‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 11 & 12 Recap and Ending Explained: Does Mr. Gu leave Sanpo?


In the previous episodes of “My Liberation Notes,” we saw that Gi-Jeong feels like she’s abandoning Tae-Hoon despite being the one getting rejected. Chang-Hee gets his hands on Mr. Gu’s car and is overjoyed to drive it. Mr. Gu sees a personality resemblance between his ex-lover and Mi-Jeong, which scares him. He warns Baek to stay put; otherwise, he’ll get back at him. Let’s find out what happens next!

Who is the new member of the Liberation Club?

Mi-Jeong learns that the HR representative at Joy Support Center has recently joined the Liberation Club. In her first meeting with the club members, she confesses how she has a compulsive habit of smiling in the company of others, even when she’s not feeling happy. Her deep-rooted need to please others makes it difficult for her to stop smiling, even when at a funeral! The fact that the HR representative, who earlier did not understand the point of the Liberation Club, shows how impactful the club can be. Everyone carries some emotional baggage or insecurity that they wish to be liberated from without any judgment or external input. In a way, the Liberation Club acts like a makeshift therapy session that helps people free themselves from their baggage.

One day at her office, Mi-Jeong’s team leader humiliates her for her clumsy dressing sense. The incident leaves a mark on her, and she shares her feelings with Gu. Mi-Jeong confesses how most of the competent workers of her office whom she liked had left as they were desirable at any other workplace. However, jerks like her team leader stayed because they instinctively knew they had nowhere else to go! She shares how she finds it hard to let go of her anger for days in situations like this. Despite Mi-Jeong having started a Liberation Club, Mr. Gu is often her personal channel of liberation: where all her guards come down! 

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Do Gi-Jeong and Tae-Hoon start dating?

Having felt sorry for Gi-Jeong’s embarrassment at his sister’s restaurant, Tae-Hoon insists on taking her to lunch as an apology. When Gi-Jeong discusses this with Jin-U, he tells her that she should play hard to get. He had previously rejected her, and now it is her time to take the upper hand. However, she disagrees and asks him how texting him late is a good thing if it makes him anxious. Gi-Jeong’s genuine and straightforward attitude gives Jin-U a lot to think about. He contemplates how all his life, he believed playing hard to get was a good thing!

At lunch, Gi-Jeong talks about her plans to love someone this winter or shave her head and let go of worldly desires. Tae-Hoon responds that he could be her “anyone,” indicating that they should start dating. When Gyeong-Seon interrupts their date, trying to set the two apart, Tae-Hoon stays firm and asks her to leave. Gi-Jeong is thrilled about dating Tae-Hoon. She tells him what to expect while dating a girl from Sanpo and that he should not offer to drop her off at home. Tae-Hoon tells her that as a single dad, he would not be able to see her on holidays and special occasions. The two start a healthy relationship with mutual understanding and respect.

On the other hand, Jin-U realizes that he is sick of his girlfriend’s constant suspicion and immature attitude and breaks up with her. Reflecting on his previous dating ideals, he realizes how he has dated many women but never found true love! The series hints at a subtle love triangle between the three. However, regardless of Jin-U’s feelings for Gi-Jeong (which might just be a good friendship), her relationship with Tae-Hoon seems very promising! When Yu-Rim (his daughter) asks Tae-Hoon about why he likes Gi-Jeong, he tells her that she lets him relax and likes him without expecting him to be perfect all the time! On the other hand, Jin-U tells Gi-Jeong about his break-up.

What does Chang-Hee do with Gu’s car?

After getting his hands on Gu’s Rolex, Chang-Hee drives it everywhere and offers rides to his friends and colleagues. He takes it to a party with Hyeon-Ah and gives a ride to Ye-Rin too. Chang-Hee thinks that having a big car will help him get any girl, and he regrets not having one when they were still dating. However, Ye-Rin is least concerned with his car and is instead conscious of not letting her feelings for Chang-Hee be visible.

One day, during a dinner with office colleagues, Chang-Hee meets with Da-Yeon and remembers how she was flirting with him the last time. He finds an opportunity that he hadn’t gotten while dating Ye-Rin and offers to drop her off at home in his car. Unfortunately, Chang-Hee finds out that the car has been towed and now has a dent on it! He realized that he had misused someone else’s car and had now gotten in trouble for it. His father, too, had forbidden him from shamelessly using Mr. Gu’s car. He musters some courage and tells Mr. Gu about the dent. When Gu runs after him, Chang-Hee decides to get him too exhausted to beat him and continues running.

Who is Hyeon-Ah running away from?

When Hyeon-Ah is about to leave her house to meet Chang-Hee at the club, she is interrupted by an unfriendly middle-aged woman. The woman screams threats at her from her door and asks for her money back. Somehow, Hyeon-Ah manages to run away from the woman. She takes Chang-Hee to a very expensive club and buys him an expensive drink, saying that she has millions of won transferred to her bank account. This gets Chang-Hee worried about her. Hyeon-Ah tells him that she would never commit suicide in her life, but her death would definitely be through murder! Hyeon-Ah’s statement shows that she is living her life on thin ice and can fall at any time! This is the reason why she tries not to worry about petty problems and lives like there’s no tomorrow!

When Chang-Hee finally stops running from Mr. Gu, he goes to the hospital where Hyeon-Ah’s ex-boyfriend is admitted. He finds out that her ex has been paying Hyeon-Ah generously to simply come and visit him. He had lived a lonely life that made him take extreme measures to have people around him. The woman following Hyeon-Ah is her ex’s mother, who only cares about getting her money back, even when her son is in critical condition. Chang-Hee learns from her ex that Hyeon-Ah keeps talking about him all the time, making him wonder. Chang-Hee’s love angle in the series is the most unclear as he fluctuates between Ye-Rin, Da-Yeon, and now even Hyeon-Ah, who seemed like just a friend all this while! While every other aspect of the series looks right on track, it is his love story that seems to have lost its plot.

‘My Liberation Notes’ Episode 12 Ending Explained: Why do Mi-Jeong and Gu break up?

While working at Sanpo sinks, Mr. Gu senses that he is being spied on. When he finally chases the men who are following him, he suspects they are Baek’s goons. However, they turn out to be Chairman Shin’s men, who take Gu Ja-Gyeong to him. Chairman Shin tells Gu that his empire is being exploited by Baek for unethical affairs and that he must return to his rightful position. Having settled himself into the peaceful life at Sanpo, Gu says that he needs time to think about it.

One day, Gu’s apparent elder brother, Hyeon-Jin, makes his way to the Yeom family and has lunch with them. When he suspects that Gu has had a rendezvous with one of the family’s daughters, he confronts him. He tells Gu Ja-Gyeong that they cannot handle their business without Gu’s leadership. He also informs his brother that Baek is selling drugs and must be stopped. This news alarms Ja-Gyeong. Fortunately, when the police chase Baek, he accidentally lands on a mesh of metal rods and dies while escaping! After Baek’s death, Mr. Gu figures out that he has no choice but to return to his business in Seoul. While being in love with Mi-Jeong, he realizes that his living in Sanpo puts the Yeom family in danger. Having no other choice left, Gu Ja-Gyeong decides to break up with Mi-Jeong and leave Sanpo! Mi-Jeong tells him that she is strangely not angry but nonetheless sad that he has to leave. Mr. Gu’s return to Seoul promises that the further episodes will let us know more about his past and how his relationship progresses with Mi-Jeong. Will the two get back together? Will Gi-Jeong and Tae-Hoon’s mature relationship flourish? Will Chang-Hee find direction in life?

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