‘Spy x Family’ Episodes 13 And 14: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Anya And Bond Successfully Save Loid?


As relations worsen between Westalis and Ostania, Westalis appoints a fellow spy, Loid Forger, aka Twilight, to infiltrate the house of one of the key figures in the Ostanian government in charge of plotting war, Donovan Desmond. To do so, Twilight has to first pass Phase One, which is to create a family; he adopts Anya and marries Yor to begin his mission by sending her to the aristocratic school Eden, where Desmond’s second son Damian is currently enrolled. Loid and Anya aim to create a successful relationship between Damian and Anya while also attempting to win Stellas to become Imperial Scholars so as to meet Donovan in the Induction Ceremony. “Spy x Family” Season 1 ended with Anya winning a Stella for saving a drowning kid and Loid taking both Anya and Yor to the aquarium in order to maintain the image of a loving family in front of their nosy neighbors. However, while trying to maintain the facade, he accidentally ends up accepting a mission and has to run around figuring out how to get it done, all the while maintaining his image in front of the neighbors. Anya helps him out in her own way, and Loid successfully becomes a good father and husband and keeps his perfect family intact.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 13: Recap And Ending Explained – The Beginning Of Season 2

After a little recap to give the viewers a little information about the previous season and gauge the plotline, “Spy x Family” Episode 13 starts off with an explosive introduction. After the opening song, Loid takes his family on an outing to get Anya a pet. He chalked it up to providing Anya with an incentive to keep her focused on getting more Stellas to secure her position as an Imperial Scholar. However, it could also be portrayed as Loid really wanting to be a good father regardless. While looking around for a pet in the pet shop, Loid keeps in mind Anya’s expressions, which give away her real thoughts on whether she liked a certain breed or not. This really points out the fact that Loid does really care about Anya. However, in the middle of their outing, Loid gets called in for a mission involving a few college kids. His disguises help in uncovering the truth behind the onset of a terrorist organization that is set on using trained and experimented dogs from Operation Apple as carriers for bombs set to explode in various parts of the city. Their main target was Ostanina’s Prime Minister Brantz, who had arrived with a delegation from Westalis to attend the summit of reconciliation and talks of peace between the East and the West. Loid rushes off with his team to capture the perpetrators with the information they gathered from the captured assailant.

Meanwhile, Yor takes Anya to the adoption fair while believing Loid’s lie about his upset stomach. Anya wanders around looking at different pets, which leads her to meet her future pet. This is the episode where Anya meets the new addition to their family, her pet dog Bond. They brush past each other while Anya is at the adoption fair, and Bond intrigues her after she catches a glimpse into his mind, which reflects a picture of Anya’s family celebrating. This sets her off to try to pursue the peculiar dog. In her quest to know more about the dog that can see the future, Anya discovers the plot to use dogs as carriers for the bombs. She accidentally gets into trouble as she is discovered by the assailants while she is eavesdropping on their conversation and is saved by Bond. Bond then rushes off carrying her on his back into the streets, ensuing a chase while the perpetrators run after them. But they ultimately come to a standstill in front of the assailants as they had ended up running around in circles with no sense of direction. The assailants close in on them and are ready to strike when Yor barges in to save her daughter from the clutches of a “perverted kidnapper,” her words, not mine. Apparently, Yor had watched enough news to think that her daughter was being kidnapped and sold to marry somebody unwanted. “Spy x Family” Episode 13 ends with Yor’s timely rescue and the perpetrators getting bludgeoned by Yor.

Episode 14: Recap And Ending Explained – Did Anya And Bond Successfully Save Loid?

The episode begins with Yor taking care of one of the kidnappers; however, the other perpetrator, who turns out to be the leader of the terrorist operation, Keith, sets out to kill Prime Minister Brantz. Yor then proceeds to narrate the story as she heard from Anya to the police and reports the perpetrator she had tied up with the help of Bond’s leash and registered her complaint as a housewife passing by. Meanwhile, due to this incident happening, Bond witnesses a changed future, where Anya and Yor are standing with bleak faces while Loid has been killed in an explosion. Anya telepathically reads Bond’s vision of the future, where even the Prime Minister of Ostania gets killed by the terrorists. Anya, spooked, makes an excuse and immediately sets out to help save her father, Loid. Meanwhile, Yor’s description of the perpetrator and the descriptions the agency got from questioning the captured assailant help Loid, Handler, and their team round up the remaining assailants. Interrogating them revealed the hiding points as well as the carrier dogs, which helped in intercepting and crashing the terrorist mission. However, Keith, the leader still on the run, fits the bomb on the remaining obedient dog and attunes him to recognize the prime minister’s scent.

Anya, with the help of Bond, pinpoints the location where Loid was seen lying unconscious under the rubble of the explosion in the future. However, given her current skills in education, she is unable to figure out the exact time; therefore, she remembers the exact position the clock hands were at, and she asks a passerby to help her understand the clock better. She then locates the house where Loid was supposed to enter, where the bomb is fitted to the door. She tries her utmost to draw a warning with the help of ketchup to warn Loid of the immediate danger. She then escapes with Bond and hides to make sure her father escapes the danger. Loid heeds the warning by efficiently stopping his partner from opening the door and activating the bomb. He uses glass to peek inside and avoids the bomb effectively. Loid then sets off to save the Prime Minister and effectively save the nations from the impending war. He disguises himself as the Prime Minister after using his intelligence and figuring out Keith’s next big step. He heads over to where the Minister was currently staying, which was an undisclosed location, and he trades places with the Minister. Loid then proceeds to drive around, alone, disguised as Minister Brantz, which instigates Keith to follow him. Loid then proceeds to lead the leader of the terrorist organization on a merry chase away from the town. Loid continues to run away on foot after abandoning the car which makes Keith set the dog on Loid and the episode ends on a cliffhanger. Although Anya and Bond were successful in eliminating the imminent explosion, Loid was still in danger because Keith had set off the dog carrying the bomb on Loid as he mistook him for the Prime Minister. “Spy x Family” Episode 14 ends on a criminal cliffhanger where Loid’s life is still hanging in balance. 

Final Words

The second season of “Spy x Family” begins with an explosive episode where Loid has to deal with an actual explosion that would take place due to a terrorist operation. However, he successfully intercepts it with the help of his daughter Anya, his wife Yor, and his team from WISE. They come across the dogs that were experimented on during Operation Apple. After the events, the Forger family welcomes a new member, a dog who can see the future. The Forger family is made up of anomalies: a mother who is an assassin, a father who is a secret agent, a daughter who is telepathic, and now a dog who can see the future. The Forger Anomalies make up a fantastic family that gives us a peek into a family full of surprises. I was waiting for the second season, and the moment it aired became one of the best moments for me. The anime adapts a different plot line based on the cold war during the 1960s and gives us a viewpoint about the tensions existing during that time. “Spy x Family” is one of the most engaging anime I’ve ever come across. Most recommended anime and the season is the crucial turning point for the series. We are looking forward to the other episodes and the ending that the anime will put together for the second season.

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