‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 4: Recap/Ending – Will Ko-o Work With Nu-a?


Our Beloved Summer Episode 4 opens with the documentary shoot. However no one seems happy with it. Ung is grumpy and says mean words to Yeon Su, which hurts her deeply. Ji Ung thinks that the documentary is going in no direction. With that, there has been an attack on the originality of Ung or Ko-o’s art. Will they all eve be able to work together and finish the documentary?

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 4: Recap

Kim Ji Ung has started filming the documentary, but it is not going well. Ung and Yeon Su have made a list of rules to be followed, Yeon Su’s being bigger. Despite everything, Ji Ung is not getting any footage that could actually make the documentary interesting like it was in their high school. Ung is either sleeping, sometimes drawing, or peeling vegetables. On the other hand, Yeon Su is always busy at work. Ji Ung decides to create a concept and film according to that.

Ji Ung is a hardworking person but often comes off as cold-hearted and hence unapproachable. No more than one of his co-workers gets along with him. To present the concept of the documentary, Ji Ung calls Yeon Su and Ung together. Before he could come and talk to them, they have a cold fight. Yeon Su leaves, and Ung tells Ji Ung that he’s having thoughts to reconsider doing the documentary. 

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Who Confessed First?

Both Yeon Su and Ung have different outlooks on who initiated their relationship. However, they both agree that it was on the last day of their documentary filming in high school. The producer had gone to get batteries, and Yeon Su and Ung sat under a roof while it rained outside. According to Ung, Yeon Su acted differently that day. She looked kinder, more approachable than ever, maybe because it was the last day of the shoot. 

Yeon Su thought Ung was acting weird that day. He gave her his shirt because it was cold when he was the one who caught the fever. When talking about their time spent together, Ung starts calling her names. She tells him to stop because she already knows how much he hates her. He claims that to be untrue, and the awkward conversation that follows leads to Ung confessing to Yeon Su. Both had feelings for each other, but no one wanted to say it. However, the situation and the weather helped them get together. 

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 4: Ending

Just when Ko-o is going to start the live drawing project, the artist Nu-a accuses him of Plagiarism on National Television. When he goes to a meeting with Mr. Jang and Yeon Su, Jang confronts him directly about Plagiarism which he declines, though quite hesitantly. Jang invites him to the party, where he agrees to go only because Yeon Su is going too. He had heard Yeon Su’s colleagues talking about Mr. Jang having a crush on Yeon Su, and that seemed to bug him.

Ung has never been to a party before and doesn’t know how to dress for one. He asks NJ for help, who helps him choose his attire. He dresses very unlike him for the party that Yeon Su doesn’t recognize. He is not really interested in the party and is just enjoying the food when the artist Nu-a comes to talk to him. After exchanging some bitter words, Ung tries to leave when Nu-a tells him that he is working on the same project. Ung was given no idea about it. He confronts Yeon Su regarding this and leaves the party in rage after not getting an answer.

With the way they talked to each other, Ko-o and Nu-a possibly know each other already. Otherwise chill and laid back, Ung got enraged when he was told to work with Nu-a. It is a do-or-die situation for Ung now. If he has to prove his innocence and claim his artistry, he has no choice but to work with Nu-a. The question is – will he?

Our Beloved Summer is a 2021 South Korean Romantic Drama starring Woo-sik Choi and Kim Da-Mi in the lead roles.

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