‘Goosebumps’ Part 2 Theories: What Is The Mystery Of Harold Biddle?


Fans of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps universe know that the stories are always devoid of a happy ending. The entire matter gives the illusion of being settled and at the last second, when everyone is relaxed and has put their guard down, the unexpected and overlooked element of the mystery strikes them, with no recourse for safety or any weapon left to fight back. Goosebumps is certainly not going to be any different, and if it is, then it wouldn’t be Goosebumps. But let us cover the basics first before we get to the major questions in Goosebumps Part 2.

Spoiler Alert

Who Is Isaiah Likely To End Up With?

While there hasn’t been a death in Goosebumps so far, we suspect that the first one might be Allison. She is not an important enough love interest; she has had very little screen time, and so far, she has done nothing but get jealous of Isaiah and Margot’s friendship. They have broken up, but Allison doesn’t have feelings for anyone else, unlike Isaiah, who is crushing on Margot. It is entirely possible that Part 2 will have an episode from her point of view, where some of her struggles are also explored with the interference of the supernatural. This could either lead to her patching up with Isaiah and the others as friends, or it could be the first death of the season. We are leaning towards the former possibility.

However, while we know that there is no getting back together between Isaiah and Allison, Margot has started seeing Lucas, and that has created another triangle. Margot genuinely seems to like Lucas, and that could mean that she has already moved on from Isaiah. The relationship could continue this way, with Isaiah having to make peace with his feelings, or Lucas could make a major mistake, one that would cost him the trust of Margot and, thereby, his relationship. But that still doesn’t mean that Margot and Isaiah will immediately end up together, though if the boy expresses his feelings sincerely enough, things may turn out differently.

Is Sarah Trying To Harm Nora?

Sarah has repeatedly been called untrustworthy by her daughter, Margot. Additionally, whatever happened in the past, we know that Sarah had a role to play in it. In the present day, while she seems horrified at the way Nora is being treated, she does not try to help her till she finds out that she is having an affair with her husband. That means that Sarah’s motives are looking very questionable. Is she someone very evil who harmed Harold Biddle all those years ago and is now using those very schemes on Nora and the others? Or is it possible that her intentions are actually genuine this time around, and she wants to help Nora because she wants to come up with a plan to protect the children? Sarah had told Margot not to trust any of the other parents. Does she think that they would tell her some other version of the truth, one in which Sarah is not a good person? Right now, she is likely to be one of the main villains of Goosebumps Part 2 and probably the one who was the key to the disaster happening. Harold Biddle is going to give the children the answers, and we have to see what they will be.

What Is The Mystery Of Harold Biddle?

Before talking about Harold Biddle, let us address Nathan Bratt. He is a long-lost relative of Harold, but we never came to know how he was related to the boy or why it took him thirty years to be traced down to the person. It is not just Harold Biddle, but Nathan Bratt as well, who is mysterious. But the person in question now is Harold, and what we know about him is that he lost his life in a fire that was likely the result of a prank by the kids’ parents when they were young. We believe that Sarah might have been the one to plan it, or perhaps she was the one who was key to executing it, due to her friendship with Harold. Maybe she became friends with him so that they could all gain entry to Harold’s house. Harold tells her at one point that his life is in danger. Was that part of the prank, or was it actually something serious?

There are a lot of things in Harold’s house, like the clock, worms, masks, and whatnot. Something tells us that they are not just the result of a dead Harold’s magic. The kid probably dabbled in the occult or something similar when he was alive, and that is why he is able to continue with that after his death. Not all dead people become ghosts, and even if they do, they don’t all have magical tools at their disposal. Harold was expecting to find something in the suitcase, and that is what the kids take away with them when they are escaping the fire. Maybe they were not playing a prank on Harold but investigating some rumor about him, which was probably true or twisted. That is what made them so heartless about Harold’s life, and they didn’t end up caring whether he lived or died.

In the present day, we are positive that Nathan Bratt will show the kids only an edited part of the truth. They will heroically solve it, and once it is done, they will realize that they have made a mistake, and it will be too late to fix things by then. We say this because it is how Goosebumps stories usually go.

Final Thoughts

Personal conflicts are the least interesting part of any Goosebumps story, but they act as good filler moments. Admittedly, the only part of the kids’ personal lives we are interested in is whether James is able to get back together with his crush, whom his clone had broken up with. Isaiah, Margot, Lucas, and Allison can resolve their troubles in any possible, predictable way. We will have to wait for the rest.

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