‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is Project Idabel?


The biggest breakthrough was made in the previous episode of Invasion, when Mitsuki established contact with the aliens and figured out that they had their own language, and if she could find a way to understand it, then she would be able to know what they wanted. Mitsuki had also seen Casper in her visions, though she didn’t know at that time who he was. Jamila, Alfie, Penny, and Monty had finally found Casper, and now they believed that they had an edge over the aliens. Aneesha had still not found Sarah, and on the way to Camp Pierce, their entourage had been attacked by the aliens, and they had suffered a lot of casualties. Aneesha was adamant, but she feared that the military personnel would do something to her daughter. Trevante and Rose were still trying to decipher what had happened to all the people who had disappeared, and they had realized that Casper somehow knew about it from before, and all the clues were hidden in the sketches he had made. So let’s find out what happened in Invasion episode 7 and what Trevante, Aneesha, and the kids ended up finding about the ongoing situation.

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Did Casper lose his psychic powers?

Though Casper had woken up from his slumber, he didn’t remember anything from the time he had been taken to the laboratory in France. He had made all these drawings that gave Jamila, Alfie, and Monty some hint as to what had happened there and who were those children that were being kept there, but still, they needed Casper to guide them. Casper was finding it very hard to remember things, and the worst of all was that he seemed to have lost that connection that we saw him have earlier in Invasion season 1.

Now Casper revealed to his friends that he believed that the other kids were the key to everything, and Monty got really annoyed when he heard that. All this while, Monty had been told that Casper was the key to everything and that he would play a crucial role in the battle with the aliens, but now here he was standing, totally confused. Casper said that he could hear the aliens, and so he could lead them to the place where the other kids had probably been taken. Jamila believed him, but soon, they came to know that Casper had no clue what he was doing or where he was taking them. They almost got killed by an alien, and Jamila realized at that moment in Invasion Episode 7 that Casper had probably lost his psychic powers. But unlike others, Jamila had faith in Casper, and she knew that, gradually, he would remember everything and get his powers back. Monty had a conversation with Jamila, who now wanted to go to Orleans to find the other kids, and he told her that they were putting their lives at risk by doing so. Monty told Jamila that Casper is like a void and that he cannot be trusted because he himself doesn’t know half of the things. Monty said that if she still wanted to go, then he would follow her because, more than anybody, he trusted her instincts. Monty was getting attracted to Jamila, but he was too scared to express his feelings to her. Since they had found Casper, his insecurities had increased even more because he could see that Jamila clearly loved him.

In Invasion episode 7, Jamila and Casper share an intimate moment, and Monty just sees them from a distance, getting jealous and feeling helpless. Jamila made Casper hear a song that they loved, and the latter slowly started remembering the tiniest details of that day when they had heard it for the first time. We still believe that Casper will play a crucial role in the battle between humans and aliens, and soon, we will see him getting hold of things and re-establishing that connection (assuming that it has been temporarily severed due to some reason), which he had. We had seen in Invasion Season 1 what Casper was capable of, and we believe it was just a matter of time; he just needed the right trigger to come right back on track once again.

What Happened On The Farm?

Rose and Trevante figured out from the sketches that if they connected all the coordinates from where the people had disappeared, then a pattern could be seen, according to which there was something in the center of the spiral. Rose told Trevante that at the center, there was a farm that belonged to Ben Shelton, but now it had been taken by the military as they were carrying out some top-secret operation there. Trevante and Rose reached there, but they were spotted by the military personnel, and they had to make a run for their lives.

Somehow, they managed to save themselves, and Rose realized that they would have to find a hiding place for the night. Rose unwillingly took Trevante to her sister-in-law’s place, as she didn’t know anybody else there. So Rose and Trevante reached Marlene’s house, and that’s when Trevante got to know that Billy, the person who had also been taken by the aliens, was actually Rose’s husband. Rose and Billy had been having issues for the longest time, and she asked him for a divorce. Rose told Trevante that Billy was not a bad man, but things just didn’t work out between them.

After his disappearance, Rose felt guilty, and now that she knew that there was a probability that he was still alive, she became even more restless, and she wanted to find out what had happened to him. Trevante also opened up about how his son’s death had affected him, and things were never the same after that. Trevante decided that he hadn’t come this far for nothing and that he would find the truth no matter what. He knew that a convoy of military trucks was going to pass through the farm the next day, and he got on one of the trucks and reached the base. There was a huge well there, and Trevante realized that the military was hiding something inside it. In Invasion season 2, episode 7, we are not shown what was inside that well, but we can assume that it was something top secret that the military and the WDC didn’t want the citizens to know about. In the next few episodes, we will get to know if Trevante is able to find out what is happening there and if it helps him connect the dots and find a solution to the ongoing problem.

What did Aneesha come to know about Project Idabel?

Aneesha, Clark, and the surviving members of the Movement finally reached Camp Pierce, and they realized that there were not a lot of officers present there at the post. Hanley, as usual, was against breaking into the facility, and he didn’t want to put the lives of his people at risk just to save one girl. There were just 12 of them left, as a lot of people had lost their lives during the alien attack that took place while they were coming there. Clark told Aneesha that she wouldn’t be able to save her daughter alone, and he asked her to appeal to the emotional sides of Hanley and others. Clark knew that they were good people, but they were just very scared for their lives, and they were letting their fears overpower their judgment.

Aneesha opened up to them and told them that even if they didn’t come with her, she would understand, as she would have also done the same thing. Aneesha’s honesty worked, and Hanley and others decided to join her in her mission. They took over Camp Pierce and asked one of the corporals where they had kept Sarah. For the longest time, the corporal didn’t reveal anything to them, but one of the members of the Movement found out that Sarah was probably being taken to Oklahoma, where the military was carrying out an operation known as Project Idabel. Now, this was the same sight where Trevante had gone and found that well in which the military was hiding something.

During Invasion episode 7’s ending, we saw that Sarah was still pretty much alive, and Trevante had seen the military personnel taking her inside a room. Aneesha had gotten to know that the military was conducting some dangerous experiments and that her daughter was not safe there. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know what it was that the military knew that the civilians did not and what exactly they were trying to do in Project Idabel.

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