‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap/Ending – Does Yeon Su Confess Her Feelings?


In the Previous Episode of Our Beloved Summer, Ung and Yeon Su relived the moment of their first kiss. They kissed each other in the rain during the documentary shoot, as they had done during their high school days. But, repeating the same pattern from the past, Ung and Yeon Su ran away to Seoul to avoid awkwardness. What will this new spark mean for them, a mistake or something more?

Ung & Yeon Su Reflect On Their Action

After coming back to Seoul, Ung and Yeon Su do not contact each other. Ung catches a cold and lies in bed for two days. On the other hand, Yeon Su is restless about why Ung hasn’t called her yet. She doesn’t think about such trivial things and deems them meaningless, but this time it bothers her a lot. She tells Soli about their kiss, and she sees it as just two ex-lovers falling into the trap of the mood. Yeon Su, however, keeps talking about Ung, and Soli assumes that Yeon Su still has feelings for Ung and wants to date him again. Yeon Su admits it to be true when all of it becomes obvious and she’s exposed herself.

Yeon Su visits Ung to understand his feelings towards her, and Ung wants to know the same. She blames him for ghosting her after what had happened, but before she can express herself, Ung declares that he does not want to date her again. Surprised by his sudden declaration, drunk Yeon Su is a mess of emotions and curses Ung for his behavior. Ung is calm and gives her a proposition. He asks her if they could be friends because they had never tried to be friends, and Yeon Su agrees right away.

In the past, they were just classmates and started dating each other without understanding each other as friends. This created a void in their relationship, which they failed to realize during their high school days. Yeon Su clearly has feelings for Ung but wants to give time to bridge the gap between them, and starting out as friends will probably be the best way to understand each other better. Will being friends bring them closer again?

The Love Triangles (Feat. NJ & Ji Ung)

NJ is always a target of hate comments on the internet. There are comments on her beauty, her relationships, her materialistic possessions, and more. Even though she is used to it, it still worries her sometimes. She has found her new interest in Ung, who becomes her escape from the painful reality. But Ung is not the same as the guys she had dated before. He is dense and doesn’t pay heed to NJ’s feelings towards him. NJ, though frustrated, finds it exciting to pursue Ung.

From their first day of high school, Kim Ji Ung had a crush on Yeon Su. He liked her long before Ung did, but after Yeon Su and Ung started dating each other, Kim felt guilty about wanting his best friend’s girlfriend. Now, because of the documentary, his heart has wavered again. When Chae Ran asks him if he has a crush on Yeon Su, Ji Ung confirms his feelings. But will he be able to express his feelings to Yeon Su and break the trust in his and Ung’s friendship? If Ung just wants to be friends with Yeon Su, will he be okay if she dates his best friend, Ji Ung?

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 10: Ending

After Ung and Yeon Su decide to begin their friendship, Yeon Su spends the night at Ung’s home. She is quite happy to have finally made a friend after so long. She was going to stay one more night, but Ji Ung showed up all of a sudden, and she left to avoid him. Ji Ung is equally surprised to see her with Ung. Yeon Su returns the next day but sees NJ recording a video for the documentary, which makes her uncomfortable. She further discovers that NJ and Ung are going on a date, which upsets her even more.

When Ung visits Yeon Su at her home, her grandmother scolds Ung for making Yeon Su cry in the past. After Ung leaves, Yeon Su tells her grandmother that she had made Ung cry in the first place. It was her fault, and she regrets it every day. Her feelings for Ung had never faded, but Ung seemed to have moved on. Will she ever confess to Ung, or will they just stay friends? If this happens, will Ji Ung and NJ have a chance with them? The upcoming episodes of Our Beloved Summer will reveal the fates of the love birds better. Stay Tuned.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 9 & 10 are streaming on Netflix.

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