‘Parish’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Horse Dead Or Alive?


In Parish episode 1, we saw that Gracian agreed to help his friend Colin because, firstly, he wanted him to get out of the mess he was in, and secondly, he wanted to earn some quick money to help the situation of his family. What Gracian didn’t realize was that it was a swamp from which he wouldn’t be able to come out of, ever. A lawyer got killed in front of Gracian’s eyes, and that’s when he realized that he had committed a mistake. So, let’s find out what happened in Parish episode 2 and if Gracian was able to defy all odds and come out clean out of the mess. 

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How did the Gracian dispose of the dead body? 

Gracian knew that if he left any evidence, then his entire life would get spoiled. He cursed himself for agreeing to help Colin, but now the ship had sailed, and he had to find ways to save himself. He washed the entire garage, and he burned the clothes that they were both wearing. The way Gracian dealt with the situation made it very clear that he had been stuck in similar circumstances even before. He was annoyed at Colin, but he knew that first, he needed to cover his tracks and make sure that the authorities didn’t find anything to incriminate them. An old acquaintance of Gracian came to the garage to check what was happening since she heard a lot of noises coming out of there. Gracian handled the situation well, and the lady didn’t come to know that there was a dead body lying there. Colin had forgotten that his parole officers were going to check on him that day. Colin and Gracian were going to dispose of the body when the latter said that he had to go to meet the officers. Gracian was very mad at him for being so irrepressible. Gracian dropped Colin at his place and then went back to his home.

Later in Parish Episode 2, we saw that Colin and Gracian drove to the outskirts of the city and disposed of the dead body of the lawyer in a lake. Gracian’s car got stuck there, and in the heat of the moment, he said a lot of things to Colin. Both had an ugly argument, but soon they realized that it was their fault and reconciled. Later, two detectives, Doucet and Fuentes, came to Gracian’s house, asking about Colin. They told him that he was the prime accused in the case where he broke into a lawyer’s office and stole something from there. Gracian realized that the police had come to know about what they had done, but still, he decided to make it very clear that he had nothing to do with the incident. He said that he hadn’t seen Colin for a long time, and he had no clue where he was. The detectives had their doubts about the credibility of Gracian’s testimony, but since they didn’t have any kind of evidence, they couldn’t do anything about it. But the visit made Gracian realize that he was walking on thin ice and that he needed to be very careful in the future. 

What happened between Horse and Zenzo?

In the previous episode of Parish, we saw that Zenzo killed the lawyer, and it seemed as if it was a preplanned move, but it was not so. Horse got really angry at Zenzo, as he had acted on his own accord and had crossed boundaries. The plan was never to kill the man, but they had decided to just threaten him and leave him with a warning. But Zenzo got very angry, and he killed the guy and created a huge mess. It came to be known in episode 2 that the brothers had a lot of conflicts between them. Horse was not very fond of how Zenzo conducted himself, and he told him that he needed to obey orders. Horse made it clear that he was the boss, and Zenzo worked under him. Zenzo’s ego was hurt, but he didn’t say anything at that moment. I believe Zenzo, in the future, would go against his brother because the seed of enmity had been sown that day. Later, we saw Zenzo spending time with Luke, Horse’s son, and there was a strange look in the former’s eye. It felt as if Zenzo was plotting and scheming in his head, and he had already decided the path he wanted to take. 

Is Horse dead or alive? 

At the end of Parish Episode 2, we saw that Gracian went to Horse’s house and told him that the dead body had been disposed of. Horse really liked the man Gracian was, and he believed that in the future, he might come to me when he needed his services. Their first meeting hadn’t been the way that Horse would have liked it, and so he wanted to make amends and tell Gracian that he really respected him for who he was. Horse asked Gracian to work for him, but later, it was very clear that he wanted to focus on his family and that he wanted to make a living out of legitimate means. But Horse was persistent, and he asked Gracian to drive him to his destination. Horse had made up his mind that he was not going to give up before he convinced Gracian to work for him.

Gracian was driving Horse and his son when he saw that a black car was following him. He realized that their lives were in danger, and he started speeding. A gang of men started shooting at them, and somehow, Gracian managed to take Luke into hiding. He was about to go back and help Horse when the latter got shot. In the post-credit scene, it was revealed that Horse was not dead, and Gracian managed to take him to his friend’s house and give him medical attention. If Horse survives, then I believe Gracian will become his right-hand man. Horse saw how Gracian risked his life and saved his son. Horse was the kind of man who was grateful to the people who were trustworthy. Gracian’s life was going to change, and I believe his financial problems would definitely be solved. 

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