual divorce, so Jeong Suk had to go to court, and he ended up throwing a fit about that as well. To keep her mind off things, Jeong Suk has been overworking herself, and the run she takes with Roy Kim leaves her exhausted. At the end of Episode 14 of Doctor Cha, she coughs up blood in the bathroom. Her health is the first real bad news for Jeong Suk. She wasn’t worried about the divorce since she was determined to get it. Her children and mother were fine, and she was doing well at work. But she had been careless with herself, and that was showing now.

Final Thoughts

Doctor Cha is ending next week, and things are going back to right where they started, with Jeong Suk’s ill health and her needing a liver to live. It looks like Jeong Suk has two suitors and donors right now when at the beginning of the series, she did not even have one. The pieces have fallen into place, and all that needs to happen is for Jeong Suk and Seung Hi to sort out their feelings and their next course of action.

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