‘Good Omens’ Season 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: What To Expect In Season 2?


Directed by Douglas Mackinnon, Good Omens makes us privy to an angel and a demon who had been sent to earth for very different reasons but somehow they fell in love with humans and started to like how imperfectly perfect their lives could be. These two made a pact to save humanity and eventually became very good friends, though they knew that they would not be able to explain to their superiors how it happened, and that is why they kept their bond a secret. So, let’s find out what happens when Crowley the demon commits a huge blunder and whether he and his friend, Aziraphale are together able to change the fate of humanity or not.

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What Blunder Did Crowley Commit?

Aziraphale and Crowley’s friendship goes back 6,000 years, when the former was in charge of the Garden of Eden. They had formed a very unlikely bond and had begun to appreciate each other for who they were. From the very beginning, we knew that they were both flawed in their own way, which made them more human than the other angels and demons. Aziraphale had vices that only Crowley knew about, and the latter had some good in him that only Aziraphale had witnessed but kept a secret. Both of them broke rules and did things that should have never done and probably that’s why they associated with each other, as their love for humanity superseded everything else, even if they were in denial for a good chunk of the time.

From the crucifixion of Christ to see the Bard climb the ladder of success and become the most popular playwright in the world, they had seen it all. After every 6000 years, it was said that there would be a war between heaven and hell and that the earth would be destroyed and the human race would cease to exist. Both of them knew that judgment day was an inevitable reality, but they just didn’t want the life on earth to end. They wanted to stop it from happening, and apart from each other, they could not say it out loud in front of anybody.

Almost 11 years before Armageddon, Crowley was given the task of delivering a baby on earth, who was supposed to kickstart the great plan. An American couple was chosen for the job, and it was agreed that their baby would be replaced by the antichrist and that Crowley would look after him until he reached the age of 11 and fulfilled his destiny. But Crowley took the baby to the wrong ward, and instead of the Dowling family, the baby went to the Young family. Aziraphale and Crowley made a pact without telling anybody, and they decided that on one end, the demon would corrupt the child, while the angel would make sure that the little boy didn’t move toward his destiny. For 11 long years, both of them took care of the wrong child, and in the end, when he didn’t turn out to be a personification of evil, they were happy, assuming that their work had been done. Aziraphale and Crowley had no clue what had actually happened and when they did, they started searching for the kid and trying to find a way to rectify their mistakes before their bosses came to know about it. 

Adam Young, the Antichrist started to feel that he had certain powers and that he was a little different from his friends. A hellhound was sent to accompany him, and that is when things started to change, and that’s when Crowley realized that the damage had already been done and the world was going to end. 

Who Was The Anathema Device?

Anathema was the descendant of Agnes Nutter and had been told since her childhood that a day would come when she would have to save the world. Anathema was an occultist herself, and she had read the book written by Agnes Nutter. That book contained prophecies, and Anathema realized over a period of time that everything written in it was true. Agnus had written her prophecies with great detail, and it really helped Anathema’s cause as she knew that she had a blueprint and she just had to keep making the right moves. The strange thing was that Agnus had written in her book of prophecies that the descendant of the man who had burned her alive would strike a chord with Anathema, and they would come quite close to each other.

Anathema met Newton Pulsifer, the descendant of “Witchfinder General, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery Pulsifer,” and soon she realized that he was the man who Agnus Nutter had prophesied about. Though Anathema knew that something was going to happen in Tadfield, she had no clue that Adam Young, the sweet boy from the neighborhood, was the son of Satan and he was the one who was going to initiate the great plan. Pulsifer’s employer, Sergeant Shadwell, had been told by Crowly that he had to keep a check on a boy named Adam. Pulsifer revealed this fact to Anathema, and she immediately connected the dots and knew that Adam Young was the antichrist and he needed to be stopped at all costs. Anathema and Newton made love solely because it was written in the Book of Prophecies, but then ended up falling for each other. It was strange, as Pulsifer’s ancestors were responsible for the death of Nutter, but Anathema didn’t hold on to any grudges as she found out that Newton was a kind human being and someone with whom she would want to spend her life.

Are Aziraphale And Crowley Able To Stop Adam?

The four horsemen, War, Famine, Pollution, and Death, reached the air base, and they waited for Adam Young to come there and start Armageddon. Through the prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Anathema realized that Adam was going to start the war between the angels and demons, and together with Newton Pulsifer, she ran towards the air base. Aziraphale had been able to use Madame Tracy’s body as a vessel, and together with Sergeant Shadwell, he went to the airbase, where once again, he was reunited with his best friend, Crowley. Everybody knew that Adam Young had come to power, and as the antichrist, he would start the great plan. But nobody knew that Adam had been able to harness his powers and bring them under his control. It was almost miraculous what that young boy had been able to achieve. It was probably love that brought him back to his senses and made him realize what he was doing. He didn’t like the fact that his friends had become scared of him, and once he saw them leaving, something snapped inside him, and he could hear the voice of his mother calling him out. Pepper, Brian and Wensleydale came running, and for a moment, they thought that they had lost their friend. But Adam woke up again, and he realized that something inside him had forced him to do what he would have never done in his sane mind.

At that moment, we saw humanity prevail over the dark powers. The hellfire was not able to rot his inner core, and the ones who were considered to be the frailest among them all came out victorious. Adam knew that only he could stop Armageddon, and with determination in his eyes, he reached to face the four horsemen and told them that this was not the day when they would have it their way. Adam’s friends, Pepper, Brian and Wensleydale, said that they wanted a pollution-free world, a world where peace prevailed, and a world where no one slept hungry, and just like that, three of the four horsemen disappeared. Death stood alone, soaked in vengeance and he could not do much about the situation.

Representatives of heaven and hell, Gabriel and Beelzebub, came down to earth, and they started telling Adam that he was destined to start the great plan, and now he couldn’t just back off. Adam asked them why they wanted to start a war when they knew that it would cause such widespread destruction, and neither Gabriel nor Beelzebub had an answer to that. They just knew that the war had to start at any cost, but they never thought about why they had this incessant need to prove their worth and make one party loose. Just then, in Good Omens Episode 6, Satan emerged from the ground and told Adam that he was his father, and he ought to do as he was asked.

Once again, the young boy resorted to love and told Satan that he was anything but his father. Satan had to take a step back, as he was not able to influence Adam and fill him with hatred. Armageddon was inevitably postponed by the efforts of those few who put their faith in humanity rather than heaven or hell. Aziraphale also filled Gabriel with doubt by asking him if the great plan was what God wanted or if there was another Ineffable Plan that nobody knew about. Gabriel had gotten confused, and he had no clear answer for it. But obviously, that didn’t mean that Aziraphale and Crowley were spared, as they had to face the consequences of their actions. They were going to be tried for their misdeeds and for failing to adhere to the commands of their superiors.

Will Heaven And Hell Go Against Humanity In Season 2?

Aziraphale and Crowley were being tried in heaven and hell, respectively, as in their capacities as angels and demons, they had committed a crime. But what Archangel Gabriel and Beelzebub didn’t know was that they were no longer purely angels or demons, as they had become flawed in their own unique manner. On one end, Aziraphale had learned to disobey orders, lie a little, and go against authority, whereas Crowley had realized that there was some good inside him and that he just couldn’t see the world burn and the innocents die just because of some great plan that had to be carried out.

Crowley was to be submerged in holy water, and it was decided that Gabriel would be burned on the holy pyre. But to the surprise of the residents living in heaven and hell, both the angel and the demon were not affected by it. Aziraphale and Crowley came down to earth, and though they knew that somehow they had managed to postpone the inevitable, sooner or later, the war would come to them. Crowley felt that now heaven and hell would join forces and wage a war on humanity, and we would probably see that happening in Good Omens Season 2. In the trailer for season 2, we saw that Gabriel had somewhat lost his memory and came down to live with Aziraphale in his bookstore. We would get to know how it had happened and what he made out of it, but we do believe that war is inevitable, and humans will very soon find themselves amidst a crisis.

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