‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Mitsuki Find A Portal To The Alien World?


The aliens were still on Earth, and in the seventh episode of Invasion, we had seen that Mitsuki had finally made a breakthrough, and the leaders of the world got some hope that they might be able to come out victorious at the other end. She believed that the aliens had a language and if she was able to decode it, she would be able to understand their purpose better and probably formulate a strategy that helped the cause of mankind. Trevante and Rose had found out about the Idaho project, and they were trying to breach the base camp, though the kind of security that was present made it very difficult for them to go ahead with their plans. Casper was still trying to fathom what had happened to him and how he had been able to save himself when the aliens attacked the hospital. Slowly, his friends were losing trust in him, but the poor boy was helpless, and he was also trying to find answers. So let’s find out what happened in Invasion episode 8 and if the WDC, Trevante, Casper, and Mitsuki are able to make any progress.

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What Was Happening With Casper?

Jam, Monty, and Alfie had no clue what was happening with Casper, and even when they reached the Orleans lab, where the other kids were present, the doctors weren’t able to explain anything. Casper, at one point in time, had the strongest connection with the aliens, but now somehow he had lost touch with them, though he could still hear the kids in his mind. The other kids said that they were all, at one point in time, in that dark realm, which looked like a parallel world, and they had all seen Casper. When the seismic event was triggered by the aliens, Casper sat there unaffected, while other children felt like their insides were going to burst due to the high pitch of the frequency. Jamila and Monty had both started distrusting Casper, and they didn’t know on whose side he was. They were inclined to believe that the poor boy was somehow helping the aliens, and Casper just sat there feeling lost in oblivion and unable to comprehend anything as of then. Casper, in the upcoming episodes of the Invasion, would have a lot to figure out since everybody needed him and they expected him to deliver when the time came. 

Was Mitsuki Able To Decode The Alien Language?

Mitsuki knew that it was a big breakthrough, and she wanted to do her research and try to understand the language of the aliens. It had been days since Mitsuki had last gone inside that chamber, and Nikhil was getting restless as he believed that she wouldn’t be able to achieve anything by sitting outside. Maya’s bias had become very clear until Invasion Season 2 episode 8, and Nikhil was scared that her affection would come in the way of her prudence. Nikhil was a believer in ruthless pragmatism, and he wanted others to act in a similar way. Maya had told Nikhil that he couldn’t commit the crime of sending Mitsuki back into the chamber, as he would be putting her life at risk. But Nikhil didn’t care about anything, and all he wanted to do was show the WDC what he and his company were capable of doing.

The war had become quite personal for Nikhil, and he was ready to go to any extent to defeat the aliens. People till now hadn’t distrusted his ways and means because he had been able to give them results, and that was the sole reason why the President and the other leaders from the WDC always put up with his erratic behavior. Mitsuki went inside the room where all the other scientists who led the mission before her were staying. She noticed them making a ticking noise, and that’s when she got an epiphany of sorts that made her realize that they were trying to communicate something.

The scientists, who were believed to have lost their minds, were actually speaking the language of the aliens. The ticking sounds were like binary code, and Mitsuki wanted to study the pattern and decipher what it meant. Nikhil lost his patience, and he wasn’t able to stop himself from having a one-on-one conversation with Mitsuki. Nikhil tried to trigger Mitsuki and told her that she could not keep running away from facing the real challenge. He said that her research work wouldn’t be able to give them leverage and that she would have to go back into that chamber if she wanted to stop the Invasion. Mitsuki hadn’t found a way to decode the frequency, and she got influenced by Nikhil and decided to once again go inside the chamber.

Did Mitsuki Find A Portal To The Alien World?

Maya told Nikhil that she wouldn’t be a part of this madness, and if he coerced Mitsuki to go inside the chamber again, she would quit her job. Nikhil was blinded by desperation and that’s why he accepted her resignation readily and asked her to leave. Maya, before leaving the premises, disabled all three suits that were coded to Mitsuki, making sure that she wouldn’t be able to go inside the chamber. Nikhil was just done with everything, and he took the decision to go inside alone. It was the worst possible decision made by Nikhil, who increased the frequency to such an extent that the aliens started writhing in pain. They took Nikhil inside, and for a moment, Mitsuki thought that she had lost him. But seconds later, his body was thrown outside, and Mitsuki and Maya dragged him out. Nikhil was unconscious, and Maya didn’t know if he would ever wake up or not.

The aliens retaliated by causing a worldwide seismic event with multiple epicenters. The WDC called in the Amazon lab to know what they had been up to, as the entire world was standing on the brink of destruction. Mitsuki, amidst all the chaos, realized that she would have to go inside the chamber as the aliens only communicated with her. At the end of Invasion season 2, episode 8, when Mitsuki came out, she revealed to Maya that the thing inside the chamber was like a portal through which they could reach the alien world. Mitsuki told Maya that she had now accidentally destroyed it and closed the only way that could have led them to their world. She hadn’t done it intentionally, but now she knew that she probably couldn’t retract her steps.

In the upcoming episodes of Invasion, we would get to know if the portal opened somewhere else or if the damage that Mitsuki had done was irreversible. There was a lot of ambiguity over what was happening with Casper, and even Trevante and Rose still had to figure out what lay inside that well in the Idaho project base camp. We don’t think the WDC would be able to hold the secrets for much longer because now the world was literally falling apart, and people like Trevante, Casper, Mitsuki, Luke, and a bunch of others were key to winning this battle.

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