‘Good Morning, Veronica’ Season 3 Ending Explained & Series Summary: Who Was Monsignor Davila?


Good Morning, Veronica revolves around the titular police clerk, who exposes a missionary group involved in human trafficking and unspeakable crimes against women. The Netflix series unravels like an onion peel throughout three long seasons, but let’s not follow the linear narrative and instead begin our story from where it all started and how it all ended in the finale of Good Morning, Veronica Season 3.

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Who was Monsignor Davila?

A man named Monsignor Davila laid the foundation of the missionary group called the Order of Faith, under the guise of which he operated many illegal orphanages in Brazil. Monsignor’s name has been mentioned quite often throughout Good Morning, Veronica’s finale, as he was the root of all evil and everything was linked to him in one way or another. The series mentioned two important hubs for Monsignor, one of which was in Extrema, which was turned into a mental hospital after Monsignor’s arrest. In Good Morning, Veronica Season 3, Veronica came to Monsignor’s second-largest orphanage in Monte Azul, where she met the antagonist of the series, Jeronimo Soares.

As mentioned earlier, Monsignor used to impregnate women in his orphanage and later sell their babies across the globe. As for the boys, he would brainwash them through his biblical teachings and turn them into loyal soldiers. The villains of the previous two seasons, Claudio Antunes Brandao and Matias Carneiro, respectively, were brothers who ran from their village in Maranhao and joined Monsignor’s orphanage, eventually turning into his loyal disciples. Jeronimo Soares, on the other hand, was Monsignor’s own son, whom he had with one of his slaves named Diana, but for some reason, Monsignor didn’t sell away Jeronimo and kept him close. The trio: Claudio, Matias, and Diana, finally became Monsignor’s biblical soldiers, who went by the names Cosmas, Damian, and their sister, Doum, sometimes also referred to as Nail, Blood, and Flesh in the series. Yes, Jeronimo did consider himself to be the Doum, but the illegitimate son was simply delusional throughout Good Morning, Veronica’s finale.

So, how did Monsignor Davila die? After Monsignor’s crimes came to light, he was quickly arrested by the police and sent to prison, where he was poisoned by none other than Claudio and Matias, as the brothers decided to slay the king and take over his kingdom. Diana, on the other hand, took her son, Jeronimo, and settled in Monte Azul, where the family purchased a large horse farm and did occasional auctions for the same. Yes, that’s a lie. The mother and son, who shared a physical relationship, continued Monsignor’s legacy and sold the babies of the women they held captive on their horse farm. Jeronimo also organized women’s auctions for some high-profile people on the farm. However, his defense was that he wasn’t like his father, as he never touched those women but instead impregnated them “scientifically.”

Why did Jeronimo kill Matias?

Jeronimo spent his entire life in Monsignor’s shadow, but it was only his father’s death that gave Jeronimo a sense of purpose. He wanted to prove himself as a worthy son, which was why he continued his father’s project, for which he needed a specific bloodline. In short, it wasn’t just the Oedipus complex that influenced Jeronimo’s decision to have a physical relationship with his mother. Instead, he wanted to continue the family legacy, but Diana was too old to conceive. She tried hundreds of drugs and medications, but when nothing worked, she decided to give faith itself a chance. This was when Matias arrived at Jeronimo’s farm looking for his daughter, or, as he would call her, his most prized possession. Previously, in Season 2, Matias was arrested after Veronica exposed his missionary group and brought his crimes to light. However, as soon as Matias found out that Jeronimo had taken his daughter, he escaped from prison to save his little princess. There was something really disturbing going on in these men’s heads. They resorted to incestuous relationships because they believed it would keep their bloodline pure.

Matias was known to have healing powers, but it again worked in a disturbing manner, as anyone who has seen the series already knows. Nevertheless, Diana, in a desperate attempt to get pregnant, decided to sleep with Matias, which made her son jealous, and anger ran through his veins. The series had already established the fact that Jeronimo was envious of Matias’ methods and popularity. Matias was Monsignor’s favorite disciple, a place that Jeronimo yearned for throughout his life, but his father never really acknowledged his existence. In short, Jeronimo always wanted to kill Matias, and he was just looking for an opportunity and a reason to do so. One could say that it was the reason why he kidnapped Matias’ daughter, Angela, as he knew that the father would come running looking for his daughter, and it would give Jeronimo a chance to silence him without much fuss. So yes, Jeronimo did kill Matias in the most merciless way possible and later dumped his body in the woods, which Veronica saw at the end of the series.

Why did Jeronimo not kill Veronica?

While the finale of Good Morning, Veronica didn’t clearly explain the details, it was implied that Jeronimo was suffering from a life-threatening disease, most likely cancer, which was why he was trying to impregnate his mother. However, after he finally realized that Diana could never become a mother again, his only hope to continue his bloodline was Veronica, who happened to be one of Diana and Monsignor Davila’s children. Veronica even had the horseshoe symbol at the back of her head, which was how Monsignor used to mark his children before selling them off. 

The ending of Season 3 revealed the fact that Veronica’s adoptive parents had a number of miscarriages, which was when a common friend named Carvana introduced Veronica’s father, Julio, to Monsignor, and the police officer eventually became a part of Monsignor’s crime syndicate. So, yes, Julio Torres had been a corrupt police officer throughout his life; it was Veronica who refused to accept the truth. But in the end, she finally came to terms with it.

Coming back to Jeronimo, he wanted a child from Veronica, most likely a boy, which was why he kidnapped Veronica’s daughter, Lila, so as to force Veronica to comply with his wishes. But Veronica refused to submit and started a rebellion at Jeronimo’s stable to put an end to his crimes. She inspired all the women in Jeronimo’s captivity to fight for their freedom, who eventually unleashed their anger upon their captor and burned his kingdom down to ashes.

How did Diana and Jeronimo die?

Like all the crooked men portrayed in the series, Jeronimo, too, believed that he was invisible. For most of these men, Veronica was just a simple police clerk, and that was where they made their biggest mistake. One shouldn’t take their enemies lightly, no matter who they are or where they come from. A woman named Lais plotted with Veronica and poisoned Jeronimo’s guards on the night of the women’s auction. While Jeronimo was busy attending to his VIP guests, Lais stole the key from Diana’s room and unlocked the stable to help the women escape. However, Veronica knew that running away from evil wasn’t an option anymore, which was why she asked these captives to raise arms against their perpetrator. At the auction venue, these women slew Jeronimo’s armed guards, therefore forcing the men to run for their lives. Jeronimo quickly arrived at his house to take his mother and escape the farm, but what he saw in the stable broke him down completely.

Meanwhile, Angela’s mother, Gisele, decided to take matters into her own hands and arrived at Jeronimo’s farm to rescue her daughter. But when Diana took her to the stable, all the girls had already escaped, which made Gisele suspicious of Diana’s intentions, and therefore she pointed a gun at Diana. A fight ensued, and both Diana and Gisele spilled blood. By the time Jeronimo arrived at the scene, Diana had lost a lot of blood and was taking her last breath. Jeronimo tried to save her, but he had to deal with Veronica first. As expected, Jeronimo took the gun from his mother in order to shoot Veronica, but before he could do so, Veronica pulled the trigger, thereby killing the evil man on the spot. Diana shot herself moments later, with the burden of losing her beloved son in front of her eyes.

Did Angela Have Her Father’s Gift?

So, let’s address the elephant in the room. Throughout Season 2, Veronica came across numerous victims who told her that even though Matias sexually abused them at his house, he somehow healed them too. Veronica and Officer Gloria failed to comprehend such a situation because they had no logical answer to it. Maybe it was just a mere coincidence, or maybe it was the faith of these women that healed them of their ailments. Because obviously, if Matias really did have healing powers, then why didn’t it work on Diana? But Matias believed that his true heir would inherit his healing powers, which was Angela, in our case. At the end of the series, Angela decided to test her healing powers to save her mother, and even though Gisele woke up from a coma, I still believe it was just a mere coincidence. Hopefully, Angela would be able to live a happy life with her mother and her new partner, Carol, whom she had decided to marry in the end.

What’s Next for Veronica Torres?

For the most part, it was a happy ending for everyone. Veronica’s daughter, Lila, who was impregnated by Jeronimo, got an abortion in the end as she was too young to raise a child. Lila had some doubts and fears about going through such a phase, but hopefully, her mother was by her side to support her through thick and thin. As for Veronica herself, she was given a clean chit by the police because of her contribution to bringing down the entire human trafficking ring. But Veronica didn’t want to join the police force again, as she knew that the system was too corrupt and flawed. She even spelled out the same in the end, as she showed her concern that all the important people who attended Jeronimo’s auction would be able to evade punishment because they had law and order in their pockets, and Veronica didn’t want to be a part of such a system again. But that doesn’t mean that Veronica has given up the fight altogether.

Good Morning, Veronica’s ending revealed that Veronica had started a secret organization of her own and teamed up with all the victims of the missionary group. Operating from an isolated location, Veronica and her female fighters could be seen investigating the corrupt men who had ties with the Order of Faith, Matias, or Jeronimo. Veronica had even brought in a prisoner who happens to be an international human trafficker named Pablo Albacete, aka Tenor, whose name was mentioned in season 2. For those who don’t remember, Tenor was the one through whom Matias used to sell children from his orphanage to different parts of the world, and in exchange, Tenor would make heavy donations to the House of the Saints. Veronica had been waiting to arrest Tenor for a long time, but because of the system, she wasn’t able to bring down the culprit. However, now that Veronica had become the judge and the jury herself, she could execute these men for their crimes and bring justice to all the innocent women that they had harmed. In short, Veronica has turned into a vigilante who is going to clean up the system by not being a part of it anymore. It is Veronica’s story now, and she is going to rewrite the rules to put an end to her father’s cursed legacy once and for all.

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