‘Parish’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Gracian Betray Horse In The Future?


In the previous episode of Parish, we saw that Horse met Gracian once again, as he wanted him to work for the Tongai family. Gracian was a man of integrity, and the people who knew him held him in very high regard. Horse needed people like Gracian around him, and he was adamant about changing Gracian’s mind. Gracian was also going through a very tough phase in his life. His garage wasn’t making that much profit, and things had become so bad that he was entertaining the thought of selling his house and moving to a more affordable locality. Gracian didn’t want to do it, as there were a lot of memories attached to that house, but he knew that it was the most rational option he had. So, let’s recap the third episode of Parish to find out if Gracian was able to save Horse’s life or not.

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Who Wanted To Kill Horse? 

We saw in the previous episode of Parish that a few armed men followed Horse’s car and then suddenly started shooting at him. Gracian managed to run away with Horse’s son, Luke, and once he made sure that the little boy was safe, he came back to help Horse. This entire situation said a lot about the kind of man Gracian was. Gracian never wanted to work for Horse, but just because Colin had to pay his debt, he came back to help him. Horse also realized the fact that he needed people like Gracian around him. After Colin’s job was over, Horse had a one-on-one meeting with Gracian, and he tried to convince him to work for him. Gracian was in a fix, and it cannot be denied that for a moment, he gave it a thought because he knew that working for a man like Horse would solve all his financial problems. So once again, Gracian proved his worth after the shooting incident, and I believe that Horse would make him a permanent member of his gang. I believe that this move would have consequences, as Horse’s brother Zenzo didn’t like the kind of attention that Gracian was given. Zenzo felt really insecure, even when Horse asked Gracian to drive him to his destination. Zenzo was an irrational man, and at times, he got Horse into trouble.

In the previous episode of Parish, we saw that he killed the lawyer when the plan was to just scare him enough to take out all the information. After Horse went missing, Zenzo and Shamiso both got worried. Shamiso reached Lousteau’s house, as she had reason to believe that he had something to do with her brother’s disappearance. Lousteau confirmed that it was Anton’s men who had shot at Horse. Anton was Horse’s arch nemesis, and as a matter of fact, even Gracian worked for him back in the day. 

How did Gracian save Horse? 

Fortunately, the NOPD helicopter started hovering above Anton’s men, and they had to back off and escape from there. Gracian ran towards Horse and picked him up. A bullet had gone through Horse’s body, and he had lost a lot of blood. Gracian knew that he would have to take him to somebody he could trust. Gracian was very close to Anne at one point in his life, and he knew that she wouldn’t turn him down if he asked for help. So Gracian, Luke and Horse went to Anne’s place, and though she hesitated for a bit, she saw the little boy’s face and took them all in. Anne was extremely angry at Gracian, as she did not want anything to do with such people and such work. She knew the consequences her actions had back in the day, just like Gracian, and they both actually came to the common decision to change for the better. But Anne knew that she owed a lot to Gracian as he had fought for her freedom and made sure that her abusive and toxic ex-partner left her. Anne stitched the wound, and Horse’s life was saved.

Just when Horse thought that he could go back to his house, Gracian noticed that a man had trespassed on the premises. That man was working for Anton, and he had to finish the job that he had been given. Anton was very unhappy that his men did not kill Horse, and he threatened them by saying that they would have to bear the consequences of their failed attempt. That man put a gun on Anne and asked her to take him inside. Gracian and Anne got the better of that man and then tied him and took him to Horse’s home. Anne told Gracian that she never wanted to see his face again. Anne was not wrong on her part. She knew that Gracian needed help, and that’s why she took them in, but she also knew that one wrong step and everything that she had created would go down the drain. It took a lot of effort for her to start over again, and she didn’t want to spoil anything. 

Will Gracian betray Horse in the future? 

At the end of Parish episode 3, Gracian went back to his home, and that’s when he found that Anton was already sitting there. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, and things didn’t seem good at all for Gracian and his family. In the mid-credit scenes, we saw that Anton told Gracian to kill Horse if he wanted to save his family. Now, most definitely, Gracian would have to agree to whatever Anton said. Gracian had no choice, and he had dug his own grave. He had left that life a long time ago, and he knew that it should have stayed like that. I believe that now Gracian will agree to work for Horse and figure out how to come out of this situation. Gracian would have to take each and every step very carefully, as everything was at stake. Gracian would also have to make his family understand because, by the looks of it, they didn’t know a lot of things about his past. It would be interesting to see how Gracian tackles the situation and if he is able to save himself and his family. 

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