Grace In ‘The Afterparty’ Season 2: What Did Grace Reveal In Her Testimony?


Aniq had never imagined that after what had happened at the Afterparty in Xavier’s house, he would ever be in such a situation again. But as fate would have it, Aniq found himself amidst another murder mystery, and this time too, he called Danner to solve the case. Grace was having second thoughts about marrying Edgar since Zoe had told her, time and again, that they were complete opposites, and they would have compatibility issues in the future. Since Grace was the only person in the bedroom when Edgar died, she became the prime suspect, and Isabel was labelled her as the killer and she was not ready to listen to anybody else. 

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Why Did Grace Become The Prime Suspect?

All the people present at Grace and Edgar’s wedding were in a state of shock, and as we saw in the first episode, Isabel, Edgar’s mother, didn’t waste any time before declaring in front of everybody that she was sure that it was Grace who had murdered her son. Well, Grace and Edgar had major disagreements, but it was weird to even think that she would kill him for that. Suspiciously, Isabel and Sebastian didn’t want to call the police as they wanted to settle some financial matters first and so Aniq had the idea of calling someone who he knew wasn’t a cop anymore. Aniq trusted Danner’s judgment, and moreover, he knew through her social media posts that she wasn’t a detective anymore. He called her and told her about the case, and Danner almost instantly agreed to help him. She was not a law enforcement officer anymore, but that didn’t mean that she had lost her knack for picking up details and finding the perpetrator.

On her way to Edgar’s mansion, she asked Aniq to tell her his “mind movie” and describe to her what he had witnessed in his short stay there. Aniq started his story by telling her how he had embarrassed himself in front of his would-be in-laws, but in the entire story, he didn’t say a word about the prime suspect, i.e., Grace. Aniq had seen her adulterate Edgar’s drink, and he was a bit hesitant to tell Danner about it as he knew that it would put Grace in a very bad light and that Danner would surely develop a bias against her. Also, Aniq didn’t want to upset Zoe in any manner, as he had told her that he was calling Danner so that Isabel wasn’t able to put the blame on Grace and they got evidence to prove that somebody else had committed the crime.

Danner arrived at the scene, and she wanted to start the proceedings by questioning Grace and knowing her version of the story. Danner asked Aniq to accompany her, as she wanted him to also be a part of the investigation. Aniq had helped Danner figure out who had murdered Xavier in the first season of The Afterparty, and she thought that he could be instrumental in this investigation as well. Zoe also wanted to come inside because she wanted to hear what Grace had to say. Grace was not speaking to her after she had tried to dissuade her from marrying Edgar, and things still hadn’t resolved between both of them.

What Did Grace Reveal In Her Testimony?

Grace started narrating her story in The Afterparty episode 2, and we got to know that she had met Edgar for the first time when he came down to her antique shop, six months back, to buy a typewriter for his sister Hannah. It wouldn’t be wrong if we called Grace a hopeless romantic—someone who believed that a charming prince would come into her life one day, and they would both fall head over heels for each other. In the first meeting itself, she noticed that Edgar was a bit strange when it came to social interactions, but she still found him quite appealing. Edgar, too, hadn’t felt like this with any other woman before, and he asked Grace if she would want to accompany him to his sister’s birthday celebration. Edgar realized that maybe he was taking things too fast, but surprisingly for him, Grace agreed to come with him.

Even Sebastian told Grace that he had never seen Edgar like this before, and Grace felt flattered because, for her, it was as if she was living her fairy tale, the only difference being that her illusion was going to break very soon. One thing led to another, and Edgar proposed to her for marriage. Grace agreed, and that’s when both families met and started deciding how the wedding was going to be. Isabel was as condescending as ever, and she, on purpose, referred to Grace as Gail just to show her how inconsequential she was. Grace felt bad, but she was content with the fact that at least Edgar always took her side when some conflict like this happened. Isabel didn’t leave a single opportunity to belittle Grace’s parents, but Edgar was always there to control the situation and apologize on his mother’s behalf.

Grace shared a very amicable relationship with Hanna, and she had become her comfort zone. Whenever Edgar left for work, Grace liked spending all her time with Hanna, as she was probably the only person who didn’t judge her for coming from a humble background. Edgar was an introvert, and he didn’t know what kind of behavior to resort to in social situations. He didn’t understand why people went around the bush when they wanted to say something totally different. Edgar was honest and way too blunt about his feelings, and people at times couldn’t digest such honesty.

Grace told Danner in The Afterparty Episode 2 that Edgar followed a very strict daily routine, as he was into biohacking and had devised a way through which he could increase his lifespan. Grace couldn’t comprehend half of the things he said, and she felt extremely irritated at times by his behavior. Grace’s biggest issue was that Edgar never compromised on what he wanted in life, and he was way too uptight about things. Grace understood his eccentricities, but at times, they got way too much for her to deal with. On her wedding day, in between the dance, Edgar went away because his lizard apparently needed him, and then he wanted to go and sleep because, according to his research, if he wanted to increase his lifespan, he needed to sleep at a particular time. Grace felt embarrassed when he left her, and she even tried to convince him to stay a little longer since it was their wedding day. Grace knew that Edgar used to take a medicine called Adderall back in the day, and she advised him to take it on their wedding night so that he could stay awake. Grace mixed Adderall in his drink, and Edgar got way too intoxicated. Grace had to carry him to the bedroom, and she was obviously very disappointed as her wedding hadn’t turned out to be the fairy tale she expected it to be.

But Grace, amidst all that had happened, was happy about one thing: while taking the vows, Edgar had earnestly told her that he would change for her and try to understand her perspective too. Edgar was going to read the vows that he had written down on a piece of paper, but Grace took that from him and asked him to tell her what was in his heart. Whatever Edgar said moved Grace, and she hoped that he would probably understand her better and know the kind of relationship she craved.

The end of The Afterparty, episode 2, brought forth a revelation that nobody had seen coming. Aniq and Danner came out after interrogating Grace, and they went inside the room where Edgar’s dead body was kept. Travis and Zoe were looking for clues, and they were trying to open Edgar’s phone so that they could get some more information about him. Danner was talking to Travis when a folder fell from his hands that contained various newspaper articles about Edgar. Nobody knew why Travis had that folder with him or why he was keeping tabs on what was happening in Edgar’s life. Maybe he was jealous because Edgar was dating Grace, and she had rejected him back in the day. Or maybe there was some other angle to it. In the upcoming episodes of The Afterparty, we will get to know more about Travis’ intentions, though personally, we don’t feel that he had anything to do with the murder.

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