‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Where Did The Portals Lead To?


Mitsuki had made contact with the aliens in the eighth episode of Invasion Season 2, and after she destroyed it, she came to the realization that it was a portal that led to some unknown place. President Benya had been informed about it, and the WDC had been able to find out that aliens were present in the no-alien zones as well, which meant that they were using some sort of technology to cloak themselves. This was very bad news for human beings in general, and Benya knew that if her team wasn’t able to make a breakthrough now, then it would be too late to save planet Earth. She was running out of options, and with Nikhil now out of the game and Mitsuki feeling shaken after her last encounter, she didn’t know who to bank on. So let’s find out what happens in Invasion episode 9 and if the human beings are able to make any sort of discovery through which they are able to stop the alien attack.

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Was Aneesha able to find Sarah?

Aneesha, together with the members of the Movement, finally reached the farm where the military was running their top secret operation called the Idaho Project and where they believed they had taken Sarah. Aneesha told Clark that if he wanted, he could stay behind, and she wouldn’t hold any grudges against any of them. Aneesha knew that it was not fair that so many people were putting their lives at risk for her daughter. But Clark, being the man that he was, didn’t let Aneesha go alone, and together with others, they trespassed inside the military compound with the help of the soldier they had taken captive from Camp Pierce.

Aneesha and Clark went inside the camp, and they found Trevante and Rose locked up in the cell. Trevante told Aneesha that he was on her side and that she should free him so that he could help her cause. All four of them dodged the soldiers, and Aneesha was finally able to find and reunite with Sarah. She took Sarah in her arms and climbed out of the bunker, but her happiness was short-lived as the soldiers once again found her and took her into custody.

Meanwhile, Rose entered a room inside the facility, where she found her husband, Billy, and the others who had disappeared overnight. The military was trying to run some kind of test on these people, probably to get more information about the aliens, though we believe they hadn’t been able to find anything substantial. We believe that in the finale episode of Invasion season 2, we might witness the military cooperating with the likes of Aneesha, Trevante, Luke, and Rose, because, till now, they, too, hadn’t been able to make any kind of breakthrough. Not listening to Trevante and Rose hadn’t led them anywhere, and they probably realized that it was about time they revealed their secrets and sought help from the civilians because, in this particular case, they knew more than the army personnels did.

What happened between Casper and Monty?

Since the previous episode of Invasion, Monty has been questioning Casper’s allegiance, and he doesn’t have any sort of trust in him. In Invasion Episode 9, Casper woke up from his subconscious state, and he told the others that he saw a light, though he didn’t know what it meant. Now Casper wanted to go back again and find more clues, but Esmee, the doctor of the facility, wanted to inform WDC about it first and get permission from them, as she didn’t know how safe it would be to send him back again. Meanwhile, Jamila proposed that she could also go with Casper, as there was some sort of connection that Casper shared with her. She had seen Casper in her dreams, and that is what had led them to France.

Even Casper had told her that had she not been there, he wouldn’t have been able to come back in a conscious state of mind. Monty, once again, in front of everybody, questioned Casper’s loyalty, and that’s when the latter lost his temper. Casper ended up telling Jamila and others that Monty was doing all this only because he loved her, and he couldn’t accept the fact that she did not reciprocate his feelings. Casper almost immediately realized that he had crossed the line, and so he went to Monty and apologized for his behavior. Monty told Casper that, keeping their personal issues aside, he still thinks that it is not safe to take Jamila with him, and Casper somewhat agreed with his opinion. Later, in Invasion Episode 9, Jamila got upset when she heard that Casper wanted her to let him be. But Casper was just looking out for Jamila because, just like Monty, he, too, adored her and wanted her to be safe at all costs.

What did Mitsuki and Casper find out about the portals?

Mitsuki was trying her level best to find a breakthrough, but she was just not able to figure out anything. She was in a very chaotic mindspace, and Maya also noticed that she was having a hard time focusing. Maya told Mitsuki to take some rest and not put her life at risk anymore. She was scared that her friend would end up like all those scientists present there and would lose her mind completely. But Mitsuki was feeling restless from within, and she knew that unless and until she figured out a way out of this mess, she was not going to stop. We felt that somewhere, Mitsuki blamed herself for destroying the portal, and her last visit inside the alien chamber had taken a toll on her. Mitsuki hoped that the president, Benya, and the researchers working under the ambit of the WDC would provide her with some help and tell them about the other portals. Mitsuki believed that if she was able to map the different portals present around the globe, then she would be able to figure out some kind of pattern. But the WDC refused to provide help, and Maya came and informed Mitsuki that they were on their own. Mitsuki, while trying to brainstorm options, suddenly remembered the voice of the boy she had heard when she was inside the hive mind of the aliens. Mitsuki’s gut feeling told her that the boy was the key to solving the mystery, and she went out into the forest to try to find some clues.

Mitsuki subconsciously entered what she referred to as “the other side,” though she had no clue what it was or what she would be able to find there. Just then, she heard a familiar voice, and she saw Casper standing in front of her. Casper told her that he was real and that his mind often took him there, though even he was trying to figure out what it all meant. Just then, they both had an epiphany of sorts, almost at the same time, after observing their surroundings and seeing those illuminated fibers going somewhere upward. Both Mitsuki and Casper opened their eyes in their repetitive places and told their people that the portals led to the mothership. It was the breakthrough that Mitsuki had been looking for all this while, and probably, with this information, she would be able to make some progress and get some leverage over the aliens, who didn’t seem to be in the mood to stop the invasion. Even Casper had some solid information now, and he wouldn’t feel as lost as he had felt after waking up from his slumber.

Maybe in the Invasion Season 2 final episode, he would be in a better position to give answers to his friends and to the doctors who were working relentlessly with the kids to figure out some solution to the ongoing issue. It was once again time to join forces, and in the grand finale of season 2, we might see the WDC, Casper, Mitsuki, Luke, and all those scientists working relentlessly, coming together, uniting their forces, saving mankind from the wrath of aliens, and probably figuring out a sustainable solution.

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