‘Karmma Calling’ Ending Explained: Is Karma’s Identity Revealed?


Karmma Calling was the first surprise of the year. It was everything that one would expect of it, yet it was lots of fun, which was a surprise. Maybe this is a predictable story for some people, but that doesn’t take away from how it pulls you into its universe in ways that one just cannot expect. Right from the dialogues that make you cringe initially to the clothes that have you confused as to whether they are basic or elegant, and finally to the plotline that has you rooting for the wrong people at the right times, this is a show worth watching, and here is the recap and ending of Karmma Calling.

Spoiler Alert 

Who is Karma Talwar?

Ambika Mehra is the daughter of Satyajit Mehra, the manager of Kotharis, who was wrongfully framed by them to take the fall for their financial scam. Ambika was eight years old when her father was arrested, and she was sent to an orphanage. A number of people had been responsible for what happened to her family. While the Kotharis were the direct culprits, they had help from Dolly Bhatia, Satyajit’s assistant, Nikhil Sethia, Satya’s former best friend, and a few others who sided with the Kotharis for their own benefit. These people have become successful in their own right, and they have all walked on the backs of Satyajit’s downfall. For a long time, Ambika herself believed that her father was guilty. However, when Zane Khan came back into her life with a box of proof, that changed everything.

Satyajit had helped Zane by investing in his business, and that made Satya, and eventually Ambika, major shareholders in his business. Zane felt indebted to Satya, and that is why he came back to Ambika to tell her the truth about her father. He gave her the box of letters that Satya had left behind for her, and once Ambika went through them, she realized what had happened in the past. Since then, her only goal has been revenge. But Ambika’s main target is Indrani Kothari. Ambika remembers that Indrani had an affair with her father. In his letters, Satyajit wrote that he had been counting on Indrani to deliver the evidence she had to prove his innocence. Yet, at the last minute, she had turned against him. These are the people that Ambika is up against. She changes her identity to Karma Talwar and slowly makes her place in the Alibaug circles, putting her plans into action.

How does Karma take out her enemies?

Karma’s first target is Dolly Bhatia, and all she has to do is innocently reveal that she was at a hotel from where her husband was taken to a hospital. Karma already knew that the ‘husband’ in question was Kaushal Kothari, and he was having an affair with Dolly. This leads to Indrani ostracizing Dolly from Alibaug, but her chapter is far from over. Dolly sensed that Karma had deliberately caught her in a weak moment, and she is curious about her, just as Indrani had started suspecting that not all is right with Karma. In the meantime, Kaushal is supporting Dolly, and the latter wants her old life back, which is why she is doing everything in her power to get back into Indrani’s good graces. But Karma finds an ingenious way to stop that from happening by framing Dolly for the scandal of Dayama. Indrani sends Sameer (her bouncer) to investigate, and the fake proof has already been planted in Dolly’s house by Zane. Sameer was just supposed to find out whether there was any truth to Indrani’s suspicions, but he ended up driving Dolly to fall from her balcony, which was witnessed by Zane, who is still hiding in the house. Sameer lies to Indrani that Dolly tried to commit suicide, and this starts a whole new chain of events, which we will come to later. However, Dolly doesn’t die. She is just in a coma.

Coming back to Dayama, she was previously the warden of the orphanage that Ambika used to stay at, and she was the one who eventually turned her against her father. Dayama had then started her own spiritual business with the help of Indrani, and that is what convinced Karma that she was one of the people responsible for her father’s downfall. Karma simply released some of the recordings of Dayama with her clients, and this breach of privacy cost her her business and credibility. Karma also used this opportunity to cast doubts on Indrani by kidnapping Dayama and locking her up in one of the Kotharis’ properties. Dayama is eventually released, and there is no case against Indrani, but the Kotharis’ reputation has taken a hit.

The other two targets of Karma are Nikhil Sethia and Muzammil Sayyed. Nikhil is currently a high-profile finance dealer who takes care of his clients’ investments. Karma makes him believe that Zane Khan is her personal advisor, and she drops a hint about wanting to invest in real estate. Nikhil believes that this tip has come from Zane, and he invests all of his clients’ money in the said stock without their consent. When Zane clarifies to the media that he was not interested in any such investment, Nikhil starts his damage control. However, his real loss is that he loses all his clients. The monetary loss was one part, but Karma’s main goal was to make Nikhil lose the people’s support for whom he had once framed her father.

As for Muzammil Sayyed, Karma cleverly blackmails him into resigning from politics if he doesn’t want the details of his affair with a minor leaked. After he resigns, Karma goes ahead and gives the news to the media, destroying the man effectively.

Is Karma’s Identity Revealed?

While Karma has been careful and worked with airtight plans, the things that work against her are the things she did not know or could not anticipate. First of all, she could never predict that Sameer would lie to Indrani or that he would try to kill Dolly. Karma sends the video to Kaushal, and that ends with Sameer getting fired and Indrani closing the door on him, but Sameer is determined to come back into the Kotharis’ lives. That sends him on a mission to find out who sent the video to Kaushal and what their hidden motive could be. From the CCTV, he discovers that Zane had been in Dolly’s house, and he figures out Karma’s involvement from that. When digging into Karma, he traces her back to the rehabilitation centre she grew up in and steals her file, that shows that Karma is a different girl altogether. Upon tracing her down, he finds that this girl is living under the name Ambika Mehra, and she doesn’t know where Karma is, which is why she is unable to blackmail her for more money. Sameer fills her in on the details, but before he can convey everything to Indrani, Ambika hits him on the head, probably killing him. She needs Karma’s identity to be protected if she has to blackmail her.

During Karmma Calling‘s ending, Ambika is on her way to Alibaug to meet Karma. Elsewhere, Dolly wakes up from her coma, and Karma’s secret is once again in danger. If Dolly talks about the picture or anything else she may have found, that places Karma in danger. Finally, in Alibaug itself, there are forces working against Karma. Ahaan, Indrani’s son, has fallen in love with Karma, and she has also started liking him against her will. But Karma also cannot ignore her feelings for her childhood friend, Vedang, who doesn’t know her real identity. Vedang almost confessed his love for Karma, but she turned him down. In the meantime, Krish, Ahaan’s friend, is doing everything he can to drive the couple apart. Ahaan gives him an ultimatum: if Krish doesn’t stop with his meddling, Ahaan will be forced to cut him out of his life.

Krish has been lying to everyone about his family and wealth, and Karma catches on to that. She sets up Zane to take care of that, and Zane ends up spending the night with Krish. It could be part of a plan, or maybe Zane has other ideas, which remain to be seen. Finally, Ahaan is unable to accept that Karma feels so strongly for Vedang, which he comes to know from Dash, who reveals it all in a fit of anger because of the insulting treatment of the Kotharis. Ahaan had been planning on proposing to Karma, and he gave her the ring he had bought for her. Karma is in tears because she knows this is the part of her revenge that she actually feels guilty about. As the season closes, the cracks in Indrani and Kaushal’s marriage become obvious and Karma’s carefully laid out plans are in danger of crumbling, with Ahaan walking away from her and Ambika and Dolly ready to expose her secrets. 

Final Thoughts

The trailer for Karmma Calling season 1 showed a moment or two from season 2, which means that it is not far from season 1. The season had opened with Karma and Ahaan’s engagement, so that is a clue that she takes care of things just fine. How she does that remains to be seen, including what comes after. 

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