‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Annabeth And Get The Shield?


We saw in Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 4 how Poseidon came for his son’s help when he least expected it. Percy thought that he would drown, but suddenly, a nereid arrived at the scene and told him to have some faith in his father, and that is what he did. Percy unlocked his powers, and that’s how he saved his life. Percy just couldn’t get over the fact that the Oracle told him that, at the end of the day, he would fail to save what mattered to him the most. He knew a time would come when he would have to make a choice, but he was very sure about the fact that no matter what happened, he would save his mother. So, let’s find out what revelations Annabeth, Percy, and Grover make in their quest and if they are able to get to Hades’ palace on time.

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What did the three Fates indicate?

Annabeth and Grover were trying to find Percy when suddenly, the former saw the three sisters of Fate sitting right across them. Atropos cut a piece of thread, and that really shocked and scared both the kids. They went from there and finally they were able to find Percy. They got to know that his father gave him some powers, and he came out of the water body safe and sound. They realized that the local police and even the FBI were after them, so they decided to walk their way through Santa Monica. They knew it was going to be a tedious task, but they had no other option. That’s when Annabeth told Percy how the Fate sisters weaved the life strands of each and every living being on the face of the earth, and when they cut one, it meant somebody was going to die. Percy knew that this day was going to arrive, and he was mentally prepared for it. He made a resolution, but he didn’t tell anyone about it. Percy knew that if and when the time came, he would be more than willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of his friends.

What offer did Ares make?

Ares, son of Zeus and Hera, found the three kids on the way, and he asked them to come with him; otherwise, he said it would be impossible for them to reach their destination on time. Annabeth didn’t understand what he was up to, and she didn’t trust him even one bit. She knew that Ares was not as innocent as he was portraying himself to be. He was the god of war, and even though he was trying to find the master bolt, there was no reason why, out of the blue, he would come to help them. But Percy was convinced, as he thought that there was no harm in at least listening to what he was saying, considering they were literally out of options. Ares told them that he had left his shield in an amusement park, and if they got it for him, he would make sure that they reached Hades’ palace by the next afternoon. Annabeth asked him why he had left his shield in an amusement park, but Ares didn’t give any concrete reply but said that till the time they came back, Grover would be in his custody. Annabeth, Percy, and Grover were not in the state to make demands, so they agreed to it.

How did Grover manipulate Ares?

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 5, it felt like Grover was just trying to have a conversation with Ares, but in reality, he was trying to understand what he was up to. One thing that came out very clearly was that he had a lot of problems with his sister, Athena. He agreed with Grover and said that often she took the credit for things she didn’t even do, and here he was doing all kinds of tough jobs and still not getting any sort of appreciation. Grover wanted to know if Ares had any idea about who had stolen the master bolt, and from the looks of it, he probably did. Grover very slyly, in order to take out information from him, told him maybe one of the kids during the winter solstice fair would have stolen the master bolt on Hades’ orders, but Ares very strongly negated that possibility, indicating that he knew something about it. Ares probably realized midway through the conversation that he was giving out too much information, so he stopped, but by then, the damage had already been done, and Grover had a name in mind for someone who could have been behind it.

Were Annabeth and Percy able to get the shield?

Annabeth and Percy reached the amusement park, and the former realized that it had been constructed by Hephaestus, the god of craftsmen. When they went inside the illuminated tunnel, with the hope of finding Ares’ shield, they saw that there were digital images on the walls of the tunnels. When Percy saw it closely, he realized that it was telling the tragic story of Hephaestus, where he was thrown away by his mother because of his deformity, and how then he found his own wife having an affair with Ares. Hephaestus decided that he had enough, so he decided to create a magical gold chair and trap her there forever. Ares’ shield was also kept there, and the deal was that somebody had to sit on that chair and voluntarily get trapped to get the shield. Annabeth was going to sit on that chair when Percy told her that it should be him who should make the sacrifice because they needed both Grover and Annabeth if they wanted to complete the quest successfully. Annabeth hesitated, but Percy was steadfast, and he had already made his choice. Percy got trapped, but just then, Hephaestus came out to understand what was happening. Hephaestus told Annabeth that he knew everything about her and how her actions in the last couple of days had embarrassed her mother.

Annabeth was in a very fragile state of mind at the end of Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 5, as just moments before she lost her friend. She gave Hephaestus a piece of her mind and told him how the gods only cared about power and glory. She told him that Percy was not like one of them, and she was also trying hard not to be. Her words moved Hephaestus, and he decided to release Percy, telling her that he would put in a good word for her to Athena.

Both Annabeth and Percy came back with the shield, and as promised, Ares made them board a truck that was leaving for California. He told them that from there, Hermes’ personal driver would take them to Hades’ palace. Now, the kids knew that Ares always had some tricks up his sleeve, and they were prepared for them. According to Grover, he had already figured out who had stolen the master bolt and probably knew about its location as well. It would be interesting to see what challenges the kids have to face in the subsequent episodes and if they are able to get the better of their foes.

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