George Wilkins In ‘Silo,’ Explained: How Did George Die?


Juliette Nichols could ascertain how her life was going to be inside the Silo. She was doing what she loved, and she had never thought that life would throw a curveball at her that would alter her entire outlook. Everything changed after her partner, George Wilkins, died in a suspicious manner. The administration told her that he had committed suicide, but Juliette knew that reality was not as simple as it seemed. So, Juliette set out to find the truth behind Wilkins’ death, and in the process, she witnessed things that she had never imagined.

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What Happened Between Allison Becker And George Wilkins?

We were introduced to George for the very first time when he called Allison Becker to his house under the pretext of getting his computer system repaired. George knew a curious person when he saw one, and he desperately wanted to see what was on the hard disk that he had in his possession. Allison might have been curious about what lay outside the Silo, but even she got a little paranoid when she saw that Wilkins had such a rare relic, as she knew the kind of punitive action that the administration could take against them if they came to know about it. Allison was hesitant, but she came on board and decided to help Wilkins out. The hard disk was encrypted, but they managed to break the code, and what they saw shocked them beyond any measure. They saw a video of a lush green field with trees swaying in the wind and birds flying in the clear blue sky. It was quite different from what they saw on the screen inside the Silo, and they came to the realization that the administration might have been lying to them for all those years. They started entertaining the fact that there was life outside the Silo, when for years, they had been told the contrary. It made them restless, and they couldn’t stop themselves from looking for the truth themselves.

Wilkins operated from the shadows, and he knew that unless and until he divulged every mystery and had a clear idea of what he was dealing with, there was no point in making any decision. Wilkins wanted to stay undercover, find more people who were as eager to know the truth as he was, and then finally wage war against the administration to know what happened in the past. But around this time, Allison Becker decided to go out, as she was quite sure that the air outside the Silo wouldn’t be toxic and that she would be able to show the residents that the administration had been lying. But unfortunately, just moments after Allison Becker cleaned the screen, she fell to the ground and died. The entire theory about the air being breathable was nullified, and George just couldn’t understand what was happening. Soon after Allison’s death, there was news that George had committed suicide, though there was a lot of controversy surrounding his death. Juliette didn’t think that George was the kind of man who could take his own life, and after taking over the position of the sheriff, she made it her mission in life to find out the truth.

What Did Juliette Find Out About Wilkins’ Death?

Juliette’s life had changed after George’s death, and she was willing to go to any extent to find out what had happened to him. She was doing all that she could, but the biggest setback that she faced was after she met Regina Jackson, who told her that there was no point putting everything at stake for a man who didn’t even love her. Juliette was shocked to hear what Regina had to say because, all this time, love was the only thing that was motivating her to carry on her quest. Her mind was just not ready to believe that all the moments that George had spent with her in the tunnel were a lie. Regina said that George made everyone believe that he loved them, but in reality, he just wanted to use them to solve the mystery. Regina said that he had joined Mechanical because he knew that Juliette could help his cause, and the conviction with which she spoke made it very difficult for Juliette to not believe her.

All doubts were cleared when Juliette was finally able to see what was on the hard disc that George treasured more than his life. George had recorded a video for Juliette in which he confessed that, though he had joined Mechanical for very different reasons, he had fallen in love with Juliette. He had recorded the video using the camcorder that was found in the second episode of Silo, which made Juliette realize that he had known about the existence of recording devices since the very beginning. At the end of Silo season 1, Juliette made a deal with Bernard where he agreed to waive her right to a judicial hearing if he told her what had happened to George Wilkins. Bernard agreed because he wanted to send Juliette outside the Silo for cleaning at all costs, and he wanted to portray that she was doing it of her own accord. Juliette realized that all this time, she had been wrong in presuming that Wilkins had been killed.

George Wilkins had committed suicide, though it could be said that he felt coerced to do so because the administration was unwavering, and he knew to what extent they could go to stop him. George was well aware that Bernard and Robert Sims would torture him to give him the hard disc, and that was something that his conscience did not allow him to do. He wanted the people to know the truth, and he knew that if the hard disk was destroyed, then probably the generations to come would never get to know about what was hidden from them. In his last moments, he hoped that Juliette would investigate his death, find the hard disk, and make people aware of reality. George had probably realized that there were many other silos apart from theirs, and there was a secret door in the tunnel that connected each and every one of them. We believe that Juliette would have never been able to come this far had she not met Wilkins. She always asked him why he risked his life when he could comfortably live in the Silo like others. Wilkins believed that every human being had the right to know about their existence. They had the right to make choices for themselves, which they were deprived of. George Wilkins had inherited this curiosity from his mother, and he was a true revolutionary who gave his life so that the truth could come out in the open and the fate of the people was not determined by those few who sat at the top of the food chain.

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