Will Lukas Find The Underwater Tunnel In ‘Silo’ Season 2?


There were many inside the Silo who often wondered about the mysteries of the world and how things would have been if they had a chance to go out. Lukas Kyle was one of those curious people who met Juliette for the first time when she came to the cafeteria and found him sitting there all by himself. Obviously, he knew Juliette since she held such an important post, but more than that, it felt like he was smitten by her. So, let’s find out what role we expect Lukas to play in the second season of Silo and if the punishment of being sent to the mines by Bernard could act as a blessing in disguise for Juliette.

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Will Lukas Find The Underwater Tunnel?

Lukas had a lot of interest in astronomy, and though he didn’t know a thing about stars or the existence of other celestial bodies in space, he had been able to successfully spot constellations, and that was telling of how genius the man was. He met Juliette and instantly developed a liking for her. Juliette, at that time, was still struggling to cope with the loss of George Wilkins, and she didn’t believe that she would ever be able to find happiness in this life. But weirdly, she felt a strange attraction upon meeting Lukas, but since so much had been happening in her life of late, she ignored whatever she felt. But Lukas made sure that he sat every day in the cafeteria looking at the night sky so that if Juliette came that way, he could talk to her. After briefly meeting a couple of times, Juliette sat down and asked him what exactly he was trying to find. He showed her the constellations that he had charted and said that he hoped that one day, he would get a chance to know more about these mysteries of the universe.

Days passed, and Juliette broke many of the laws of the pact, which made her an enemy of the regime. She had the hard disc in her possession, and Bernard was after her life, as he knew that people couldn’t ever know what secrets lied inside it. Juliette wanted someone to keep the hard disc because she didn’t want it to fall into the hands of Bernard or Robert. Juliette knew that she was going to get caught eventually, so she met Lukas and asked him to keep it, but he didn’t, probably because he was way too scared. Lukas also worked in the IT department, and he was well aware of the kind of man Bernard was. He knew that if he was caught doing such an act, there was a possibility that he, too, would be sent outside to clean. Juliette was disappointed in him, but she couldn’t do anything about it. Later in Silo episode 9, Bernard came to know that Lukas had met Juliette recently, and he called him for an interrogation. Lukas was a timid man who got scared when Bernard threatened him. It didn’t take a long time for Bernard to compel Lukas to tell everything about his last meeting with Juliette. He told Bernard how she had asked him to keep the hard disc, but he hadn’t agreed to do that. One piece of information that really helped Bernard’s cause was when Lukas told him that the hard disc had the number 18 inscribed on it. Bernard knew exactly what was on that disc, and that is why he got even more paranoid and ordered his men to find Juliette as soon as possible.

Bernard kept Lukas in his custody until he found Juliette, and then, as a punishment, he sent him to work in the mines as a digger. Our speculation is that this move by Bernard could prove to be a blessing in disguise for Juliette. When George Wilkins was seeing the files inside the hard disk, he came across a sort of blueprint of the Silo where we could clearly see that there was a tunnel in the lowermost level that led to someplace outside the Silo. At that moment, George didn’t know for sure that there were other Silos present on Earth, but he still speculated that maybe that tunnel led to another such settlement. Obviously, Lukas wouldn’t be sent to that same abandoned mine for digging where Juliette and George used to hang out, but we believe that he might still find that place by coincidence. Though we had seen that the bottom of that mine was filled with water, it is possible that Lukas might find out that a door lay beneath it. The last time we saw Juliette, she wasn’t able to go inside because she was probably too scared of the water, but Lukas might be able to do that, and if he does, then it is likely that he will play a key role in Juliette’s return.

Will Lukas Be Of Help To Juliette In Season 2?

We believe that, ultimately, Juliette will have to find a way back home, even if she finds another Silo where she could stay. Her family, her friends, and her people were all in Silo 18, and more than anything, she would want to tell them what had happened to her. She would want to tell them how Bernard was fooling them and how they had been lied to for their entire lives. Lukas’ regret and guilt would play a big role here. We say that because the man loved Juliette, and after giving out all the information to Bernard, he must have felt that he had betrayed Juliette in some way. He was not happy with himself, but at that time, he actually felt that if he didn’t tell Bernard everything he knew, he would kill him.

The people from Mechanical who supported Juliette would be in need of allies who had different sets of skills compared to them because there were a lot of things that they were unaware of. We believe that if Lukas’ conscience gets heavy, he will feel compelled to establish contact with Juliette, and in that quest, he might bump into people like Martha and Shirley. It is possible that even Paul Billings helps their cause, and they are able to find out that the tunnel underneath the water in that mine led to other Silos. It is possible that Juliette would come back to Silo 18 though that tunnel itself as we don’t see her coming back through any other way. We can’t forget that Lukas was very inquisitive, and apart from his guilt, his curiosity could also play a huge role in him finding out things that the judiciary didn’t want people to know.

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