‘Don’t Blame Karma’ Ending, Explained: How Did Sara Overcome The Curse?


From childhood, Sara blamed her ominous luck for all that went wrong in her life. It all started at Lucy’s birthday party. She was jealous of the attention Lucy was receiving on her birthday, so out of envy, she blew the candles before Lucy could and stole her birthday wish. Her sister was angered by the turn of events, and to seek revenge, she betrayed her sister by stealing every wish Sara would make on her birthday from then on. This marked the beginning of Sara’s misfortune. Lucy grew up to be a model, whereas Sara felt comfortable hiding behind her unsuccessful business endeavor. The only highlight in Sara’s life was when she fell in love with her high school best friend, Aaron. But before she could express her love for him, he went away with his family. “Don’t Blame Karma” is about Sara’s journey of overcoming her cursed life and realizing how the power to change her life has always been in her hands.

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‘Don’t Blame Karma’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Sara felt seen in the presence of Aaron. She supported his interest in music in little ways. She was in love with him, and at the moment that they were about to kiss, she received a call from Lucy. Sara had to bid Aaron goodbye, not knowing when she would meet him again. Aron became a prominent musician and had thousands of followers. Lucy, too, became a successful model and had millions who swore by her name. Sara, on the other hand, could barely make a profit on her business. She simply watched the perfect life of Lucy and Aron unfold on her social media, while she decided to live in her grandmother’s house, which was falling apart just like her life. Lucy, along with their parents, came to visit Sara and announced that she was engaged. The next morning, Sara was caught off-guard when Aaron greeted her out of the blue. While Sara struggled to believe that her first love was in her house, Lucy added to her trouble by announcing that she was engaged to marry Aaron. Aaron disclosed how he and Sara used to be high school best friends, and he was thrilled to be reunited with her. Even though it was a difficult piece of news to process, Sara gradually realized how she felt comfortable in Aaron’s presence even after all the time they had spent apart.

Due to her bad luck, which she blamed Lucy for, she decided to not participate in the fashion festival even though she had always wanted to be a designer. Her friend, Sacni, tried to inspire Sara to start her clothing line, but she was determined to not embarrass herself, knowing how luck would never be on her side. Lucy discovered a shawl that Sara had designed during her teenage years with the help of Aaron by using a technique called cyanotype. Lucy knew that her sister had immense talent, and she deserved to showcase it to the world. While Lucy wanted Sara to fulfill her childhood dreams, she was the one who always stopped herself from taking the necessary steps. Sara eventually realizes that her sister had always wanted what was best for her and did not ever steal her wishes. She learned to accept fate and face challenges with positivity.

How Did Sara Become A Designer?

Lucy introduced Sara to a famous designer, Arturo Colavita, after noticing her interest in designing clothes. Lucy knew that Colavita was struggling to find his design inspiration, and she hoped that he would acknowledge her sister’s unique creation. Colavita was pleasantly surprised by the shawls, and as he was appreciating the design, Lucy announced that the designer who made the shawl was the one who would be designing her wedding gown. Sara could no longer control her panic, knowing the number of responsibilities that she had on her shoulders now. Anxious, she left the meeting with her designs, though Colavita was completely taken by her work.

After spending a drunken evening with Aaron, she was convinced by him to be a part of the fashion fest. He helped her to collect the feathers of flamingos for her prints, and in the process, Sara realized how much he continued to care about her. Even though she did come across a few initial hiccups, her collection turned out to be perfect. Colavita burned his designs after realizing how uninspired his collection looked beside Sara’s, and before leaving, he asked her to take over the show. Sara watched the models walk the ramp in clothes designed by her—a dream come true for her. While she was too shy to go onstage, Lucy held her and proudly introduced her sister to the world. After the fest, Sara focused on designing Lucy’s wedding dress even though she knew that she was in love with Aaron all over again. Lucy admired the wedding dress designed by her sister, and she once again flaunted it in front of the media, mentioning how talented her sister was. While the dress was perfect, Lucy knew that something was missing in her relationship with Aaron, and that was when she decided to admit the truth she had been denying all this time.

‘Don’t Blame Karma’ Ending Explained: Did Lucy Marry Aaron? Did Sara And Aaron Confess Their Love For Each Other? 

Lucy started to notice how Sara and Aaron were comfortable with one another. Her sister knew her fiancé better than she did. Lucy had been in a long-distance relationship with Aaron, and it had been only three weeks after they met that they decided to get married. Naturally, Lucy did not know a lot about Aaron, and she was curious to learn about him from her sister. Aaron, too, started to connect with his younger self after meeting Sara. He realized how he produced music for his followers but not for himself. He started to revisit the songs he had written as a teenager when he was friends with Sara. A few songs were about her and Lucy started to figure out the truth. She once expressed her anxiety over the wedding to Sara by mentioning how he might still be in love with a woman from his past. Even though the discussion was awkward, Sara did not admit to her past.

While spending time with her soon-to-be brother-in-law felt morally wrong, Sara could not help falling in love with Aaron all over again. He knew her well enough to talk her into pursuing her dreams. Even though she was in a relationship with Roberto, who came over for a surprise visit, she could not stop thinking about Aaron. She tried to bring excitement to her relationship in an attempt to revitalize it, only to realize how they were two very opposite people who were not in love. On her wedding day, when she watched her parents rekindle their romance, Lucy asked them how it felt to be in love, to which her father responded that it was a burst of immense joy. She realized that she did not feel the same way with Aaron, making her doubt the major life decision she was about to make. She met Aaron and discussed how she felt that their wedding might be a terrible idea, and Aaron agreed with her judgment. She added that she did not enjoy his music, while he admitted that he hated her influencer lifestyle. After parting ways, Lucy met Sara and discussed how she felt she and Aaron were meant to be together. She admitted that Sara’s closeness with Aaron had very little to do with her decision to end the wedding, but she could not help but advise her sister to pursue her romantic interest. She saw the way the two bonded, and she believed Sara must not deny herself the love she deserved.

Sara confessed how she thought that Lucy had stolen luck from her at her fifth birthday party, and from then on, her life had been miserable. Lucy was shocked that Sara held on to that memory from their childhood, even though she had always wanted happiness for Sara. Lucy reminded Sara how she was the one who had put the curse on herself that day. Sara remembered that Lucy had come to reconcile with her and offered to return all her wishes, but she chose to ignore them. Sara realized that she was not cursed; what affected her life was the grudge she held against herself. Lucy expressed how she had always dreamt of having Sara’s luck since she was talented and fun to be with. Sara met Aaron soon after, and they shared the kiss that they had denied themselves since their teenage years.

Sara spent the rest of the afternoon with Lucy watching whales, something that she had wished for at Lucy’s fifth birthday party. It was Lucy’s attempt to make Sara’s wish come true. “Don’t Blame Karma” ends with the sisters sitting together by the beach, watching whales, and overcoming an ugly barrier together.

“Don’t Blame Karma” is a 2022 romantic drama film directed by Elisa Miller.

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