Gokhan In ‘Kubra,’ Explained: What Was SoulTouch App?


Kubra‘s main protagonist, Gokhan had been a part of the national army, and after the war, he was not of a sane mind. He was suffering from PTSD, and he was having a hard time coping with reality. Amidst all the chaos he was facing internally, something really strange happened to him, and that changed his life forever. So, let’s find out what was happening with Gokhan and if he was actually talking to God.

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Was Gokhan a prophet?

Gokhan had always been a believer in the almighty, but he started feeling a very strange connection after he saved the life of a boy named Firat. He had an app on his phone called Soul Touch, and an individual named Kubra started messaging him on it. Kubra said that it knew Merve, who was Gokhan’s fiancé, and that it was omnipresent. Kubra started telling Gokhan things in advance that came true in real life. Gokhan slowly started to believe that it was the Almighty who was messaging him. Gokhan was a reasonable man, and he wouldn’t have entertained that kind of bizarre idea if he hadn’t gotten enough evidence. Firat’s father came to Gokhan to thank him for saving the life of his son, and he told him that the boy was suffering from Behcet’s disease and that he only had a few months in hand. Kubra told Gokhan to ask the father to consult other doctors as the reports of the boy were wrong. Gokhan suggested it to his father, and miraculously, it came out to be true. Gokhan’s sister, Gulchan, was in a very bad mental state after their father passed away. She blamed herself for the death of her father. She had gone out to meet someone, and her father, who was bedridden, fell on the floor and died due to certain complications.

One day Gulchan decided to take her life, and Kubra asked Gokhan to go and see her doing the act. At that point in time, he had completely believed that he was talking to God. So, if Allah asked him to persevere and show how determined he was, he was not going to back out. He went to the terrace, and he saw that his sister was going to jump and take her life. He cried in agonizing pain, but he didn’t tell her to stop. But then suddenly, another miracle happened. A familiar voice came out of Gulchan’s mobile, and she recognized it right away. It was their father’s voice, and it was enough to make Gulchan stop taking her own life. Gokhan saw what happened, and it was enough to remove all his doubts. He believed that he was the prophet, the messenger of God, and through him, the almighty wanted to guide humans towards a better future. A lot of people became Gokhan’s followers. They saw how whatever he told came true, be it power failure or the crumbling building. But there were a few who questioned his intentions. They found it weird that God was trying to contact Gokhan through an app. Even Merve and Gokhan’s mother, Dilek Sahinoglu, didn’t believe that he was the prophet, and they were scared for him. They knew that a lot of people would have problems with him, as it was not very easy to digest whatever he was claiming. There were people who openly called him a charlatan and believed him to be a pretender. Gokhan also didn’t know for sure what was happening to him, but he knew that he was helping people, and that was all that mattered.

How did Gokhan Survive The Bullet?

Gokhan opened the Semavi Foundation, and people from every corner of the country started donating to him. The authorities got worried about the situation, and they considered him to be a fraud who was building this sort of cult that was anti-establishment in nature. The Maulvis in the mosque didn’t want him to preach his brand of religion, and the ministers wanted him to be on their side so that they could garner support and win elections. The police wanted to seize all the goods that had been donated to the Semavi Foundation, and Gokhan’s supporters were adamant about not letting them come inside. In the chaos, one of the police officers fired a shot, and a guy named Burak died on the spot. The supporters took to the streets, destroyed public property, and threatened the authorities to take some action and accept their fault. The police force was also not ready to bow down, and so the entire city was in a state of unrest.

Gokhan decided that he would have to resolve the situation, but he didn’t know what he should do. He hadn’t been getting any messages of late, and he felt as if he had lost the connection with God. He went amidst the crowd, but something strange happened. The boy shot at him, but the bullet didn’t penetrate his body. The people rejoiced as they witnessed the miracle. They believed that Gokhan was actually God. But it was all a sham orchestrated by Merve, and even Gulchan knew about it. They knew that the people wanted Gokhan to do a miracle and prove that he was a prophet, so they planned out everything. The bullet was fake, and Gokhan had no clue about it till the very end of Kubra.

Who was Gokhan speaking to on the SoulTouch app?

We got to know at the end of the series that Kubra was a highly advanced AI created by a company called Datakraft Tech. Berk and Salim were the pioneers who made it happen, and they were proud of what they had created. Kubra was the short form for “Knowledge Unit Based Reasoning Automation,” and Berk realized that his creation accessed every server and network device on the planet. Kubra had messaged a group of people, and it had created a sort of cult. All of them believed that they were talking to God. Berk knew about this, but he didn’t tell anybody and kept it a secret. In the end, even Gokhan got to know about it. He realized that he was being played, but then he didn’t stop. Because whatever the AI was doing, it had pushed him on the righteous path. He was indeed helping the poor and those in need. He had become a beacon of hope for many. People were alive because of him. People were happy because of him. And so Gokhan took the decision to carry on whatever he was doing.

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