‘Like Flowers In Sand’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Baek Du Confess His Love?


Like Flowers in Sand is neither a fast-paced series nor a heart-fluttering one. It is a sweet and simple watch that takes its time establishing the story of two soulmates who never had a choice except to be with each other. The series is almost reaching its end, so there may be some hasty conclusions and relationships, or it could take a turn in a way no one has anticipated so far. The story is taking its time to get to that point, and in the meantime, this is the recap of Episode 9.

Spoiler Alert

What is Mi Ran’s secret?

Mi Ran admits that she never believed that Du Sik’s father was the culprit. She clearly remembers that match-fixing, and the betting started in the village after Chil Seong arrived there, so she had always found it doubtful that Du Sik’s father could have something to do with the initial match-fixing offer or the murder that followed. She had come to the village to get answers to these very questions. In the last two weeks preceding Chil Seong’s death, he had visited her cafe, and he knew her real identity. He told her that he had dragged her father into the world of match-fixing, and he also took the blame for his murder, saying that it was his actions that led to it. Chil Seong asks Mi Ran to accompany him so that he can show her the truth, and it was on that night that they ran into a drunk Baek Du in the streets. Mi Ran couldn’t go with Chil Seong because he received a call and had to leave. He told Mi Ran that he would meet her the next day, but his dead body was found instead. This was the mystery of Chil Seong in the town. He had come to meet Mi Ran and clarify things, but he had ended up dead. Mi Ran remembers that the first three digits of the phone number calling the man were the code of the village, meaning that whoever he was talking to was in Geosan. Therefore, they still had some investigating left to do.

Du Sik and Hyeon Ok could go back to Seoul because the purpose of their visit, which was to trace Chil Seong’s journey, was over. But Du Sik wants to stay back and solve the rest of the case, and Hyeon Ok also wants to help her. Their officer wonders whether Du Sik has another reason to stay back. Maybe she knows Du Sik’s past or suspects her connection to the village, just like Hyeon Ok did, but Du Sik doesn’t admit to anything. She is told to finish her task in ten days and come back to Seoul. Meanwhile, there is mayhem in Geosan.

Why are rumors flying in Geosan?

One of Baek Du’s friends had seen him with Du Sik at the bus stand, and he had detected a closeness between them. He told his wife about Baek Du possibly having an affair with her, and that rumor spread like wildfire. Soon, the entire village will know about it, and they are gossiping behind his back. Nobody says anything to his family, but they have sensed that something is amiss. Even in the ssireum center, people have sensed that Baek Du may have something with Du Sik. They remember how he was smiling when he had to give her a piggyback ride at the beach to lose weight. But it is a great scandal that she is married. On one hand, people say that Baek Du is too innocent and straightforward to be doing this. But in the same breath, they also say that it is the ‘innocent’-looking ones who turn out this way. Essentially, everyone has spun a narrative for their own entertainment, and they are all sticking with it.

Does Baek Du confess his Feelings?

While talking about Mi Ran, Du Sik mentions that she lost everything because of the scandal. She also says that Baek Du has probably lost nothing, and he ends up not liking this statement. While everyone wants privilege, nobody likes it when that is pointed out to them, and that is exactly what Baek Du is feeling. He feels as if he has lost something but is struggling to articulate that. In the meantime, all he can do is think about Du Sik and wait for her to show up. He notices that everyone is talking about him and that people are giving him death glares and side glances, but his focus is on Du Sik. Baek Du also asks his mother whether he has lost something or not, and she is quick to catch that Baek Du must be thinking about a girl.

Meanwhile, Hyeon Ok has noticed that people have started looking at him with pity. Initially, they were all fascinated by the ‘suave, handsome, and urban’ man, as he described himself, but that has disappeared now. Du Sik jokes that it is because they may have realized his true personality. However, she comes to know the truth soon enough when Mi Ran tells her what the villagers are talking about. She tells Baek Du this and says that he should stand up to people and tell them to mind their own business; otherwise, they would be sued for spreading false rumors. But Baek Du is more offended that Du Sik has said that there is nothing between them.

At the end of Like Flowers in Sand episode 9, when Baek Du’s mother confronts him in front of everyone regarding the rumor, he calls out the entire town for their attitude towards the gossip and how real proof of innocence or guilt doesn’t matter as long as they are able to derive entertainment from other people’s misery. If that wasn’t the case, they would have believed Du Sik and her father when they were declared innocent by the police. Baek Du runs to Du Sik and tells her that years ago, he had lost her. He had been in love with her even as a child, and when he lost her, he ended up liking her a little less because he couldn’t share it with her. This is why he is doing better now, because she has once again become a part of his life, and he loves her.

Final Thoughts

Du Sik will not confess her feelings as easily as Baek Du did. She may not even have realized them until now. Considering that, maybe the happy ending of this series would be her catching the culprit and telling Baek Du how much she loves him.

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