‘Moon Knight’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Steven Find Ammit’s Ushabti? Is Marc In A Hospital?


“Moon Knight” Episode 3 ended on a pretty dire note as Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham) was last seen trying to locate Ammit’s tomb by literally moving the night sky to the time when Senfu recorded the coordinates. The catch is that since Khonshu has manipulated the sky once before, he is going to be imprisoned in a miniature stone statue of himself because the gods don’t want to make their presence known to everybody. Khonshu’s capture leads to Marc’s (Oscar Isaac) disappearance and Steven’s unconsciousness. This allows Harrow (Ethan Hawke) to execute his plan more freely, as there is no one to resist him, and he even has the gods believing in him. The only person who is apparently alive and well enough to make a difference is Layla (May Calamawy).

Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead and written by Alex Meenehan, Peter Cameron, and Sabir Pirzada, “Moon Knight” Episode 4 starts off with Layla trying to wake up Steven or Marc. She tries to drag him to the jeep they came in. But she is spotted by Harrow’s disciples, who were tracking her and Steven. They begin to shoot at her, and she manages to roll Steven and herself off of a dune, thereby bringing them nearer to their jeep. Unable to find Layla, the disciples target an unconscious Steven. Before anything happens to him, Layla throws a flare into the crate of bullets the disciples were carrying, and it goes up in flames. Layla stares at the genius of her explosive work and then turns to her left to learn that Steven has woken from his little beauty sleep.

Major Spoilers for “Moon Knight” Episode 4

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A Journey into Horus’s Eye

Given how Layla had saved the location of Ammit’s tomb at the nick of time, she and Steve take a road trip to that spot only to find that someone has already been there. That someone is Harrow. While scouring through the abandoned campsite, Marc and Steve have an argument over who gets to control the body because, as mentioned in an earlier episode, the longer one persona has control, the harder it gets for the other one to come to the surface. And the reason Marc keeps wanting to get his hands on the proverbial steering wheel is because he wants to save himself and Layla from whatever dangers lie ahead. Steven refuses, and he and Layla find themselves in the part of the chamber shaped like Horus’s Eye that’s home to a nasty, mummy-like beast that feeds on humans.

In an attempt to confuse the beast, Layla takes off in one direction while Steven goes in another. The beast goes after Layla, who comes across a pit with no end and no bridge on top of it. Still, she manages to get to the other side of the chasm, only to be ensnared by the beast. After a brief brawl, she throws the beast into the pit and starts walking in Steven’s general direction. And she’s confronted by Harrow. 

Meanwhile, Steve and Marc look for Ammit’s ushabti (the small statue that imprisons these gods) and find it in Alexander the Great’s gullet. Since Harrow reassures Layla that it is, in fact, Marc who killed her father, Steve’s celebration is short-lived as he is forced to give control to Marc so that he can sort things out with Layla. Marc confesses that it was his partner that killed Layla’s father and tried to kill him too. But Marc was saved by Khonshu.

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“Moon Knight” Episode 4: Ending Explained – Does Marc Die or Does He Finally Wake Up?

Upon hearing Harrow and his men converge on Marc and Layla, Marc tells Layla to hide while he fends off Harrow and his mercenaries. Harrow gives him the chance to live a life as a freeman, free of Khonshu’s orders. But Marc resorts to violence and kills a few of Harrow’s disciples. In return, Harrow shoots Marc, apparently killing him. However, instead of straight-up dying, Marc falls through a seemingly bottomless body of water. Then the narrative shifts to an Indiana Jones-esque TV show. And guess what the protagonist’s name is? Yes, it’s Steven Grant, i.e., the name that Steven goes by. The camera pulls back a little further to reveal that everyone from Donna to the living statue, Harrow’s disciples, Layla, and Marc are in a psychiatric hospital, with Marc being in a particularly catatonic state.

Marc tries to get off his chair but sees that he’s tied to it with the same restraint that Steven used to tie himself to the wooden beam in his apartment. He also finds a toy of Moon Knight on him, thereby confirming the suspicion a little more that everything we’ve seen so far from Marc’s perspective is unreliable. But the real kicker arrives when Harrow unmasks himself as Marc’s psychiatrist, suggesting Marc to take meds and whatnot. But Marc obviously doesn’t buy it and escapes Harrow’s quarters and tries to escape the facility by looking for an exit. While turning a corner in the hallway, Marc notices a shift in his reality’s gravity, thereby giving him a much-needed hint that he’s not in an actual psychiatric hospital and someone is tricking him into thinking otherwise. He receives further proof of the same after coming across Steven in his physical form trapped in a sarcophagus in a patient’s room.

Steven and Marc say that the last memory they have is of Harrow shooting them, further proving that the psychiatric hospital is a construct meant to entrap Moon Knight in general. But their journey to get out of this mental prison of sorts comes to a bizarre end as Steven and Marc are stopped in their tracks by none other than Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility (whose plushies Steven had to carry in the first episode). What is that supposed to mean? Maybe someone (Ammit or Harrow) is playing games with Marc because they think he is a worthy adversary. Maybe Marc’s soul has somehow transferred into the last thing he was holding in his hands, i.e. Ammit’s ushabti and he is being forced to face everything that he fears by Ammit. And the only way to escape it is by finding Khonshu and forcing him to find the courage to face his worst demons. Or that maybe Steven has been in a psychiatric hospital all along.

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